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Time is a thief. A seductive, sultry thief. The fourth dimension…..

Today, an accumulation of items from the Intertubes that caught my eye this hectic week – mostly entitlement oriented.

The NDP codswallop-er Jack Leighton departed this mortal coil. Sister Karen and father Don were staunch Dippers…… A source of many discussions / debates / arguments in our past. Logic was often abandoned….. along with math, law, justice, duty, mercy, and common sense. Them was the days! And they’re not over…..

In the Canadian diaspora-tic soup of “social justice”, “moral equivalence”, and “multiculturalism” the canonization of a political leader can only be a political maneuver. Really, a state funeral for Taliban Jack? Here’s the low-down from Sun News’ Mark Bonokoski questioning “Layton as Saint?”:

A follow-up article from Elizabeth Thompson discussing the hypocrisy of “donations” to a worthy cause with added tax benefits (the NDP supported and supporting Broadbent Institute) instead of …… wait for it……. the Canadian Cancer Society. Words often fail, but sometimes they hit the spot:

While I’m on the “social justice” (entitlement) rant, here’s another excellent (albeit dripping with irony) exposé of “entitlement”. Take a read of “Bury My Heart at Wounded Negro”:

The above article must be a solid disconnect for the entitlement community, da? The Russians say “Не повезло” (tough luck). Or, in Cherokee, “o-yo-i e-ha”. Actually, the quote means “No good lives”. I don’t think the Cherokee believe in luck….. couldn’t find a word close to it….. Here’s a compelling argument from Chief Joe Sitting Owl of the Cherokee Central Band, linking Cherokee ancestry to one of the lost tribes of Israel:


The common understanding is that any technology takes 50 years to mature. DNA testing has come a long way since 1985. The next 25 years will be phenomenal.

I just knew I was Jewish! All I have to do now is prove I’m a Cherokee……

Seems like the good folks over at Ace of Spades ( ) have had enough, and are “First Amending” their disapproval –

Or, in more polite language, an analysis by Mortimer Zuckerman:

For all you Jew haters, here’s a little snippet that won’t clear the fog, but it will definitely mark posterity –

The Arab “Palestinians”, who were created in name as a political tool to assist in the destruction of Israel, are the highest paid welfare recipients of international aid on the planet, including free medical care in Israel if they are not barred from entry. Per capita, Gazans receive more per month than any other so called refugee on the planet, “$8132.64USD for every man woman and child”, which makes them wealthier than the average Egyptian. In addition, the Saudis have pledged US$ 71.5 million to Gaza.

All my lefty friends (you know who you are) might want to check out the entire article at KK:

I don’t know about YOU high rollers, but at the peak of my “career”, I was 25% off the mark…. $8132.64 USD is a shit load of cash, even with the Obamameister running the printing presses full bore. How much you want to bet the average Palestinian doesn’t receive much of that cash? Give your heads a shake. We are being treated like morons by the MSM.

Here’s Felonious Monk with his perspective:!

Dat’s da trut. Ebonics is my satchel….

Joe (Homey) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez DOES lift the spirits in good or troubled times….






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