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[date Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 11:16 AM]


The MSM and the not nearly MSM have been flailing, frothing, and foaming since Saturday, when Jared Loughner killed 6 and seriously wounded 13 in Tucson. The so-called Left / Progressive line is “the gun did it!”, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, the sky is falling!, and with this bit of illogic, a foundation of argument is laid to restrict access to firearms for all citizens (except those few the law does allow in order to keep order). The law (being what it is) says he stands accused of a crime, is the alleged killer, but has not been proven guilty – even though dozens of witnesses who survived the killing spree saw exactly who did what. He’s got the lawyer who defended the “Unibomber”, Judy Clarke. Someone shaved off all his hair. He looks loony as Jack ‘O Lantern. It would be “cruel and unusual” to give him the death penalty, what? Poor mentally deranged fella. Stay tuned for the inevitable but mandatory “lawyers in heat” episodes to follow….. ad infinitum. The politicians on the Democrat / Progressive / Left who have spoken are hysterical – this is an incident where I would approve getting them some meds. Mass meds. Maybe make it mandatory (I read Hilarious Clinton’s statement, and she really needs to retire or at least get some bed rest). One of these moonbats of the left is the frickin’ sheriff of Pima county! He’s laying blame like welders laying bead on overtime…. As Shakespeare stated in Hamlet “the lady doth protest too much, me think”. This same sheriff received reports about this Jared boy-man making death threats as far back as 2007, some concerning Gabrielle Giffords, who he shot! And on, and on, and on…….

The coming weeks will reveal facts that are beyond question (save those questions raised by the conspiracy conspirators). The facts will tell a not unheard or uncommon story of a seriously mentally ill young man loose in a society ill-equipped and legally constrained from curbing his freedoms or “forcing” solutions such as internment and clinical analysis. Reminds me of the scene in “Alien” when the android goes berserk. Too late by then…..

Here in Kanuckistan we also passed laws to open the doors of the mental institutions and “set my people free!” with much the same result as our brethren in the US of A. Much misery and sadness. I have had (as I know some of you have) up close and personal experience with these laws regarding curtailing someone’s freedom due to mental illness. The simplistic statement is no action until harm to others or self has been committed.

My response? You already know….. don’t you? I will say when Gabrielle Giffords regains consciousness, and if she is herself, she will say “What was I thinking? I should have had my Glock with me! Never again….”

A similar mentally deranged individual went on a shooting spree called the “Luby’s Massacre” in Killen, Texas. Suzanna Hupp was there, and survived, but both her parents were killed. She followed the law that day, and left her handgun in the glovebox of her vehicle. She later became a state representative, and was instrumental in passing legislation in Texas allowing “conceal carry” permits to be issued to all Texas citizens who qualified. You can read her story here:

The most rational, thoughtful commentary I’ve seen so far is as follows:

Charles Krauthammer

Dr. Sanity – look for the Sunday, January 9th posting

Victor Davis Hanson

Charles Adler – I liked the inclusion of Johnny Cash singing “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”.

You have the right (a duty IMHO) to defend yourself. Physically. All citizens should be trained in the use, responsibilit

I have leisure time today, because it is -7°C, and snowing. I’m waiting for it to stop snowing, so I can shovel some more snow. It is so cute. Little tiny flakes. Of hard water. Lying there. Each one unique. Just like us…..

Mr. Jim Turnbull sent me a picture of sand, some blue sky, and trees (palm type – California Fan) Here’s the picture he sent (probably just outside his door in Yuma) –

If I’m not delusional, it looks like poor old Jim has to play golf. Doesn’t that interfere with Budweiser time, Jim? A much more manly pursuit (such as shoveling snow) is advised. Beer tastes way better! Contrast the above picture with these –

See what I mean? Verily, I could weep…… And Jim doesn’t have a spare bedroom!

A heads-up for all of you with cellular phones. Kevin Rush sends this along to all:

This is about the Do Not Call List Canada ..

REMEMBER –Cell phone Numbers go public next month

This is easy to do and is worth passing on to your family and friends.

REMINDER….. All cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls.


Use the “Do Not Call List Canada ” web site and register your phone there – the CRTC

This is the web address


You Kanuckleheads in the States and other foreign ports ‘o call – the CRTC is a poor excuse of a regulator. Cellular phones use “public radio frequency spectrum” in both directions. This is why the caller and the called are BOTH charged. Take the few minutes required to register all your numbers.

Or, I can give you a short workshop on how to hang up politely (or not) on people making unwanted solicitations. It’s easy, and gratifying!

Way too serious today with the new snow and darkness and lack of beer. Some funny right here.

Animal voice overs are funny. Check this one –


Not sure which part made me laugh more – the daytime / nighttime gig, or the ground squirrel calling “Al!”, or “Steve!”.

Oh. My. God! The sun has come out! The forecast of warmer temperatures (rain by Friday) may come true!

Time to shovel comrades! Before it all melts………..

Joe (Peon) Mekanic
p.s. RCF =>


A Ramirez from 2001 – how relevant now!


A Cox and Forkum of olde….. The 800 pound gorilla is now 999 pounds –

Another oldie that has gained gravitas

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