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[date Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 11:12 PM]


Mr. Ron Dulmadge sent me something extraordinary today, and I must share it.

A common sense refutation of a popular belief expressed with exceptional clarity.

Take six minutes of your precious time and watch the video found at the following link called “Immigration, World Poverty, and Gumballs – Updated 2010” from Roy Beck: – if it isn’t viewable here, try here:


Thank you Ron. I’ll be showing this in my workshop tomorrow. Lots of bleeding hearts to influence……

No time to blather and rant.

I’m in Kamloops with two days of workshop facilitation to go. When I get home on Friday, I hope the book I ordered “The Trouble With Canada – Still” by William Gairdner is waiting for me. This is revised and updated from the original of 1990, and I’m anxious to read it cover to cover. You can review the book here:

and you can listen to an interview with Mr. Gairdner here:


or here:

This is 1 hour of Canadian fiscal / political history that is eye-opening. A fact for you – we have spent more than 1 TRILLION DOLLARS Cdn on the INTEREST to pay for the Trudeau “fantasy island” expenditures. Pierre Elliot was a ranting raving blood red socialist. I would consider this video a “must see”.

Another excellent book I’m reading is “Tax Me I’m Canadian” written by Mark Milke.

Sonnuvabitch! All this crap was going down on my watch, and I was oblivious! Mia culpa. Like the fool I am, my focus was on friends, family, and career while our political elite were behaving immorally with abject fiscal and political irresponsibility. They sold our children and children’s children into fiscal slavery. So much for freedom and liberty.

How to fix it? I have only a glimmering……. but,…….

I refuse to believe that sane and rational people are unable to fix it.

All I can do is spread the news, talk about it, and refuse to compromise. These would be foundation to a good start.

No time for cartoons.

Joe (One Eye Open) Mekanic

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