Tuesday – The Case of the Disappearing Summer

[date Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 10:32 AM]


When the weather gets crummy, the political commentary gets going….. Here is a particularly rude image of George Soros from an article arguing that the Oba-maniac is not stupid and is on track with his (master’s) plan –

I’ll take the Bill Clinton route and say “it depends on the meaning of the word “stupid””. The evidence is mounting. The perspective makes ALL the difference. Is there any non-relative observation point to determine the truth? Lucky you! You don’t have to tune in next week to see the thrilling conclusion to the story…… You can, instead, watch the following two videos.

First up, Mr. Bill Whittle with charts and graphs to support his “Rich Man, Poor Man” argument:

[youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=OkebmhTQN-4]

The connection between perceived poverty and the power of that nasty human emotion, envy, is the crux of the argument, referenced to how an individual allocates (invests) his or her ONLY real asset – time.
101036_Clock.jpg&sa=X&ei=Q45KTpmCLafYiAKO88CaBw&ved=0CAQQ8wc&usg=AFQjCNG5UXntIGHffcCgXrCGba6_kavuuQ What have you done with YOUR time on earth? If this argument DOESN’T put events in real perspective for you, let’s talk.

Second, is Mr. Hans Rosling telling the story of “The Magic Washing Machine”:


I echo Mr. Rosling: “thank you industrialization, thank you steel mill, thank you power station, and thank you chemical processing industry that gave us time to read books“. Gave us time, indeed. Allowed the optimization of time……

The perception of individual “poverty” and the degree of personal envy determines individual strategic objective / tactical implementation. Is it zero sum or infinite opportunity? Time to check….

Time (and you run and you run to catch up to the sun):

[youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=AkawT3wjAb4]

Clocks (confusion never stops, closing walls and ticking clocks):

[youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=pmej-clcqA4]

Remember when time was on your side?:

[youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=L1rX5jIJ4uU&feature=related]

Time has come today!:

[youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=oxpcZrQQM-4]

That was then. How about now?

Mr. Jimmie Rogers sang the Blue Yodel no. 1 way back in 1928. You know this song – give a listen:

[youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=qEIBmGZxAhg]

My lyrics are a tad different (apology to Mr. Rogers (the real one)):

P for Texas (P for Tennessee),

P for Texas (P for Tennessee),
P for puzzles, them puzzles confuse ol’ me

Or, stated another way (one of my many Engrish dialects):

You ‘tink you so smar’.
You try fool old bastar’.
I gonna get for you!
Big deal puzzle life……
Make these one smarty panties –


My favorite is the Coso Artifact. Reminds me of a book I read billions of words ago – Galactic Dereleck, by Andre Alice Norton. You can download it here if you are so inclined (I am!):


Travis Fox, Apache, takes a trip to another galaxy! Whoooo! Kennewick Man goes to town! – [youtube http://youtube.com/w/?v=Bhr8TaMmE90&feature=related] . Watch all 7 for an eye-opener…. and mind opener. This series is from Canada for you ‘Merican haters.


The sun came out to play.

I’m gonna put on my parka (it’s only 62° F), and pretend my boat would be fun to float in the frigid waters of the mighty Kalamalka…..

Joe (Igloo) Mekanic

p.s. A few Ramirez’ for posterity….




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