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Pandora’s Box is what we have here…. more post-2011 hangover stuff………

Rubic’s Cube solution got you down? Not any more:


Bad Ass Toys for girls and boys:



How about the oldest known human(?) structures – 12,000 years old – Gobekli Tepe:

Video here: [youtube]!

A visit would be on the bucket list if Turkey wasn’t populated with Turks……

Overcoming adversity to the plateau of augmentation. Here is the TED presentation from Aimee Mullins. Incredible:

If you are impressed with dogs and how they work with humans, this video is a slow motion compilation of dogs and their owners competing in dog / human sports events. Terrific video:

And one more dog stories for posterity – dogs at war:

If you haven’t heard Michael Berry……. well, you’re missing out. If you haven’t heard Michael Berry, you haven’t heard Shirley Q. Liquor. Take a few minutes and go to the following link and listen to “Watusi Misses Africa”, and “Unemployment”, and “Tax Cuts”:

Don’t that just beat all. How YOU durrin?

I was told my father was trained as a sniper in WWII. I used to be an excellent marksman myself (blush, blush). What follows is the real thing: here is a sniper story from Iraq:–deadliest-sniper-US-history.html

The deadliest (recognized) US sniper in history. Gotta love that .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge! Article about the cartridge here:

Article here about the rifles which fire this cartridge:

The world’s deadliest sniper? Mr. Simo Hayha from Finland, during WWII:

If you have taken a “political orientation quiz”, you will have an idea of where your politics lie in our current culture. I always test “libertarian”.

In my version of Canada, more than a few Canadians I speak with absolutely abhor:

  • ‘Mericans
  • Conservatives
  • Stephen Harper (not quite a conservative)
  • Loud, obnoxious people
  • Non-organic produce
  • Diesel pick-up trucks
  • Anything not NDP, Green, or Liberal (jury is convening on the “Bloc Heads”)

Not necessarily in that order. The opinion piece I saw yesterday from Brian Lilley and featuring one of my favorite bloggers, Kathy Shaidle, is about the Canadian concept of “conservative”. Link here:


A lot of Shaidle’s prepared material didn’t get aired. Here is a link to her notes:

I am a fan of Canadian moxy and “Can Do” during WWII. Juno beach was an outstanding example. A quote from Ms. Shaidle –

My standard of Canadian conservatism is the Juno Beach Standard: what did the men on Juno Beach die for?

Now some would say these were teenaged boys who didn’t have some kind of fully developed philosophy and that’s fair enough.

But let’s define it from the negative: I feel deeply secure in declaring the men on Juno Beach did NOT die for gay marriage or sex ed in kindergarten or a massive welfare state or an immigration policy specifically designed to literally change the face of Canada and “create a new people” who would all vote for the Liberals (and now the Conservatives).

That’s as good a starting point as digging up old stuff about John A. Macdonald.

Amen Kathy! DISCLAIMER: Her website is a daily visit for me. Love her T shirts (I’ve bought from “Hollywood Loosers” – that’s where I got my “Keep calm, carry on” T’s), she’s easy to look at, and definitely packs a wallop for her diminutive size. You can see one of Canada’s longest running political blogs here: Can you imagine the magnitude of fury if she were 6’5″?

Is penis size a mythical pursuit? Surely there must be data. And now there is!!! Be forewarned – there is an attempt to correlate penis size with IQ. Check out the penis size world maps here:

The latest in CPR. Vinnie Jones with “Hands Only” CPR technique:


Note: It’s an Engrish production, and Vinnie talks Engrish rearry good!

Another note to all the lefties and progressives. Take a look at what some time in the hot seat does –

Be careful what you wish for!!!

Joe (Cornucopia) Mekanic

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