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[date March 6, 2014 at 11:20:04 AM PST]


I’ve been holding the pressure in. Can’t. Here goes…………

I have watched the complete Netanyahu presentation to the US Congress twice now. This is a real politician and statesman. He is brilliant.

As a Canucklehead living in a huge western land, I had no vision of what the problem might mean in real, physical, geographical terms. Watch this short video from Breitbart. It is a visual interpretation with the history, and the problem:

The following link is the complete presentation from Mr. Netanyahu. This should be mandatory viewing for ANYONE who thinks the half-wit in the White House is a man of substance or intellect. Up the ante from someone who’s been there and survived:

It is a history lesson. Do yourself a favor….. it only takes 47 minutes……

As Gene Simmons stated about the half-wit, “….. how ’bout you live there and try to defend an indefensible border…”

If you missed Mr. Simmons’ short rant, here’s a link:

Why am I stuck on this? Hey! I read Leon Uris’ novel “Exodus”. And I saw the movie twice. Gotta like a Paul Newman movie….

More pointedly, here is an image that defines my frame of reference –

Here is another of young Mr. Rourke and his mama (day 14) –

What is the use of getting old?

Why, to use the experience, learning, and wisdom of your years as a crystal ball. Look to the future, fool! Time to put it to good use. The young and innocent will need the counsel. Or the cash….. Where’s Mr. T when you need a moral lesson…..

It has been raining for the entire week. If the sun comes out at all, it is in the late afternoon….. as if to say “Night – night!”. The 14 day forecast is more of the same. Today is over 11° C below average temp. Turned the furnace back on this p.m. Change is, indeed, inevitable.

IF there is a summer this year (I think there will be, because I saw this weather pattern about 30 years ago in the valley) some fun is in store – I’m almost finished the initial preparations on the “Lazuli Lady”. Another day and she’s ready for a trial run. Here’s a photo –

Gloomy weather, a fool for POTUS, more wrinkles and grey….. Some humor is in order, and what better source of a chuckle is there than political cartoons?









Less than 30 summers left.

This better be a good one…..

Joe (Boot Camp) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez ain’t always humorous, but he’s ALWAYS on target –



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