Thursday – Oh, Those Canadians!

[date Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 2:01 PM]


A Kanadian cartoonist worth her salt – Kate Beaton! Kanadian themes, Kanadian values…………..

Lot’s more at her website –

How about “grey goo”? Don’t know what it is or means? Check it out:

and the “von Neuwmann” self replicating machine:

I picked up the grey goo reference at this blog: – stands for “World’s Only Rational Man – me”

Only distinction between these and living organisms? The machines have to be invented / created by someone / something else. Otherwise, it is the same old “fleas and the dog” story of all the lefty-greeny-ecoorientated legends, da? I call this type of person “Newtoniphobic” because they are all mesmerized by calculus and extrapolate their fears to the limit – then equate those worst case scenarios as unavoidable reality. You know, Chicken Little. Lots of emotion but short on the proof. They have a fear of fact.

All these people with nowhere to share their thoughts other than a blog site. Sounds vaguely reminiscent of me. Perhaps I should create a blog! That would keep me busy, be inexpensive, and IF (by some miracle) I finished, it would be Spring!

Here’s a take on the “religion” of the Musselmen. Written by a Canadian. This person is colored, so “Racism!” as a counter argument won’t work. You will find it an interesting read. What’s religion got to do with it? (sung to the tune of [youtube] ) –

Now for something close to my heart: “cloud” computing.

I have abandoned TELUS IMAP email service for Gmail. The TELUS web mail application is nasty, and the size of the mailbox is restrictive. 100MB of storage sounds like a lot, but (for example) when Gridney sends an excellent pictorial essay, and Murdoch sends a large video clip of a crazy person driving like Ken himself used to, my mailbox overfills, and the mendacious TELUS monkeys get on your back. The procedure for cleaning out the inbox is pedantic…. AND pernicious! Good bye Mr. TELUS! Gmail is a “cloud” application: access via browser, resides in the cloud somewhere, huge storage, voluminous applets, totally free! (sorta)

I expect the new paradigm for computer-ing will be as follows – you will pay an annual sum (or access fee) to use an application, or it will be free (such as Gmail). All you will need in order to access all of your documents will be an Internet connection and a monitor / keyboard / mouse. Or a “personal device” such as the latest in hand-held Blackberry / iWhatever / Portalizer.

Loading programs on your own computer will be a thing of the past – all the programs you will need will be in the “cloud”. Combine this with cloud memory to store your files, the new paradigm is born. It is actually here…… Now for the entrepreneurs to solve the funding equation, and off we go!

The only down side will be issues of security, commerce, censorship, intervention, control, ownership, et cetera. This will keep the bottom feeding lawyers busy for millenia. What do you call a sinking ocean liner filled with lawyers? A good start……

Here is a web page that lists 15 applications that exist now. They replace a variety of programs you must have on your computer in order to create the desired output. There are plenty more out there

At the above link, you will see cloud applications that replace all your expensive favorites, such as Microsoft Office, Photo Shop, Quicken, and anti-virus software to mention a few. As a matter of fact, there is a cloud operating system named “iCloud”.

This is the future of personal computing.

If you haven’t read Gibson’s Neuromancer, or any of his prophetic writing, now would be a good time…… Whoops! Too late! It’s no longer SciFi….. For more on Gibson, here’s our pal Wikipedia:

He’s another of those American-Canadians.

That’s a great hyphenation. Instead of African-Canadian or Botswainian-American, or Croatian-Chinese, I now declare myself to be CANADIAN-AMERICAN┬«. Formerly North-American┬«.

One last Thursday thing…..

It is cold at night, and the days are cold as well as cloudy.

There is no denying the facts: we have been lied to again.

Global warming was only a “Chicken Little” Ponzi scheme to make the right people rich by levering the hysteria of the masses (which is based in ignorance).


Why, make chili, of course! A perfect meal for these colder Autumn days. Here’s a picture of a pot I made last night –

I call it “Five Can Chili”. The green things are NOT meal worms. That there is celery! Here is a picture of the 5 cans –

It also contains 6 pounds of ground beef, 1 pound of diced ham, various fridge items (seasonal and situational), and tons ‘o spice. Kenda and I like it spicy hot. If you are in the neighborhood, drop by and try it. You gonna like it! The pot is a 14 quart stainless vessel, so I figure there’s about 12 quarts minimum. Yummy!

This is the new Drovarian strategy


Jabba the Drova……. has a nice ring to it! I’ll work on the graphic.

Joe (Bam!) Mekanic
p.s. There’s no Ramirez, like Mike Ramirez, like no Ramirez I know (sung to the tune of [youtube] )

And, in honor of the mid term elections next Tuesday, here’s a reminder for the Republicans –

For those of you not familiar with the ‘Merican political jargon, a R.I.N.O. is a “Republican in name only”…..


Here’s a picture of this incredible man –

Greatest beaner cartoonist in the universe!

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