Sunday – Week 49

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Well, I did it again. That is, I did it again after doing it the first time. I once fell off a motorcycle because I just had to do it again………

Excuses? ……. I wasn’t riding a motorcycle this time?……… I wanted to see if it was true the first time?

Gmail and / or SeaMonkey have a disconnect in working together.


I would weep if it wasn’t so funny, and so meaningless. The carousel will come around again…. Oh! the humanity!

Pushing the “delete” key while selecting a hypertext framed picture blew the entire PN 7 day collection off my gMail note. I feel useless –

Gotta find a new way to manage my thoughts.

Why does it always feel that you can’t create the same moment?


Glad that’s over. End of official hissy fit.
What follows is the rest of the week………


Friday was the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor (Dec 7, 1941).




The Arizona, Pearl Harbor Memorial as it is today –

A slideshow of Life magazine pictures of the time:

Mustn’t forget. Humans are predictable except when they aren’t. Politics is an anathema. It only exists due to the nature of the beast(s). God help humanity. It’s clear we can’t help ourselves……

Why Have Halloween Department

There is no shortage of persons who have an opinion. For example, Bruce Springsteen has opinions, even about politics. I have an opinion about everything – including Bruce Springsteen’s politics. I’d go so far as to say EVERYBODY has an opinion about some thing or another, and most everything else.

So, what is necessary to have an opinion? Is there a check list? Is rationality important? Cognizance? An idea? Maybe some facts or truths?

Wouldn’t it be nice……

All you need to have an opinion is the ability to speak out loud or write a language. Why, an opinion might even be promoted via an attitude or action (important for those who can’t speak or write, and just as important to those who can).

There is no need for Halloween. Life is wacky every day without acting out. Example –
OK, that one is made up. But…..
OK, that one was made up, too…. But…..

I laughed when it dawned on me that the world of humans is quite insane. That was many years ago. I thought it was great because my personal quirks would be hidden by the mob.

I no longer laugh. This must be what it means to get old.

Real examples:

Read here how a California school district ended up owing $1 billion dollars on a $100 million dollar loan:

Read here how much it will cost the American taxpayer to support the American Royalty:

Mark Steyn is one smart Canadian. Happy reading, too.

The mismatch of data to support anthropogenic causes to global climate continues. Here in BC we have a carbon tax. The following example is included not because of what Lord Monckton did at the 18th UN Climate Summit in Doha, but because he felt obliged to do it!:

I’m with m’Lord. The idea of “consensus” re: science is frightening. More Yoda time. Either it is, or it isn’t. There is no “consensus”. Another third world shithole attempt to ransom their acquiescence to the west.

I say f**k the United Nations. Harper has been doing great for Canada there. If he really wanted my heart.gif, he’d get Canada the hell out of the UN, stop funding ANY third world shithole that doesn’t meet Canadian cultural criteria, and up the immigration ante with comprehensive qualification requirements.

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Human Nature Department

A troubled individual named Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, and left their child an orphan, because he promptly committed suicide after thanking his coach(es) for all their help. Fine and dandy. No need to call the Hollywood lefties to make the movie, is there? He happened to be a “professional” football player. Big DEAL! Call the lefties collect! The story is in the news because of football, and also a sportscaster and a journalist politicized this event by calling for gun control. The self described “five foot tall fat girl” who wrote the following open letter got it right:

There are no “rights” (back to Yoda). There is an obligation to take care of yourself. The lady makes all the points very well, for a five foot tall fat girl. An equalizer is just that. Did I mention Jovan Belcher had anger issues, alcohol and drug abuse problems, and a medical history of injuries to the brain? Oh yeah, he was black, too (in case you can’t figure from the names). Raised by a single mom…… Those damned statistics keep popping up! It’s environmental I tell ya…………

I for one will arm myself when I feel it necessary irregardless of the “law”. Re-read the above open letter if you don’t follow.


What are those nasty ChiComs up to now? How dare they spend their money here (wait….. I mean the American’s money). What up with Nexen? What up with Harper’s government?

Here’s food for thought (can’t link to the exact article at Small Dead Animals, but the links work in the quote below). Go to all the links –


This is a bit profane, but it contains no small measure of truth.

Or, to put it a different way:

Nexen-CNOOC deal approved… que Left-wing sheep rants with no understanding of economics, the company, or the terms.The Rant: China is taking over our resources.
The Reality: The Alberta government owns all the producing and non-producing leases that Nexen has. Nexen has maybe 1.5 billion barrels of oil equivalents, and the oil sands alone contain over 1500 billion barrels. 90 percent of Nexen’s Q3 cash flow came from outside of Canada, so it’s only 10 percent “Canadian” resources anyway… Not a huge deal. Anyone in the Financial markets or the Oil and Gas industry knows this is the right decision and will result in increased productivity and job production in Canada. This small stake is not a threat to national security.

The Rant: China is going to take all the jobs and move them to China.
The Reality: Not allowed under the restrictions. More jobs created in Canada due to increased Capital injections.

The Rant: The NDP or Liberals would never do this.
The Reality: No previous Governments have ever blocked a foreign takeover. The Conservatives were the first with the blocking of the Potash deal.

There is a huge amount of ignorance and uneducated opinions on this topic, which is why there is a backlash from lefty loonies. Canadians who understand the full terms and the free market economy should be happy.

The US had a monopoly on our oil and were paying $25.00 per barrel less than world prices. That will end. Maybe the yanks should have thought thru using the Keystone pipeline as a political tool to appeal to the President’s anti free market base.

Elections have consequences. Canada has no intention of following the now marxist USA into the dumper. When you shit on your friends, don’t be surprised when they find new friends.

These are valid points. We ship a million barrels of oil to the Americans every day. If the above statement is true, that’s a lot of coin. Does that coin pay for the defense umbrella? What do the Americans pay for oil from the middle east? Here’s an article that insists they pay twice:

I’m a free trade / free market fan in theory. Has it ever happened? (insert cricket noise) That’s why I’m a fan in theory. Either you say yes, or you say no. Very Yoda….. there is no in between. Canada is a proud country relying on the United States for defense and markets. Our culture is heavily influenced by our southern brothers. Might be time to review all. I’m for developing trading partners of significance – within or outside North America. The politicizing of the Keystone pipeline is a prime example of Canada’s economic well being endangered because of a monopoly environment and a lack of market partners. No more in the future. As for the ChiComs, perhaps the lesson of “freeing” Iraq is pertinent. As an individual, you do one of three things –

  1. cease all contact (become isolationist, pretend they’re not there, not like that, develop fantasy perspective – advanced kumbaya)
  2. hold your nose, do business, bitch about them when they aren’t standing in front of you, and take advantage when you can get away with it (a bit mercenary? or is it survivalist? maybe necessary? Think Benghazi)
  3. interface at all and every level of human endeavor (culturally, business wise, socially, politically, and every other “lly” you can describe – because you believe in your own cultural values – Canada / USA relationship example)

These are “smallest minority” choices – made by individuals. I’d bet the farm that I don’t have everyone has done and / or does all three.

So, what does a government do? What is a government? There are lots of definitions but I’m going a different direction…………

After seeing logic (my kind) thrown out the window vis a vis the recent American election, my new thought is that a government is nothing more than a delayed reflexion of the “culture”.

It has passed my mind that perhaps the “culture” of Chinese people created their government. They don’t want the same as me. Just a thought. Can’t be true, can it? After all, we are a commonality, no? The same cloth, same DNA, brothers under the skin, et cetera ad infinitum.

Answer? What happened when eastern Europe was “freed”? What happened when Iraq was “liberated”? Why do Messicans (I love Tommy Lee Jones) and little brown people all over the world (I see you little Philippinos) risk life and limb to get across the American or Canadian border? Who built the frikkin’ Canadian railway? What color is five?

Here you can read about the culture of Brooklyn – 10 facts about Brooklyn natives:

Why has it become a western cultural fact that we ignore the cultural facts?



Doncha just love it? I can hardly wait…… My electric scooter is gonna have a beer fridge and sound system….

I don’t know when dotage starts. There must be a definition somewhere………..


  1. The period of life in which a person is old and weak: “you could live here and look after me in my dotage”.
  2. The state of having the intellect impaired, esp. through old age; senility.


Ahhh. I have the symptoms of advancing dotage. So much for the following link. Free University courses:


If you can’t think, however, you have a more significant issue…..

old_age_86445.jpg I wondered where I went!




If you don’t know what this is –

the following link will show you:

Technology is fantastic!

Procrastination? Who me? Actually, it’s a simple calculation:

After entering my information, I found out my time is worth so little that I wouldn’t work for myself!

Nicole, this one is for you. Your 4 year political science degree in one chart –

I would flinch:

Misconceptions? Misconceptions? I don’t need no steenkin’ misconceptions:





I was thinking of baking some oatmeal raisin cookies until I saw –


This too –




Notice the sun isn’t shining where I am?

I remember buying a motorcycle on January 3rd, 1980(?) and riding it until my Bday in March before it snowed beaucoup.

Weather still mild and damp. Can winter be avoided? What a nail biter…..

Joe (Doldrums) Mekanic

p.s. Ramirez is equivalent to gold….

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