Sunday – Scintillating Speechification

[date Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 7:56 AM]


Time changes culture is a given, da?

Here is a wonderful article entitled “Where I’m From We Call Our Fathers Daddy”:

A quote from the above article that rang true –

It never entered my mind to be afraid of anything when I was little. Whatever bad was out there, I believed my daddy would make sure it never touched me. I can not remember a time when he didn’t seem as big and safe as a fort.

Can’t (and won’t) speak for anyone else, but this quote is true in spades for me.

I don’t much like track and field or the Olympics.

My mind could be changed……

Watch this short video of Michelle Jenneke (Aus) and tell me if you’ve ever seen a happier more enthusiastic excited focused and confident competitor:

Didn’t much follow the music.

What happens when you apply calculus to progressive-liberalism? Search for the limits. Here’s an article about “Your Lunch Could Be Racist”:

My solution? Give those poor bastards a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Better than starving to death with a bloated stomach and flies crawling all over yer face….. As for “torta” and “pita”, well, those suck. There! I said it!

Liberal fascism indeed. Pursue all the links in the article for the maximum benefit. This one fer instance – read the comments and you’ll laugh ’til you cry:

One of the better comments –
“Black kids should not be allowed to eat crackers.

Just sayin’

and another –

“Peanut butter & Jelly Chimichongas. or your an “Uncle Tomas””

Ed Driscoll is always entertaining, often fabulous….. One last item. If you’re interested in seeing a picture of the Gutierrez person who uttered this inanity, here’s a well written piece (by Jim Goad) and a picture of Ms. G.:

All this racism makes me hungry. Peanut butter and jam anyone?

Speaking of racism, 9-11 anniversary 11 occurred this week. So much to say. I will never forget what that day meant to me.

Let us pray…….

A photo series at the memorial is here:

Couldn’t look at them all. Too many tears.

Then a planned event occurred. American Embassies attacked in Egypt and Libya. If your brain isn’t agile, you may believe the hogwash about a “video on YouTube”…. The savage is never too far beneath the veneer of “civilization”. This event has been labelled as “9-11 Two”……

Dr. Bill Warner tackles an “elephant in the room” question: “Why We Are Afraid: A 1400 Year Secret” in relation to Islam:


The graphic about fear pictured above (Let us pray….) is the heart of the above video. Worth watching all 44 min.

If you are thinking of attending a university, or sending / recommending someone to university, or worshiping a university, funding a university, or bequeathing to a university (did I cover it all?) you might be interested in this ranking of the top 200 universities:

The University of Calgary is not in the top 200 – came in 214. U of Alberta 108. The top Canadian university is McGill at 18.

Fudan U. (China) is 90. King Saud U. was the only middle east university on the list at 197. Hebrew University (Jerusalem) was 140.

Here is a link to the top 700 universities, and much more detail:

What does it all mean? I’m stumped.

Can’t help it! ANOTHER great photo (Clint Eastwood phenom), titled “The Only Known Photo of Karl Marx and Barack Obama, Together” –

And another entitled “Find Obama” –

Now that there is funny!

Here is a billboard that has drawn much praise and much criticism –


Some say it should include the words “vote to” before the word “remove”.

Gotta love the InterNet muchly. It’s existence and the content on / in it are testament to the creativity, intelligence, and genius of humans. Oh yeah, and the humor. Gotta mention the humour.

Peter Lougheed died this week. RIP. Nice remembrance here:

He’s one of the reasons I had little time for politics and the implications of the same when I was young and impressionable. Life as a late teen / 20 something in Calgary Alberta was wonderful in the days of Mr. Lougheed. I thought (in my little pea brain) that it was as good everywhere…..

It’s no fun anymore. Too much evidence. It has become very scary.

Weather is cooling. Summer for 5 more days by the calendar.

Autumn by any other measure.

Quite cool in the a.m., lazy heat in the afternoon. Clear skies (praise be to global climate change).

Off to Portland OR I go….

Joe (Traveling Man) Mekanic
p.s. I’m in a hurry to get on the road, but there is always time to Ramirez –

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