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[date Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 11:37 AM]


By the time I send this rant, the US election will be over. Mitt Romney will be president.

How do I know this? Here’s proof –

Analysis of Facebook “likes” and the countries demographics provided the above graph. Tuesday will validate the projection. Here’s more with analysis based on different criteria –

All of them at BuzzFeed……..:

Last minute analysis from Mark Styne on Monday (day before election):

If “Drinking With Bob” is an indicator, it’s a matter of kicking the bum out:! Gotta love Bob!

Later down this note the cheering or crying will commence re: US election 2012…..

An event that will not be resolved with the election is the shame of Benghazi. More Judge Jeanine with “experts”:


Not looking good for BO, Hillary C., Leon Panetta, and various other undesirables holding jobs in this corrupt administration. If the empty suit wins, I hope he will be impeached or jailed for treason.


Continuing the critique of everything progressive, spotlight on solar panels! Everyone wants to “save” the environment (whatever that might mean), and the promise of turning the sun’s light directly into useable electricity is alchemy that Merlin would pursue. However, the technology has a very long way to go before it is:
a. Functional
b. Reliable
c. Affordable
d. Stable output

Read this article and refresh your ideas about “getting something for free”:

Am I opposed to seeking the holy grail of energy? Heavens no!

Am I opposed to government funded mega buck$ research? Once again, no.

Am I opposed to government funded “corporations” trying to “compete” in a “free trade” “Capitalist” “laissez faire” economy? DAMN RIGHT I AM OPPOSED. The free market is the ONLY dependable birthplace of great ideas. You cannot committee brilliant insight, or force unique technology, dictate scientific breakthrough. Leave the marketplace alone. Do what a responsible government must do, and leave the invention and innovation to individuals. General Motors and Chrysler should NEVER have been “bailed out”. The bastions of Wall Street shouldn’t have received a penny. The poor should never have been seduced with the bait of a home without the responsibility of funding the undertaking. Politicians succumb to picking low hanging fruit way too often. Unintended consequences create more issues than the original “solution” was designed to resolve. Oh well…….

Nothing Mattress

Two priceless photos. What a reign! What a beauty! –

Then And Now Photos Of Queen Elizabeth II And Prince Philip

Then And Now Photos Of Queen Elizabeth II And Prince Philip

From the depths of the Innertubes – a variety of curious / funny stuff –

Bizarre Children Book - Dead Whales Cant Wave Back

USB Message In A Bottle

Due To Recent Budget Cuts, The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Has Been Turn Off

Battleship Kayak

Lost Parrot Sign And Parrot BBQ Invite Sign

Boat Dealership Sign - Zombies Cant Swim, Get A Boat

Furniture Assembler Specializing In Ready To Assemble Furniture

Pickle Flavored Toothpaste Makes Your Breath Pickle Fresh

Always Give 100 Percent, Unless Donating Blood

Life Expectancy Would Grow By Leaps And Bounds If Green Vegetables Smelled As Good As Bacon

Not Haunted Sign

The following is titled “Yours, and Mine”. Depends on perspective, da? –
Yours and Mine Shot Glasses

Is it dyslexic or prophetic? –
Beware of God Sign

God appears in mysterious ways –
Body Of A Buddha

Strain yer eyes. It says “Free WiFi, great Beer” –
Great Beer Sign

Kitten Dish Cloth - Alka-Seltser Hangover Advert

Funny Construction Detour Signs

“Long yellow things”, a product of Ecuador –
Long Yellow Things | Bananas

I tried something similar to this when I was pre-school. Set my bedroom on fire. Dad set my pants on fire when he got home –
Electrical Socket Key Cleaner

Caution Ants Working Sign

Wednesday morning. Horror of horrors! Reminiscent of my favorite Mensa joke –

“Half the population is below average intelligence”.

Might have to modify the joke to include 1 standard deviation on the top side…….

A quote to summarize –

“Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and gave him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the ‘new, wonderful, good society’ which shall now be Rome’s, interpreted to mean: more money, more ease, more security, more living fatly at the expense of the industrious.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero

Truly, history is a great instructor. Gotta make a “reality show” about history. Maybe it would sink in…………. There otta be a means test to qualify to vote…..

According to Tyler Durden, it doesn’t and didn’t matter who won the election. Here is his logic:

Sobering analysis….. More of the same at “Smallest Minority”:

While the subject of “entitlement” is at the forefront, read this point of view from Dr. Michael E. Jacobson:

The final paragraph is worth quoting –

“Frankly, our government cannot fix this, they cannot mandate a solution to this, and they cannot legislate against this. Nor should they. The solution to selfishness and entitlement can only be fixed with a mother and father (who know how to model character) teaching a child that work is hard and rewarding, that life is not fair and never will be, and that the freedoms you enjoy in this life are because someone else paid the price. Get up and get fixing.”

Reflection from Mark Steyn. A short observation titled “Les Mots Justes” –

“I appreciate the sterling if pitiful efforts of my comrades to clutch at straws these last few hours, but, on this grim morning after, I fear the most salient analysis comes from Sir Richard Mottram, Her Britannic Majesty’s former Permanent Secretary for the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, albeit speaking in another context:

“We’re all f***ed. I’m f***ed. You’re f***ed. The whole department’s f***ed. It’s been the biggest c**k-up ever and we’re all completely f***ed.”

Words to ponder.”

A final quote from history. Oliver Cromwell addressing the English Parliament, all parties –

“Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go!”

Where does it go from here? Bill Whittle has some thoughts under the title of “A New Beginning” focusing on virtue:


Virtue is lacking. Will the virtuous be able to lead the country? Establish a new direction? Regenerate a sense of morality in the nation? Bill argues that things will get much worse, but it is not the death of America, it is the death of the state. The progressives have stolen the government, but they CANNOT steal the country. Amen! 1 1/2 hours of new and interesting perspectives.

It’s a long time since I read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. However, I did download and watch the movie adaptation “Atlas Shrugged (part 1)”. Worth watching…… Mr. Whittle is proposing what Ms. Rand wrote……

The “Reap What You Sow” department is now open:

The cautious interpretation is that these layoffs were inevitable no matter whom the next president would be, because the economy is in dire straits.

What say I? It is only the beginning……
Looks like Canada (Alberta and Saskatchewan) will be a major energy supply for some time. Read here:

Romney elaborated on this trend during one of the debates. To no avail – the economy was the focus, but somehow energy doesn’t have any effect on economy? Duhhhh………… That $8.00 USD US gallon is coming…..

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Louisiana’s petition to secede the United States of America: – not many signatures to date…..

A developing trend? Alberta / Montana……. yes! Saskachewan / Dakotas….. yes! BC and Washington are the same progressive boondoggle – they won’t dream of it in their self absorbed navel gazing….

A bit ‘o humour from Diogenes’ Middle Finger:

More from Diogenes’ MF –



Take a look at the world’s best bartender……:!

I couldn’t watch the whole thing (I had to go get a drinkkkk(((..))))

“A Time for Choosing” is worthwhile watching. Here’s a link:!

The bloat of government bureaucracy is inversely proportional to the amount of “help” provided. This message from Ronald Regan is 38 years old. Same story now, magnified by time and culture.
“The Smallest Minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” – Ayn Rand


An article at titled “Really Clever American Voters Stick With Obama’s Failed Status Quo” by Andrew Malcolm:

A thoughtful (scornful rant) review of the status quo. A quote from the article –
“Exactly 10 years and one day after victoriously claiming the Massachusetts governor’s office, for which he took no salary, Romney in 703 words graciously admitted his loss. He said the word “America” five times, the word “pray” three times and the words “Thank you” 21 times.

The Real Good Talker, who’s never seen anything he couldn’t throw a speech at, took 2,163 words to claim victory in what is traditionally a moment to call for unity and healing after a divisive campaign. The victorious Chicagoan, who promised before the last election to end Washington’s partisan bitterness, strangely uttered the word “fight” five times and “thank you” but seven times. He spoke the word “unify” zero times, “unity” zero times, “heal” zero times and “pray” zero times. He did, however, manage to mention himself 27 times.”

I saw a video documentary about education in the States called “Waiting for Superman” (sorry, had to Torrent download – it’s 1 1/2 hours) recently. Quoting 2007 research, the average 8th grader’s English proficiency is only 35% of the curriculum, and Math is 24%. With election results as they are, these figures may have a long and ignoble history. No hablo logic senor. Pirate Bay torrent of “Waiting for Superman” here: You will need a torrent client program to download torrents. I recommend “Bit Torrent” – download here: If you don’t know what or how, email me and I’ll send some instructions, or you could do the research and discovery yer own self (I suggest Google for starts).

For those folks who have a modicum of interest in “economics” a la Captain Capitalism (Aaron Clarey), here’s 14 minutes of entertainment entitled “I Am the State”:


Worth watching, if only to see him try to keep a cigar lit……

Today is Remembrance Day.
Poppies rest on a grave at the National Military Cemetery in Beechwood Cemetery on Remembrance Day in Ottawa on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009. (Pawel Dwulit / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Silence to remember, and pray.

Here are some websites that focus on Canadians who distinguished themselves: – Canadian “aces” from WWI to the Korean conflict. My boyhood days were filled with dreams of flying in combat. Silly me! I’m such a dreamer I’d have been one of those casualties (11 days life expectancy for rookies in the early days of WWI allied aviation). The books I borrowed from the library as a youth regaled the exploits of Billy Bishop, Billy Barker, George “Screwball” Beurling (The Falcon of Malta), Eddy Rickenbacker, and many more. My bedroom ceiling was covered with mock air battles. Funny, my Spitfire ALWAYS brought down the Bf 109, and the FW 190. Not so in real life…… – Canadian war hero stories are not taught, or heard, or recognized in this country. Unconscionable. Canada became a nation at Vimy Ridge, and has provided warriors of the highest caliber. The stories should be heard. – There were heroes in the War of 1812. This is a Canadian Government website! – tons of information and videos at this government website about Canada (and the world) at war.

My generation owes an incalculable debt to Canadian warriors, Commonwealth warriors, American warriors. We, ourselves, did not have to fight, and do not have to fight. This was possible due to the work of those who came before.

A picture of my father in England. He would be 17 years old in this picture. Before action, before capture, before the POW horror. He looks 17……

Not many WWII vets around anymore. I will never forget.

It is cold here in Vernon today. The light goes out about 3:30 in the afternoon. Very uncivilized…..

However, it could be worse. The picture is Niagara Falls, ON from the winter of 1911 –

Hold that thought, Dave, for 5 months……

Joe (Nippley) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez is an inspiration….

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