Sunday Rant – 5215


Song Of My People

The song of the season that keeps giving…….

Joe’s Year End
Once again the calendar has wound down to a scant few days remaining in the current year.
Once again we have been the author of countless project starts, and too few project completions.
At 66 years of age, we’re noticing a pattern.
Definitely a hint of optimism when things fall into place, order emerges, the gorilla in the mist becomes, clearly, an old Ford truck rusting in the back 40.
A tad early for “New Year’s Resolutions”, but we’re thinking if we start twice as many projects next year as this, and have as much success, we will DOUBLE our output.
With brains like that running our organization, we’ll be going public on the big exchange in no time.
For all within shouting range of this rant, we extend the olive branch to time, that thief, by offering an “official (other) language” toast to hope in 2016 –
Lapinou Year

May life’s bounty enrich your every day….
And keep your Irish up!
Of all God’s citizens, the Irish have the best homilies.
If you are a New Year’s Eve reveler, please keep in mind –
“Never fight ugly people; they have nothing to loose.” – Wayne Kelly



Christmas Morning Smile
Ahh!  The joys of opening gifts on Christmas morning…………..

A Rounder Head
Christmas was a joy this year.  Watching my 4 year old grandson shred wrapping paper to reveal yet another toy or book or tool was a treat and privilege.
And exhausting.  Perpetual motion?  Don’t count it out…..
Joe and I hope everyone had at least as rewarding a Christmas.

Date in History – Nuts!
December 1944 was a time during World War II when the battle for Europe was still in question.  Some strategic conflicts were yet to be fought to secure the allied victory.  The 22nd of December is a special date associated with the Battle of the Bulge.  American troops in Bastogne, Belgium, were surrounded by German troops.  Things were very grim for the future of the 101st Airborne defending the Bastogne ramparts.  The Germans sent a surrender party to the American officers – surrender or suffer annihilation.  The message was sent up the command chain, until it reached Division Commander, General Anthony McAuliffe,  The General mistook the note to mean the Germans wished to surrender to the Americans.  When the reality was explained, General McAuliffe laughed, and said “Us surrender?  Aw, nuts!”  After a brief consultation with his staff, a reply was typed to the German command.  Nuts.  What gigantic balls.  Despite overwhelming odds, the Americans were able to hold off the Germans until relief arrived.  It was an incredible show of determination and bravery.  You can read about General Anthony McAuliffe here.
General McAuliffe - Nuts
This is the unquenchable, indefatigable warring spirit that was evident in the American and ally troops of the day.  It wasn’t only the command staff; this attitude permeated all rank and file.  An example of the breadth and depth of this sentiment are the fighting words of private first class Martin, of the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment –
As Far As the Bastards Are Going
They have been called the “Greatest Generation” for just and valid reasons.

Patrick Moore o’ the Week
Another combined effort by Patrick Moore and Prager University to distill the key points of current thinking about “climate change”.  You might remember the subject by other names: global cooling, global warming, climate “disruption”, weather.  The big argument orbits around two points.  One, what is the impact of human activity on the climate (anthropogenic activity) i.e. major, minor, non existent, and two, what is the “correct” average temperature of the earth, and the “correct” level of CO2?  Mr. Moore lays it out so even a greenie wackjob can follow the rainbow to the pot o’ gold.  Joe and I reiterate – climate always changes, never hasn’t, never will be constant.  Developing a strategy to reduce / disburse risk in the inevitable event of climate change is wise.  Assuming mankind is causing it is a fool’s argument and will lead to blood and treasure lost chasing the wrong shadows:


Quotes o’ the Week
Joe and I have been watching the new gang of liars, pimps, and cutthroats elected recently in Alberta and more recently in the Canadian federal election.  Our reaction spans the range of emotion from abject horror to rolling on the floor laughing.  Seems some Mark Twain is in order –
If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t allow us to do it.”
Loyalty to country ALWAYS, loyalty to government when it deserves it.”
Killing Alberta’s energy sector is so wrong-headed, so misguided, so evil, it meets all the PC requirements of the left / progressive / greenie movements.  That is, no logic, all emotion, no understanding, all bullshit.
See the “Canada” segment below for details……

Joe’s Garage
What better way to end the year than with a Ken Block gymkhana, this one number seven.  The vehicle is a monster ’65 Mustang notch-back, modified with four wheel drive, and a killer 845 horsepower engine.  Happy New Year Los Angeles!:



Can you believe this?  Can you f**kin’ believe this?  Elect leftist extremist wackadoodles and they spend like drunken sailors.  When the fecal excrement hits the rotary air displacement mechanism, they ask for more?  CAN YOU BELIEVE ANY OF THIS?  Good grief…..  Ontario has lost it’s mind.  Or encouraged too much immigration…..  If all lesbians are as ignorant  and misinformed as Kathleen Wynn they don’t have a chance at being understood or accepted.
How in the name of logic can these idiots keep getting elected?

The following graphic is based on the Liberal redacting of support for involvement in Syria, and the cluster-fuck they laughingly refer to as “cultural dissonance”.  Perhaps the change is meant as a gay slap in the face of America for Keystone.  Who knows if ANYTHING based on reality arises in the continuous movie loop playing in a Liberal’s mind.  Nevertheless, Justinpossible didn’t hit the ground running.  He hit the ground with a splat!  His wet gooey parts, I suppose.  No chance of him filling Harper’s international shoe status….. I’d call him a vagina, but I have a great respect for that anatomical organ of the human female.  We have no respect for Trudeau.  Joe and I say again, loudly, IF THIS CLOWN HAD A DIFFERENT LAST NAME, HE COULDN’T GET WITHIN 500 MILES OF THE PM’S OFFICE.  Lord help us all from this “bonfire of the PC vanities” –
Justin Grow Into It


Shadow Images

Genius of Trump

Fair Is Fair

African Sodomy

He's Not the Winner

Stop Hurting My Feelings

Hot Air Speech

ISIS Hunting Licence

Sandwich Named Kevin

Jonah Goldburg Quote - Obambi

Obambi Commuting Record

Refugee Conundrum

Dear Wine

Ted Cruz Endorsement

The Universe Doesn't Care



Things may be changing.  The pendulum is moving.  The CBS has a program named “Reality Check”.  A test of their claim to the word reality in the name of the show is their “reality check” on the 2nd Amendment.  They pass with flying colors:



Hey Bunkie, still not convinced that the practitioners of the “religion of peace” might just be a different strain of catfish?  How about this article?  The gist is it is OK to harvest the internal organs of non-Islamic persons to save the life of a Muslim person.  Not convinced yet?  Well, the ruling doesn’t specify the body you get the organs from has to have died of specific causes; i.e. they are “authorized” by their moonbat religion to kill non Muslims to harvest their organs…… because it has already been decreed that eating the flesh of non Muslim (persons) is permissible.  Click on the link above.  Click on the links in the article.  Convinced of anything yet?  Joe says death to them all………
Why Are 25 Countries Muslim

Brave Muslim Women – Aliaa Megda Elmahdy
Joe and I scoff at the left’s pansy response to almost any real threat in the world, ISIS and lunatic Muslims especially.  Tweeting and texting sympathy and “solidarity” messages does absolutely fuck all except make these well-meaning morons feel good about themselves.  Nothing strikes harder at the terrorist heart than a selfie with a sign posted to Facebook.
Then you find something truly outstanding.  Take a look at this picture.  Try to understand the immensity and the power of this imagery in a culture as backward and savage toward women as Islam. –
Aliaa Megda Elmahdy
This woman is letting her menstrual blood flow on the ISIS flag.  Not only that, with the magic of Photoshop she is also shitting on the same ISIS flag – the one that states “There is no God but Allah”.  The “one finger salute” is a nice touch – a gesture known all over the world.
Aliaa Elmahdy has outraged the radicals, the liberals, the “moderates”, and everyone in general.  Aliaa isn’t doing this from a Pentagon bunker guarded by Marines….. Semper Fi!!!
This courageous woman is Egyptian.  This is her home, where she lives, at her peril.  In this country where a woman cannot leave her home without the personal tent draped over her body and a male escort, she protests with supporters in the buck naked almighty bare ass nude.  How did a blondie get here?  This is Aliaa and Inna Shevchenkko (a Swede) protesting in front of the Swedish Embassy in Egypt –
Aliaa, Inna
Needless to say, but we will – Joe and I think most highly of these incredible women.  They have bigger balls than 90% of the men in their countries. Maybe 100%. Aliaa has had hundreds of death threats, attempted rapes, and other corporeal punishment fatwas.  She continues the good fight.  What are her motivations?  Joe and I don’t care.  If she is trying to land a Hollywood contract, bully for her.  We think what she is doing is more powerful than ANYTHING Barack the pansy Obambi will ever do to end the lives of the ISIS “caliphate” builders and followers.  This woman put her life in jeopardy for the dream of freedom.
We all know, once the word is spoken, as soon as everyone knows the Emperor has no clothes, once the idea is laid out for all to see and understand, change is inevitable.
Aliaa Megda Elmahdy has a Wikipedia page here.
There is support around the world for the Muslim women trapped in a culture they reject, but have no power to change.  The Israeli women have a similar visual to express solidarity.  Take a gander –
Israeli Sisters
As a political statement, it is very powerful when women remove their clothing, no matter which culture, no matter what reason.
NO ONE, not male, female, homosexual, or any one of the cornucopia of gender identities can ignore a naked woman in the public space.
This is why they won’t allow women to be educated in these backward savage hell holes.
Women are strong, intelligent, relentless, and want to be free.
Dare they dream the dream?
Dare we dare support them?
As we all know, hell hath no fury…..
Joe and I believe they will persevere, they will overcome.
Long life and peace to you, Ms. Elmahdy, peace in your lifetime.
The world doesn’t need more martyrs, the world needs more sanity…..


It is time for a change in energy sources for mega-demand systems.  The huge demands of industry, of large metropolises, of major centers like hospitals, schools, civic buildings.  Alas, Canada and the United States are falling way back in the R & D for the most promising of nuclear solutions: the TMSR (thorium molten salt reactor).  Quite ironic, because the Americans abandoned this reactor before World War II in favor of the uranium based systems because the byproducts of uranium systems were military grade i.e. used in making weapons.  The following is a fast paced presentation, a National Geographic documentary.  This method of using the cleanest most efficient least dangerous nuclear power generation is scale-able, cheap, safe, and very, very clean.  Maybe this year will light a fire under some asses.  If the federal government is going to stick it’s big ugly nose into research and pony up huge grants, lobby for TMSR for all you can.  Call your MP.  Write to the PM…. maybe not.  He may not be able to read.  Anyway, watch the documentary and be ready to boycott windmills and solar “green energy”, for they are anything but:


Today (Sunday) we got what was coming to us.  Woke to 7 inches of snow.  Snow all day.  Go to bed with snow.  Not even January yet!  Makes ya wanna go Irish:

Joe (Snowshoe) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez don’t need no stinkin’ holiday – from Investor’s Business Daily



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