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Joe’s Comment – an appropriate attitude for meeting Winter face-to-face.


Dr. Victor Davis Hanson
This video subject is the dichotomy of modern California as historian Dr. Hanson sees it.  The paradoxes are numerous: the most billionaires in America are in California, yet 23% of the population live below the poverty line; the highest aggregate taxes in the country yet rated 49th out of 50 states in infrastructure; 5 California universities rated in the top 15 schools in the world (by an International body) yet 51% of high school graduates do NOT meet college entry requirements.  California has the “greenest” power infrastructure in the nation, but power costs are beyond the financial capacity of the poor.  The state legislature is contemplating a tax on EVERY MILE YOU DRIVE to raise revenues for a bankrupt roadway infrastructure budget.  Water management infrastructure crumbles while a hundred billion dollar high speed rail system stalls, bleeding the government coffer dry.  Retired government workers have unsustainable levels of pension funding.
The list goes on.
Take an hour to listen as Dr. Hanson describes the paradox of California:

Magic Lightning
Some spectacular video, shot at 100,000 frames per second, of lightening discharging.
Turn up the sound, go to full screen, prepare to be awestruck:

The Good Die Young
Joe and I have seen a number of articles which posit a connection between the Clinton establishment  and their critics / enemies / opposition.  The connection is always a lethal relationship-breaking event, culminating with an obituary memorializing the “other team”.
Much like the sexual harassment controversies currently raging on the political stage (masking who knows what nefariousness) most sane onlookers agree: one accusation needs validation or proof.  Two allegations are a couple that start bending the norm.  Once the mob of “j’accuse” shouters reaches a half-dozen or more, the difference engine in your head starts seeing a pattern, a trend, a snowballing effect.  Suddenly, not so much emphasis on innocent until proven otherwise.  A lot more judgement via the court of public opinion.
Joe insisted on this preamble because the article we are linking to connects the untimely death of Dr. Dean Lorich to his criticism of the Clinton Foundation during the Haiti relief effort in 2010.
If you reference the article via the link above, you will be able to read about the good doctor’s efforts on behalf of the people of Haiti to get the materiel and support during the earthquake relief effort, the donations and contributions “managed” by the Clinton organization.
The good doctor was found dead at home in his bathroom by his 11 year old daughter with a knife in his chest.  The police in NYC have called it a suicide.
Joe and I are commenting because this is not the first time a critic of the Clinton machine met a violent ending, a termination.
As Rush Limbaugh points out, how many people do you know who met a curious untimely end?  How many people have you known who were murdered?  Most people say zero.  A few might say one.  As of 2016 there were 36 people who were formerly close to the Clinton machine and no longer walk among us: the link lists them all up to the date of publishing (there are more since 2016, including the good doctor):

This must be a “conspiracy” da?
Rush must be exaggerating, yes?
There is a website that gathers all the Clinton dark and dirty activities.  It is called ““.  Better have a drink (or two) because it is a very long list and there are some very frightening “coincidences” you won’t believe.
There is no other political machine in the Western world that has so much coincidence associated with it, no other individuals in the same category.
Joe hopes it is nothing but coincidence.  For if it were even partially true, it does not speak well for the “rule of law” foundation all Western nations build on.
It does not bode well for anyone who crosses the path of either Clinton.
But wishing and hoping isn’t quite facts.
Joe doesn’t get much sleep.  He says why have horror movies when real life is much more frightening?

Prager U
Another of Dennis Prager’s short, sweet, informative videos, this one on the concept of a “Flat Tax” to fund government.
Steve Forbes is the narrator:

Aloha Snackbar!
Joe rarely rants about Islam anymore.
The so-called religion of peace is so far from that moniker it is positively Orwellian.
Europe has mostly capitulated.  North America hides the truth.
Here is a tale of two lovely creatures trying to build a bridge.
Joe says wouldn’t it be lovely if people kept to their own concerns and paid no mind to the p’s and q’s of those around them.
I say dream on Joe:

Joe’s Garage
This is some video from 2016 at the Farnborough airshow, where Boeing demonstrated the incredible performance of the 737 MAX.  First, a high performance take-off:

Followed by a short field landing:

With this performance, a 737 MAX could land in Vernon.
Then you’d hear complaints about noise……

Kitchen Reno
Some rants ago we posted a few pictures of electrical circuits that weren’t up to standard, that were not up to code.
We have been working on moving all of the household and outside building circuits off the 100 amp Square D panel that was original in the house to the new Siemens 200 amp panel.  Here is a picture of the original Square D, stripped of all circuits.  Notice the burnt arc marks on the right common buss.  It is harder to see the corrosion and burnt ground screws on the bottom strip, but they are.  This panel is about 40 years old to our reckoning –

Only labeling and clean-up to do for the next (and final) inspection.



Dr. Jordan Peterson continues his Personality lecture series with segment 09: Freud and the Dynamic Unconscious:

Joe and I are trying to absorb this information.
Might have to listen to the entire course lectures several more times.


This week in Vernon has been cool but not freezing.
Late Autumn (pre-Winter) weather like this is almost always accompanied by cloud cover which dulls the daytime but keeps the nights from freezing hard.
Today, Sunday, we awoke to snow falling.
By the end of the day, 4 to 6 inches, depending where and how you measure.
Not even Winter yet.
Cabin fever, Winter madness, S.A.D., we’ve got it all.
Joe’s favorite cartoon (for the Season) –

Joe (gloomy) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez keeps truckin’ –

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