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Joe’s Comment – Every time I look in the mirror, I remember the above cartoon and it makes me smirk.  Oh! to be a cartoonist –

Joe and I were watching Newt Gingrich being interviewed about (surprise!) the Trump team choices for an administration team.  Newt was grinning so hard we thought the top of his head might fall off.
He introduced us to a term and a web reference that explains the dear well meaning folks from the progressive team to perfection: Intellectual Yet Idiots.
Well, have Joe and I been enjoying reading the IYI theory?
You bet!
You can read it here.

Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman stays on track.
He hasn’t wavered since the Trump campaign began oh so many months ago:

Finland Ladies
Joe and I grinned and laughed out loud!
Two ladies who understand the meaning of teaching proper conduct.
Shop lifting is NOT appropriate and requires remedial action.
To say nothing about treating women with respect:

Prager U
Joe and I are fans of Dennis Prager and the “Prager U” series of vignettes that focus on moral positions and social realities.  Here are a few that might clarify what is happening across North America on the campuses of “higher learning”:

Sheriff Joe
America’s favorite sheriff lost his bid for re-election.  That is a subject for discussion at a later date – Joe Mekanic figures it is the shifting demographic in Arizona / Phoenix and the continuing battle with the Obama Administration over his sheriff policies that swung the vote away from Joe.  More on that topic as it is discovered and revealed.
Remember how Donald Trump pushed the issue of jug ears’ birth certificate?  Remember how that was “managed” by the White House?
Remember Sheriff Joe establishing a “posse” to investigate?
Well, that investigation and subsequent legal challenges continue.
Couldn’t bring justice while he is President.  Soon he won’t be President.
On December 15th, Sheriff Joe held a press conference to once again raise the concern that Obambi’s birth records as supplied by the White House are forgeries and Federal crimes have been committed.  An article in WND titled “10 Experts and Analysts Who Doubt Obama’s Birth Certificate” lays out the case and supports Sheriff Joe.  There are detailed technical data that establish the false nature of the government released document.  Here is the video of the press conference.

Joe Mekanic thinks the Munificent Mulatto is a Mancherian Candidate in every sense of the expression.  America’s gift from an ungrateful Socialist cabal dating back an entire century.  There is never a shortage of people who want to tell other people just how they should be living….

Stephen Bannon
Joe and I are short fused people.
We have gone to war over the misplacing of a comma in a document.  We attack with very little provocation the ideas, the minutia, the details we don’t accept.
However, when it comes to demonizing an individual or passing judgement on a person, we DO due diligence.  We take people serious.
Donald Trump’s senior strategic advisor was flamed by the main stream media, by the Democrats, by the intelligentsia, by every mindless snowflake cheering for BS (Bernie Sanders), by the Republican elite, by some who know him and many who don’t.
Joe thought these facts ample incentive to get to know him.
Here is a speech Mr. Bannon delivered (over and over again) in 2011:

Time to bring in Stefan Molyneux to discuss the “Untruth About Steve Bannon”:













Prager University has a few new vignettes regarding the “final word of doG” gangs:


The phenomenon called Ben Shapiro.  He talks too fast.  His logic is impeccable.  Joe says he will be a force when he matures.  Here he makes his points at a Jewish university.  People seem obsessed looking for leadership.  Mr. Shapiro is a “logic engine”, not a leader.  An interesting and informative presentation:



This week has been a reminder that Canada and cold Winter are not mutually exclusive concepts.  The entire week has been well below zero here in doG’s country.
The snow squeaks when you walk on it. – Bonus!  No one can sneak up on you.
A warm case of beer is very chilly in 1/2 hour. – Bonus!  If you plan ahead, no waiting required.
The dog poo in the yard is covered. – Bonus!  Until Spring….
The exposure time is directly proportional to the shiver factor.  I dream of growing bananas in my yard to be harvested on Christmas Day.
How far do you think a class action suit against Al Gore would travel?  Joe and I would love to sue that fat rat bastard for promises given (for mucho $$$) and not delivered – i.e., 20 feet higher seas, no ice caps, and warm weather for Canada.
We do so want to grow bananas in the back yard.


Joe (Frosty) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez is good medicine this time of year –






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