Sunday Rant – 5114


Some folks love the Christmas season. So they should for a great number of reasons. Joe and I have run the gamut from vague awareness to passionate and enthusiastic participant.

This year will be a good Christmas for us.

All are well. No one is in jail. Nobody is deadly sick; nobody died. For myself, my family, and my community it’s as the Beach Boys said “Yeah, the bad guys know us and they leave us alone”

And I’m still getting around.

This is Christmas number 65 for me. Other than one special Christmas when we were in Mexico, this will be the 64th in Canada. Damn near 40 in the Okanagan. My, my how time does fly!

I have been in training for the last two months over eating, over drinking, under exercising, slacking off, not showering, not shaving.

I’m ready for the “Christmas overindulgence Olympics”. I’ve been training on High Test, red meat (yum!), cakes, pies, cookies, and lots of bread, butter, and potatoes. My fighting weight is leaving stretch marks. I’m Ready with a capital R!!!

Through it all, I try and remember the maxim which encompasses the entire season for me –

The rest is moot….

As Santa says, be good for goodness sake! (despite your “religious” orientation)

To my children, family, and friends best wishes for a memorable holiday season.

‚Äč Have a very merry Christmas!

Rant Bias Note

It is Christmas. The season to be jolly. Of good will toward men. And good cheer. Consequently, this particular rant will be short on political punditry from me and Joe. Well, as much as we can control our (many) selves. We can’t forget there are terrible evil creatures posing as men doing obscene acts of depravity against civilized people in this world. “Justice” means they must die. To them no Christmas blessings, no forgiveness, no surrender, no mercy. For everyone else, let the good times roll…..


Gossamer Dreams

How in the world can an oppressive thugocracy such as Cuba be recognized by the U.S.A.? How can a cheap vacation in the sun possibly be moral when it enslaves the host citizenry?

How can illegal trespassers take priority over prospective immigrants following the legal path?

How can the disparity of existence be mitigated by “multiculturalism”, “diversity”, “moral equivalence” as “legal” legitimacy? The reality is smart people have the advantage no matter how you perceive “culture”.

How could so many people be so delusional to elect such an unaccomplished empty suit to such a position of power? Both parties stink may be a partial answer to the “Unicorn Paradox”.


Note: The latest is Sony WILL distribute the movie “The Interview”. What great gigantic manly balls these cowards have……


What of evolution? Is “survival of the fittest” an apt summary? If so, isn’t what the ISIS asshats are doing an evolutionary foundation? Read and ponder:

As the article states, “violence was an evolutionary advantage”.



Christmas comes this week. What better time to have Stephen Fry explain “What Makes Something Right or Wrong?”:


This week has been cloudy, ice crystal inversion fog, with a couple of inches of wet snow. I am entertaining the idea that our winter, although not here yet calendar wise, was finished in November when we had a few weeks of 15 below Celsius. Joe says give yer head a shake. Methinks he’s more realistic, even though this week (and last) have been mild. The ground isn’t frozen!!! She’s a mud-bog of a winter outside…. Must be a message here somewhere….

Joe (Ho-ho) Mekanic

p.s. Ramirez is better than Santa –