Sunday Rant – 5022


Joe’s Comment – Whoo boy!  This early onset Winter business is a sure-fire test of stamina and nerves.  Two more rants this year….
We’ve had winter weather for 6 weeks and it is still 10 days until official winter arrives.  The only hope I see is the days becoming marginally longer starting on the Winter Solstice.
I’ve had a number of epiphanies recently.  Not of the religious or spiritual variety.
More along the déjà vu, presque vu, jamais vu thought line.
I suspect it is a by-product of the roller coaster feeling, the acceleration into decline, past apogee, over the hump, past the best before date of my waning intelligence.
For the record, all of the above images and memes are pertinent to experiences I’ve had in the last week.
There is something quite startling about seeing your true reflected image.
How did that scene go in Cool Hand Luke?:

Or perhaps the sheriff scene in Blazing Saddles?:

I’m not bluffing…..


Da Po-leese
While innocently minding our own business on the Internet Joe and I stumbled upon a terrific Ub2b channel called “Audit the Audit”.
In the United States, there are folks who audit the first amendment.
That is, they seek incidences of infringement of the first amendment, and assist the victims to attain legal redress.
The Audit the Audit channel comments on the work of first amendment auditors, offering detailed, even in depth analysis of the legal aspect of the infringement.
Most of the encounters (but not all) star less than saintly police personnel, misusing their power or demonstrating their ignorance of the law in their jurisdiction and often misinterpretation of the Constitution and amendments.
Joe and I can’t find any advocacy group even remotely similar in Canada.
We will not speculate further or comment on the situation north of the 49th parallel.  Joe and I pay more attention to American goings-on than we do to Canadian events.  Our theory is that Canada is only pawn in game of (North American) life:

In the following video, a distraught pregnant school teacher is on her way to pick up her husband from a hospital, post surgery.  She breaks a traffic bylaw and is stopped by a policeman.
What ensues will make you want to strap on a side arm.  Or fire a cop:

A second video that made our blood boil.  We were screaming at the monitor!
Talk about Keystone Cops.
When you see such abuse of power, such disregard for rights, such ill trained representatives of The Law, you can only shake your head in disbelief.
All of these morons should be sued until their eyes bleed.
Their total disregard for the safety of a person they detained without any proof of transgression or crime is criminal.
It is only by the grace of doG the young woman wasn’t killed.
Her injuries were severe.  I hope she sues for billions:

Joe and I don’t know many cops.  From the dozens of videos on Audit the Audit that we have watched (there are many first amendment auditors with on-line channels), one can see there is a problem with too much power in the hands of ill trained personnel.
We would not want to be a cop.
We would not want to be a lawyer.
We would not want to be a judge.
We would like to be left alone.
That there is our libertarian yearning…..


New Study on Vitamin D Combating COVID

Note: Click the above link, read the article, and check out the references.  That there is called the scientific method.  Nuff said?

Here’s Ivor Cummins hammering the nail in the COVID coffin:

The Epoch Times has a short video condemning the COVID response from the perspective of hospital preparation and treatment.
The subject is China and the CCP.
Lord knows (doesn’t he/she/it/the/them?) it couldn’t happen here…….
It is dawning on Joe and I there will never be justice for the many unwarranted deaths, the grievous suffering, and the mindless bureaucratic transgressions contravening so-called Law, Constitution, and Rights of people around the world.
Before we can defend anyone anywhere there must be an agreement that there is right and wrong.  And a concerted well funded and armed “force for Good”.
Joe and I can’t hold our breath that long.
We feel for the poor oppressed down-trodden mud peckers, dirt people, and salt of the earth folks all over the world who are even less than pawn in game of life:

Shawn Baker
Dr. Baker is a bit astounded that a young man in Canada suffering depression and ill health was offered, by his “health provider”, a legal path to euthanasia.
Joe and I yearn for some sort of civic sanity.
The good doctor has a large sphere of influence.
Perhaps the white knight to save Canadians will have to come in the form of foreign intervention:

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
Joe and I know who –

Belinda Fettke
The wonderful woman went to war for her husband.
When Dr. Gary Fettke was attacked by the medical authorities in Australia, nurse Brenda took it personally.
It seems the good doctor was prescribing LCHF to his patients.
LCHF = Low Carb High Fat.
That’s right, he was trying to cure them!
Gott in himmel!  What was he thinking!  Cure patients instead of prescribing medications?  Destroy that man!  Heil Hitler!
Nurse Fettke explains the connection between Coca-Cola, Life Health Foods, the Seventh Day Adventist church, Kellogg, and a myriad of other busy bodies who want your money and your mind.
To Hell with them all.
“Health food” as a moral construct is an idea from insane sources.
This video will change your view on the so-called “food pyramid”, the function of government, the total rot of processed food corporations, and the unethical nature of modern nutritional guidelines:

Another video of Belinda Fettke being interviewed by Judy Cho (Nutrition with Judy).  More recent, additional information, no holds barred:

When Does Life Begin?
Joe and I are very pro life.
Our past argument hasn’t altered much.
Despite the religious perspective of Mr. Devin Gibson, the introduction argument is our belief.
We’ve always thought that we should wear a tee shirt that says “My Mom Let Me Live”:

Outstanding Heroes

William Happer
A low key interview of Professor William Happer by BizNewsTv.
Joe and I have featured Mr. Happer in our Sunday Rant on occasion for many years.  The first mention is in Sunday Rant – 1915 (the video has been “disappeared” from Ub2b).
This is a great man who isn’t a narcissistic psycho (like Neal DeGassy Assbag), but a humanist with an A++ brain:


Joe’s Garage

Heavy Truck Drag Racing
Joe and I stare with our mouth open.
We’ve spent many an hour in a 500 hp Detroit powered Volvo pulling a 40 thousand pound load, just under the legal 80Klb with half tanks.
Never lifted a front tire.  Two city blocks to get to 30 mph.
These guys are pulling 120 thousand pounds, and lifting a front wheel 4 feet off the ground.
Holy peppered pudenda…..
We really can’t imagine the clutch, transmission, and differential work needed to handle that kind of power:

The Ungovernable
It seems there are men who do what they want, and don’t apologize.
Here’s the lede –

The story starts way back in 1973, when Finnish air traffic control got radar wind of a strange aircraft.  They discovered it was unlicensed, home-made, and piloted by the builder, untrained and unlicensed.  The picture above is from the static display of the plane, built by a welder and painter who scrounged the parts from junk at his farm.  He was fined, the aircraft confiscated, and he went about his life.  Two times more – the Tiira 2 (in 1983) and the Tiira 3 (in 2009) – a similar story.  He was fined, the aircraft confiscated, and he was set free.
Word is, there is rumored to be another such aircraft they haven’t yet captured.
It makes Joe grin!  If we knew this man’s name we’d send him a congratulatory note.  And blue prints for a stealth fighter.  I’m sure the Chinese will share…..
You can read the story at Filthy’s Thunderbox.

Hannah Barron
This young lady has fantastic parents.
Joe and I have been watching her exploits for years – she is an Alabama native, living close to Nature.
Hannah hunts, fishes, and in this video, culls alligators.
We live vicariously through Hannah, and her father Jeff:

Joe says the following video is worth viewing too.
Hannah “noodles” catfish from their hidy-holes in the murky waters near her home. A dangerous hobby that can lose the noodler a finger or so:

Once in a Thousand Years
These bulls are unique.
Amazing and real!:



This week the sermon subject is the morality of continued fossil fuel usage.
Dr. Jordan Peterson talks to Alex Epstein, author of two books – “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels” (2014), and “Fossil Future” (2022).
Joe and I left a comment to this video (as FortyNineFord), suggesting it is time for Dr. Peterson to sit down with Dr. Patrick Moore, to bring his S.T.E.M. education a bit farther along.  That would be reality, not necessarily morality.
Mr. Epstein does his usual excellent job of making his case:


The weather in Vernon BC continued this week as cold, below zero C. until Sunday.
It snowed Saturday night early Sunday morning, then warmed enough to make the side roads truly treacherous.  Put on the brake and the anti skid system starts chattering, but you don’t slow down.
You don’t steer much, either.
Water on top of ice.
About on time for a regular year, but this year was a hard early frost with snow and no respite.
Only 10 days to the START OF WINTER!
We are not amused.
The furnace and fireplace have been gulping natural gas full tilt for almost 6 weeks.
Joe and I rarely wear a jacket.
Our regular winter garb is a sweater over one or two (if very chilly or windy) tee shirts.
On Tuesday we set a modern record – a jacket, a sweater, two tee shirts, and thermal gloves.
Something about getting old we surmise.

Joe (jacket) Mekanic
p.s.  How long can Ramirez go on? –

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