Sunday Rant – 4921


Joe’s Comment – This week’s mood is reflected in the above images.  Perhaps there is no “free will”.  Maybe a meat puppet does what a meat puppet does.
On the other hand, when life gives you lemons, after a while, you’d make the best damn lemonade the world has ever seen!  Based on attitude, of course.
There is no doubt I’ve got attitude.
So, people come and go.
Words, strong words, mean something or not.
Time will tell if there is a nugget in the sand.



Nicolás Gómez Dávila
Every time Joe and I think we’ve understood something clearly, without question, the thoughts of some unknown philosopher (unknown to us, that is….) scramble all the puzzle pieces as well as change their shapes and colors.
A new start.
Does it lead to a deeper, more cogent, more meaningful understanding: a new reality?
That would be wonderful!
Or do Joe and I (and the many others in our head) collapse and babble a moron’s musings?
That would be unfortunate…..
Or worse – we can’t tell, can’t cypher the puzzle, must continue unchanged, suffering the “we don’t know we don’t know” fate.
Our meandering through the fertile and fecund pastures of the Internet led us to some zingy one liners from Nicolás Gómez Dávila, a Columbian philosopher (RIP 1994) whose insights and revelations are relatively unknown to the likes of us humble Mud Peckers.  His wisdom is just now coming to Joe and I (and our mini multitude), although he has been dead for near 28 years.
Better late than never.  Poor pitiful We….. yearning so earnestly to see a light, any light!
Some examples of Mr. Dávila’s insight, his clarity (as deemed so by Joe and me), regarding the dread “hierarchy” conundrum –
Joe and I find his thinking very curious and interesting.  More on his life at Wikipedia.


L. Amber O’Hearn
What is fat for?
Good question.
Joe would ask for what good is fat, but tomato tomaaahto…..
Ms. O’Hearn is not a doctor.
She joins the elite in our mind, in the company of Ivor Cummins and Nina Teicholz.  These people are concerned “non experts” who nonetheless defy the “professionals” by questioning long held beliefs and providing solid data to refute the popular consensus.  In Ms. O’Hearn’s case, we believe her to be a polymath.
In this video she introduces her thoughts regarding the purpose of fat in the human body to the audience.
Thanks to her presentation, Joe and I finally know why babies are so chubby!
Fat provides the best energy and building material for brand new brains – a baby invests about 60% of its energy budget on brain nutrition and growth.
Fat is the fuel providing the energy.
Let’s make it more clear: fat is the BEST fuel for your brand new baby.
Is it also true that what is good for the infant is good for the elder?
Take the time to discover who “The Lipivore” is, and how Ms. O’Hearn thinks.
Both discoveries well worth the time:

Ms. O’Hearn hails from Canada.  She has a history of pursuing ideas, addressing questions, and hunting down data relentlessly.  She is also very soft spoken.
Joe is in love (again).
Here is her profile from the Faculative Carnivore website –
Joe and I are reading her hypertext book titled “Eat Meat.  Not Too Little.  Mostly Fat”.  The book is posted on line chapter by chapter as she completes writing them.  Reading a polymath is manna for Joe and me…..


Professor David Milard Haskill
The COVID hysteria has exposed many of those who govern: they have an inherent inclination to behave as tyrants.
The basis of Western culture used to be freedom to speak: it is enshrined in every “free” country’s constitution.
One by one, speakers who do NOT follow the government script, those who question and make opposing arguments are being silenced.
Question:  How much tenure does one need to be invincible?
Answer:  Maybe more than Mr. Haskell.
Professor Haskell is currently employed by Wilfrid Laurier University.
Joe figures he won’t be employed there much longer.
In the following video the good professor questions the underlying political movement riding the “COVID Pandemic” wave.
Canada has lost its honor and its mind.
Is there any asylum?
Joe and I don’t see much to do but stand and fight.
Just how to arm ourselves and whom to engage is the puzzling question:


Doctors Are Not Heroes
Nor are they warriors.
Dr. Shawn Baker says so.
His rationale parallels what Joe and I have believed for years.
Nothing against doctors.
Our position is nobody, and we mean NOBODY, cares more about our health than we do.
Joe and I don’t have to follow the Canadian or American “health guidelines”, or knuckle under to the tyranny of professional / governmental / bureaucratic / big pharma organizations who are self serving, profit oriented, and often politicized.
We have little faith in the medical establishment.
We have no faith in government manipulation or control of something so personal and vital to our well being.
In the last two years, it has been increasingly obvious that Joe and I are on our own.  We are the agar of our experiment in health.  We are the guinea pig, the Rhesus monkey, the fetal stem cells.
It doesn’t matter two chicken lips what “average” and “standard” and “normal” and any other statistical derivation measure there is, we are unique (like every other snow flake).
Joe and I, like millions of others, have embarked on a self discovery journey to experiment on the most important person in our lives (ourselves) by carefully manipulation our nutrition then analyzing the effect.
This is NOT abdicating responsibility, this is taking full control of this most important aspect of life – our source of energy.
Listen to Dr. Baker.
If you don’t agree with his assessment, we need to talk:


Joe’s Garage

Ford 8N Tractor
A few months ago, Joe purchased an 8N Ford tractor.
It is a 1948 model.
The starter was removed because the ring gear was damaged.
The rest of the machine seemed in good shape, with most body parts and accessories intact.
Last week the replacement ring gear came from Amazon (I wonder if they have Chinese mail order brides; they seem to have one of everything else).
Friend Lyle N. split the tractor and on Saturday we fitted the new ring gear.
The clutch pressure plate and the flywheel were in good condition.  No transmission leaks and the rear main seal is in good condition.
Not so for the clutch friction disk – a new one will be here this week.
In the mean time we thought it pertinent to watch a video about the operation of such an iconic tractor from the late ’50’s (produced from 1948 to 1852):





This week’s sermon is actually about religion.
Joe and I have developed a short-term bromance with the work of Nicolas Gomez Davila.
Unfortunate for ourselves, his native tongue is not ours: he spoke Columbian Spanish, which is not quite the Spanish we didn’t learn at school.
We searched for English works to very little avail.
Lots of Spanish, lots of French.
Some clever person decided to put some of his well known aphorisms into a video, with musical accompaniment.  The music sucks for the most part.
Joe and I had to click “pause” many times in order to read and digest each morsel of Davila intellectual goodness.

Another set of “aphorisms” from the man:


This week in Vernon BC the weather continued to slide into a “typical” Okanagan fall.  The temperature is still in the single digits below zero Celsius overnight.
On Friday, the temperature soared to 17 degrees Celsius!
Then it snowed.
All in all, up to now, which is 16 days before the winter solstice, it has been very tolerable.
If the weatherman was to be trusted, the next week’s forecast is for single digit below temperatures overnight.
Joe and I are good with that.
As if we had a choice, da?
Maybe a couple of favorite weather images will bide us over…..


Joe (sniffles) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez below zero –

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