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Joe’s Comment – Calvin is a wise young boy.  Or is it Hobbs?  The value of an “alter ego” is beyond measure.  This rant is a testimony.
Not of wisdom.
A testament to alter ego.
Alas, we’re still learning to dance…..



COVID Prophylactic
Joe and I thought this a handy bit of information, whether you are sick or not.
Dr. Jonathan Bayuk is an allergist and immunologist.
This video gives excellent information about how lungs do their job (most of the work is done in the back parts of the lung), and describes preventative measures to ensure your lungs are in tiptop condition.
You might practice this every day, more than once.
Joe and I thank the good doctor.  We’ll do the deep cough part in private.  The government goons are everywhere, and “We The People” are ratting each other out:


Joe and I have been smelling a rat, and we’ve been ranting about it for months (frequently, since we first mentioned Corona virus / COVID-19, in Sunday Rant – 0920, March, 2020).
Our latest argument to John Q. Public (and his female equivalent, Suzan Q. Public) is brief and to the point – there are 7.7 billion people on earth: that makes 7.7 billion ways to die.
There is only one way to live.
Some data from around the eWorld to support our perspective.
First, how exactly are the number of fatalities being measured / graded?
The following data from CDC sources indicates wildly variant totals based exclusively on reporting guidelines, i.e. pre and post COVID-19.  The variance is in the order of 16.6 to 1.  Which is an accurate measure?

The following is a graphic representation of known plagues with their assumed toll in human life.  COVID is small potatoes, using the number of fatalities supported by the measures used in the above graph –

Joe and I did some research.  Approximately 157 thousand people die each day around the world.  These poor souls don’t give a damn what they died from, but we the living have reason to speculate.  How would you know your personal risk of imminent death has increased?  Or decreased?
We suggest that some knowledge of statistics and a volume of accurate data is necessary to determine such knowledge.
Some key data would be based on age, gender, race, geography, season (aka weather influence), history, the arc of medical knowledge, the availability of prophylactics and therapeutics, the ability to accurately identify individual threats, demographic pressures, and many other perceived influential variables.
Joe and I are quite lazy.
We say measure how many people are dying around the world every day and compare it to past time.  Look for anomalies.  Rationalize anomalies.  Rinse and repeat.
The COVID-19 response is akin to forming a posse, mounting up, and galloping off in all directions, before a plan of action is formed.  The same argument used in “global warming” has been used – better to over react, to error on the side of caution.  Such bull shit.  There be dragons on this path…..
A recent article by Genevieve Briand of Johns Hopkins University challenged the claimed COVID fatality totals.  The article claimed that COVID-19 has had relatively no effect on total deaths in the United States.  The article was retracted.
Joe and I speculate it was retracted for political reasons.  You can read it here (the web archive, aka “Way Back Machine”).
Ms. Briand’s argument is direct – the total number of deaths is “normal”.  The following graph breaks down the deaths by age and gender –
From the linked article (above), there is no anomaly, no great variance – here is a graph of total deaths per age in 2020 –

From the Johns Hopkins University Newsletter site, there is some analysis in the comments that is worthy of contemplation.
Joe and I have many questions and observations to mull.
We are members (in good standing?) of an anomalous 20th century group called the “Baby Boomers“.  Our “seniority” is high: the first of the Boomers were born in 1946, the year following the end of World War II.  We were born in 1949.
Us Boomers are a large number.  An estimate is 75.8 million souls, worldwide.
Us Boomers are dying.
Next week we may discuss some of the positive consequences of this crippling world-wide reaction to COVID.


MOCA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment)
Joe and I have been slipping.
Our balance and walk is still just fine.
We thought it prudent to do the “Montreal Cognitive Assessment” test to determine if we are still cognitive or over the hill.
We are proud to report we did well.
Here is what it looks like –
Give it a try……  MOCA-Test-English
N.B.  We didn’t do very well on the French, Spanish, German, Latin, or Mandarin versions.  We managed to scrape by in English.  No change there.


Joe’s Garage

Celera 500L
Joe and I have a life-long love affair with flying.
At our official certification apogee, we had a commercial license with instrument rating, night endorsed.  Later we added floats, and check-outs on over 20 different aircraft.
Hell, we still have plans for several “home built” hang gliders and biplanes we wanted to construct.
The aviation industry seems to be immune to the political and social chaos us mud peckers are inundated with on a daily basis.  New designs for atmospheric travel and space travel are all the rage!
An interesting design is the Celera 500L – a flying egg.
If the claims made by the designer are born out in actuality, and the proposed market does materialize, this may be a revolution in the making.
Joe says before you take your life savings and buy shares in the company, remember how far the “flying car” has come since 1917.
Enough said?:

African Aviation Pioneers
Joe is convinced that with a few financial backers these innovative designers and developers could conquer the skies.
Dave says another 50 IQ points or more (each) wouldn’t hurt the cause:

The U.S.S. Barb
This submarine sunk a freight train.
Joe says that should be enough information to curiosity your curiositor.
The Barb’s captain earned several nicknames, and a Medal of Honor.
A short video history of the U.S.S. Barb and her captain, Eugene “Lucky” Fluckey, aka “The Galloping Ghost of the Chinese Coast”.  Captain Fluckey attained the rank of Rear Admiral before his retirement.  His book, “Thunder Below!”, is available as an audio book on YoubeTube – Part 1, Part 2.  We listened and learned.
This video is from the History Guy:





This week one of America’s most respected libertarian intellectuals died.
Dr. Walter Williams,  an educator, a writer, and a professor of economics at George Mason University, had a long and storied career educating generations of Americans and commenting on political events.  He authored over 160 publications, 10 books, and has lectured world wide.
He died on December 1st, 2020.
The following video is from a presentation at Lindenwood University in the J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts, October 2019.
His lecture starts at 8:40 (for the impatient and attention deficit challenged).
At 28:25 Dr. Williams answers a question that addresses the idea of democracy, and the reason for the “electoral college” in electing a president:

His longtime friend, Thomas Sowell, released a short video reflecting on “Walter Williams Best Moments”:



The weather this week in Vernon BC has been clear and sunny.
Oh yeah, cold, too.
Nighttime temps are below zero Celsius.
No precipitation, soft or hard.
Only two weeks ’til the days start getting longer.
And Old Man Winter makes his annual appearance.
Joe isn’t impressed.
How long until April?


Joe (sweatered) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez for a troubled time –

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