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Holiday / Vacation Travel
A warning from the Canadian government to all women traveling alone: if holidaying in Caribbean / Mexican destinations, your safety from sexual assault / crime cannot be guaranteed.
(Note from Joe: a government cannot guarantee any outcome, good or bad).
Sassy Wire posted the advisory that lists 19 popular destinations (Jamaica, Mexico, Nassau, et cetera) and the assault de jour employed by the low life scumbags in those locals.
Here are examples of typical warnings (with the specific destination identified):
Crime (Trinidad and Tobago)
Violent crime, including armed robberies, assaults and sexual assault, occur frequently on the island of Trinidad, especially in the capital, Port of Spain. Tourists have been targeted.
Spiked food and drinks (Turks and Caicos)
Never leave food or drinks unattended or in the care of strangers. Be wary of accepting snacks, beverages, gum or cigarettes from new acquaintances, as the items may contain drugs that could put you at risk of sexual assault or robbery.
Assault (Mexico)
Foreigners have been physically and sexually assaulted. In some cases, hotel employees, taxi drivers and security personnel at popular tourist destinations were involved. Ensure your accommodations have adequate security features (such as cameras and security guards with radios), as not all resorts offer the same level of security.
Avoid walking after dark, especially alone, and avoid deserted or under-populated areas. Only go to bars and nightclubs in a group and avoid separating from the group. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, and do not accept invitations or rides from strangers or recent acquaintances, as these can make you a more vulnerable target for criminals. In cases of sexual assault, police authorities will order a medical examination.
Source here.
Joe and I are not globe trotting touristas.  It ain’t our thing.
We decided a number of years ago that the feeling of being a “tourist” (outsider) made us uncomfortable.
Youthful adventures in and about Canada and the United States and a few “foreign” destination trips formed our thoughts.
Traveling via ground (rail, bus, taxi, personal vehicle, with friends) combined with being dirt poor and ignorant (especially of our surroundings) renders certain images and memories for us.
St. Christopher (travelers), St. Augustine (alcoholics) were constant companions and ensured our survival if not success.
Note that there is NO SAINT for fools.  Rather, there is a saint who was a fool for doG (Simeon).  Joe and I were fools without borders.  Simple Simeon we are!
Traveling via air and (more or less) flush (beacoup de $$$) brings other recollections.
Alas, for Joe and I the feelings of being well to do (relatively speaking) were along the line of guilt at our good fortune while those around us / catering to us were much worse off.  It doesn’t have the same impact as at home, where there are equally disadvantaged souls, but in a foreign land or place the stark contrast is noteworthy and obvious to the novice eye.
For the most part Joe and I are charitable and friendly to tourists visiting our locale.  On the whole, we do not have too many “mean bones” in our body.
How about a conspiracy theory?
If I were a truly crazed well funded (or not) radical nihilist bent on destroying the world around me as vengeance (against who(m) or why always puzzles Joe and me), there are certain very easily implemented acts that have order of magnitude return on evil invested.  Some examples –
1.  Start fires.  You can get a book of matches for free!  You can start a 10 billion dollar forest fire with one match.  This defies the arithmetic logic of multiplication by zero.
2.  Target women.  Men in the West seem to have gone soft.  What did the Englishmen in Rotherham and Newcastle do with the news their young women were being pressed into sexual slavery by gangs of Pakistani men?  The bravest (like Tommy Robinson) tried to speak the truth.  The worst participated actively or passively (turned their heads).  The strongest?  Well, it seems there were no heads cracked or Pakistani men gone missing.  As the song goes, “they took the train for the coast”.
Joe and I cannot fathom.
3.  Cut cables.  A large cable cutter (Princess Auto for example) can be had for little $$$ layout.  Cutting a fibre trunk cable can literally cripple an entire city’s communication.  Note: all fibre trunks are redundant – some knowledge of routing required.
4.  Poison.  We won’t even give an example except to say security on water supplies / food preparation / food production in our part of the world is lax.
The list is endless.
Joe and I think that IQ + propaganda + ideology = chaos
We are still debating whether low IQ (or high IQ) is the biggest menace.
The point of our rambling rant on the subject of travel is this:
Be careful, be safe, have fun.
Take responsibility for your actions, your behaviour, your survival.
Never forget risk cannot be mitigated to zero.
A quote from Mad Dog Maddis –


Climate Change Redux
The following video presentation by Tony Heller from Real Climate Science is a nice accurate summary of the contradictions of Chicken Little’s friends over the past 40 or so years.
Click on the link above to see more of Tony’s calm rational analysis.
Don’t let the Chicken Littles frighten you!
The sun is master of the climate:


Government Mythology 101
Joe and I suggest the following process to be the best sober-me-up procedure ever.
Steps as follows:
1.  You realize your abysmal pathetic self absorbed drunken state – could be “drunk on happiness” or inflated self esteem, could be flying high due to being rewarded or recognized in a positive manner, could be following a great physical workout, could be you are pissed to the gills from an attempted overdose on expensive Scotch.  This procedure works on every “high” you can conjure.
2.  Realizing your condition, you must sit thee down in front of a computer screen.
3.  Click on the video below:

After watching you will realize the euphoria of the serotonin or dopamine induced happy happy from only 23 minutes ago is vanished.
Joe notes the extremely vehement argument about the veracity of Professor Antony Davies presentation (Duquesne University – Economics) in the comments section below the video.
To Joe this means Professor Davies is touching a raw nerve that jangles every reader / watcher right in his or her family jewels.  (Note: Joe means the real jewels, the gems, the $$$ (not the testicles, which is sexist, because women can declare they have testicles if they want and equality and political correctness because feminism)).
Next installment Government Mythology 201 – recovering from a murderous (fiscal) beating.
To be continued…..


Holy Chinesium!
“Social Credits”.
Sounds great.
(Joe says where have I heard that phrase before?)
An entire nation of 1.3 billion souls “governed” by an algorithm.
For those not so keen on behaving in the approved manner, “re-education” programs are provided at no cost!
What could possibly go wrong?
Joe says let me count the ways…..
For starts, who will write the algorithm?
Who will ensure the maintenance, updates, revisions, releases of future algorithm “adjustments”?  You know it will need it.
Who will be accountable when the algorithm does wrong?
How do you challenge the algorithm without generating a “free” ticket to a “re-education” camp or prison cell?
That’s just for starts – you get the drift.
On the upbeat side, Joe says it’s an utopia for the ladies (as envisioned).
Before you get your wig in a knot, your panties in a twist, and cross your legs, hear Joe out.
It is fact that the XX gender will opt for security over liberty.  Not every time or every woman or only women.  Maybe not even a Paretto ratio (80 / 20), but in significant and measurable numbers.  The XY gender too, but not so much.
In terms of the “Big 5 Personality Traits”, this is a recognized gradient between men and women; a “Δst” (for change of security over time).  JBP on the subject here, and here.
The educated argue the cause / effect of biology vs culture vs IQ vs nutrition vs “Patriarchy” is the root cause of M/F differences.
Joe says wherever and whatever the source or cause, if women ran the world with unfettered authority, it wouldn’t be pretty.
That’s why doG (Nature? Cosmos? Le Big Bang? (there is no direct translation to the other official Canadian language)) gave women men.
Men are the foil.
(When Joe was young he thought that 1 man + 1 woman = 1 human being.  Joe was a naive treasure!)
Whatever you think of Joe’s analysis, watch this ABC Australia “report” of the digital Big Brother coming for the good folks who toe the government line and those who dare to be different.
Spoiler alert!  They are not treated equally:

China is an interesting phenomenon.
As a Nation™, China has the largest population of citizens of any nation on the planet.
This “fact” allows the government of China to insist there are unique issues and problems that The West© with “free trade” and “capitalism” and liberty and freedom and personal property and privacy and (the list is endless) whatever – well, The West® and Western Ways cannot solve Chinese problems.
China is Different™, because Commie Bastard©!
Mind your own business Round Eye…..
Joe says ah so!  Nice tlye!  What we have here is a logical fallacy –

I ask Joe, what is the fallacy?  China IS the biggest population of any nation.
Joe says what is a nation?  It is only people.
If it is only people, the people must have something which binds them together under the moniker of “Chinese”.  Or China.
That would be ethnicity, language, shared history, shared biology, some damn thing that binds you together against “the other(s)”.
There is the fallacy.
China is akin to the USSR in that it continues to hold captive peoples and areas that do not want to be a part of the whole.  Let us present a graphic identifying the  separatist states (movements) of China:
Those crazy Chinese badgers want Taiwan, and Korea, and the South China Sea, and Hong Kong, and making new islands, and (stay tuned for the latest development) until they dominate the known globe.  (Doesn’t this remind you of a so-called “Religion of Peace”?)
Like Joe says, it depends what you mean by “China”.
Joe says actions like invade, occupy, seize, suppress, annex, subjugate, subdue (and many other behaviors) bring China, North Korea, Cuba, and most of the Muslim countries to mind.  And the former USSR, too.  Any “country” who would shoot or detain their own citizens for trying to leave or restricting their mobility within the country has a serious collective psychosis, a cognitive dissonance of insurmountable complexity, a huge ideological wart choking their sanity.
The history of the West precipitated the most important and fundamental concepts about human existence.  Some of the biggest hits  –
The individual is the smallest minority.  The “rights” of the individual are universal and trump those of government.  Ergo, all law, written to address the concerns of the individual, is the bedrock of governance.
The right to speak freely.  Righting wrongs, resolving issues, clarifying understanding, addressing grievances, defining conflicting positions is difficult or impossible without free speech.  Indeed, “persuasion” becomes coercive / violent without the free exchange of ideas.
The right to private property.  The ownership of yourself and your productivity.
In the US of A, We The People limit the power of government.  The American Constitution is unique in that it defines the limit of government, what the government CANNOT DO.  It is unique in that the rights of the individual citizens come before the “common good” of the State.  A reality to be emulated.
Of course, reality and theory often collide.
Always the precipitate of “the human condition”.
And that, dear reader, is why Joe and I are theoretical Libertarians.


Joe’s Garage

Tom Sachs
I found a video by Tom Sachs (via AvE and YoubeTube) that rang true.
Plywood, the Queen of building materials:

Once a Day
Way back when Joe and I had to go to work each and every day, our diet was different than now.
For as long as we can remember, perhaps the last 25 or so years of working, lunch and breakfast were bypassed.
Office celebrations or holiday observations aside, most work days were a one meal event, always in the evening.
At home on the weekends breakfast with the kids or holiday times more than one meal a day was sometimes consumed.
We didn’t know the health effect or affect.
We didn’t care.
Our energy was good, our hunger pangs were non existent.
And so we went.
The following video attempts to rationalize the bridge between fasting and eating once a day.
Joe and I don’t know if the “science” is accurate.
However, if you can experience increased longevity, improved mental acuity, fewer medical pratfalls and save $$$ (because you only eat once a day) sign us up!:

Where Does Fat Go?
This video appeals because it talks about the chemistry / physics / math of processing energy in your body.
It also touches on the subject of CO2 as an important necessary component of metabolizing.
Bonus!  The formula for fat is extremely sexy!:

Compartmental Dilemma
Dr. Jason Fong presents the simple and basic metabolic facts via analogy – insulin is the traffic cop directing which reservoir (fridge or freezer) the energy you use is stored in or retrieved from –
Joe and I think this is the issue we have come up against in our pursuit of weight loss.  We have been stalled at our current 228 pound self although we haven’t altered our carnivore input significantly.  (OK, not perfectly accurate.  Deb and Morgan P. invited us over for a Christmas tree trimming and we succumbed to a delicious butter tart and peanut butter cookie orgy – two of each.  Our combined guilt (Joe and I) was well worth it)).
This Dr. Fong makes a lot of sense to us.
From the above graph of “Fridge vs Freezer vs Time”, one day makes a big difference in where you derive your energy, and in what format / state it exists.
As we stated above, our most productive days of work were done on one meal a day for decades.
In consideration of time, complexity, preparation, attaining foodstuffs, Dr. Fung says fasting can supplement any diet.  Just add fasting to whatever you are doing (examples below) –

Time to try the fasting faster than fast: fastest!:


Note: Canada is hard to see.  It is where Pakistan is now.



This week’s sermon is an address by Kimberley Strassel at the Heritage Foundation early this year (April 2018).
The depth and breadth of condemning information regarding the shenanigans of the American political elite (note from Joe: funny, they tend to be mostly lefty / progressive mooks and the entrenched bureaucracy – the “deep state”) makes this lecture a must see.
For those who believe that Canada’s select few behave better, give your head a shake.
Joe imagines that the same nefarious crap and corruption occurs in proportion to population at the very most optimistic guess.
We Canadians are Americans too – North Americans.  We originated from the same “seed stock” – the British Empire.
Both countries are loosing their homogeneity.  The change in demographic is a form of turmoil.  It has not abated.  If anything, it will exacerbate with time and further demographic shift.
Be that as it may, Ms. Strossel is a fount of knowledge of what is wrong within the system, and a few ideas on how to fix what is broken and wrong:



This week in Vernon BC the weather has been slowly cooling.  Nighttime is just below zero Celsius.
Cloudy almost windless days.
Only today, Sunday, did it snow.
The snow is small and cold.
By dark there was less than a centimetre on the ground.
So far it has been tolerable.
But old man Winter hasn’t arrived.
12 more days to Winter.
Officially, 113 days to April 1st.
Hang on, Joe!

Joe (Super-Chilled) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is good in sub zero weather –

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