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Music for Ranting
Joe and I have settled into our seasonal funk early- still 15 days until official winturd.  The one and only redemption is the days start getting longer on that day.  Music has been a mainstay through good and not so good times since our spawning.  Outside is dark, below zero (Celsius), with a skiff of dandruff (hard water type).  What to do?  DOO-WOP that’s what.  Start the music, read the rant, survive the cold dark season.  Easy as pi (quite infinite, fractionally speaking):

Quote o’ the Week
In light of continued aggravated violence from the sources underlain by the “religion of peace”, we proffer the following quote from WhatBubbaKnowsViolence is rarely the answer, but when it is, it is the only answer“.  Start the clock.  How long will it take to balance the ship?
When couched in different vernacular the problem takes on a new perspective –
Mosquito on Testicles

Like all “straw man” argument, there is no validity to the above statement (about testicles).  Of course you want to kill the mosquito!  Those are your testicles, damn it!  Nobody (I mean NOBODY) would shoot at a mosquito on their testicle(s).  That mosquito will die, without violence being delivered on that unfortunate testicle.  But the death of the mosquito IS violence, no matter the medium chosen to delver the fatal blow.
Joe is adamant – after all effort to persuade, negotiate, influence lethal behaviour in others, violence must follow in the name of survival.  Deliver it swiftly, unashamedly.  Death to ISIS!

Canadian o’ the Week
Patrick Moore is one of the founders of Greenpeace.  He has become an outstanding advocate for global warming and the defense of CO2.  Of course, that single statement makes him an outcast at Greenpeace – he left the organization long ago.  Joe and I periodically check the Internet for new Patrick Moore public appearances and lectures.  Here is his recent address to the “Global Warming Policy Foundation” delivered October 15th, 2015 in London, UK.  He is a profound thinker and at the spearhead of changing the public view of who the enemy really is in our midst.  He has a gift of making complex data easy to understand because he distills all the facts down to basic blocks.  This video says that life depends on carbon dioxide and man producing the tiny amount we have (in global terms) may have assisted and prolonged plant life on earth.   A magnificent if somewhat stiffly delivered opus, celebrating the foundation of life, carbon dioxide, and the profound effect mankind has had on the propagation of life on earth.  Go Patrick go!!:

Another video of Patrick Moore from Prager University.  Mr. Moore gives a short history of why he left the Green Peace organization that he co-founded:

Energy Lesson o’ the Week
Joe and I have pontificated before, now, and will in the future – solar / wind / “renewable” energy is a marvelous idea, a promising technology, and a boon to environments depleted of traditional energy sources.  However, these technologies are not a replacement for “heavy lifting” – the mega watt demands of major industry or large cities.  Nor do they scale economically, physically, or safety-wise to mega needs.  An example – if you are running a hospital that demands a continuous 100 kw supply, there is no way you can afford wind and solar alone.  Too expensive to produce and maintain.  Too physically large; i.e. landscape / kwhr.  Unsafe – because of the unsteady production of energy, and the damage to environment, especially birds.  A major weakness is the fickle nature of the wind, and the daily sunlight cycle that is also effected by cloud.  Here is a short video from Prager University that addresses these issues:

Whether you like it or not, the “fossil fuel” as source of energy is not going away anytime.  Let alone soon.  The lesson?  Don’t be a lunatic.  Let the marketplace find the solutions as it always has, often despite the pressures of government / elites / tradition.  Here are some buffoons who are oblivious to the irony they live.:

Political Comment o’ the Week
Dutch comes out of retirement (and the crypt) to claim one more for the Gipper:


ISIS Facts o’ the Week
Mr. Bill Whittle has an opinion on why the ISIS movement gains momentum despite how many candle-lit memorials, hash-tag addresses, and other cheek turning events are fulminated.  His observations are common sense and very worth the listen:

Smarts o’ the Week
Freeman Dyson Quote - Tools

Freeman Dyson is a genius of rare and peculiar ability – he is a polymath intellectually, a mathematician / physicist career-wise.  For an incredible introduction to the world of Freeman Dyson click here, or scroll down below the fold to “Sunday Sermon” for the same video.

List o’ the Week
Keep Calm - Make a List

When Joe and I were in high school the career counselors were pushing technical school.  I had my eyes set on university.  That didn’t work out too well.  Joe liked to take apart machines and electrical / electronic devices to see how they worked.  He didn’t always get them back together again.  I was thirsty for adventure, for excitement, for change.  Lefty bastard….  It did not bode well for our 37 personalities…..
All that aside, there is a website called CareerCast which has listed the top careers of 2015, ranked according to criteria such as stress, remuneration, time, training and training costs, et cetera.  Take a look at the link.  You may be surprised.  The top 5 are listed here with mean salary – the other criteria are at the link (i.e. work environment, stress, hiring outlook):
1. Actuary
Interprets statistics to determine probabilities of accidents, sickness, and death, and loss of property from theft and natural disasters.
Income: $94,209.00
2. Audiologist
Diagnoses and treats hearing problems by attempting to discover the range, nature, and degree of hearing function.
Income: $71,133.00
3. Mathematician
Applies mathematical theories and formulas to teach or solve problems in a business, educational, or industrial climate.
Income: $102,182.00
Tabulates, analyzes, and interprets the numeric results of experiments and surveys.
Income: $79,191.00
5. Biomedical Engineer
Analyzes and design solutions to problems in biology and medicine, with the goal of improving the quality and effectiveness of patient care.
Income: $89,165.00
An eye opener to say the least.  The jobs that kids want?  Let’s just say that fireman, test pilot, movie star, TV personality aren’t in the top 100.

You So Funny
Drunk Me

Joe’s Garage
To Joe’s gear head friends:
Joe is rebuilding or updating 3 automatic transmissions, all Ford.  Work is proceeding on a C6 (in an ’86 dually diesel), a 5R55E (in a ’97 Ranger 2WD), and an E4OD (in a ’93 F250 4X4).  While cruising the Internet for relevant information and sources, he stumbled on the website Ate Up With Motor.  This is a fabulous resource regarding the automobile industry: the people, the history, the makes, the influences, the technology.  Fabulous!

Paranoid Delusion o’ the Week (Weak?)
Here’s a wonderful living entity doing what it does – Ampulex Compressa, or the Jewel Wasp.  What this marvelous creature does is as follows – takes over the “brain” of it’s victim.  The victim becomes the living repository for the wasp’s offspring.  In short, the wasp takes over the victim and turns it into a zombie!!!  I think brainwashing does the same in humans.  Proof?  Who won a second term in the U.S.A?  Who won an election in Canada?  If it wasn’t for the brainwashed zombies, the world might be in better shape……
Ampulex Comressa
With creatures like this, Joe wonders why film makers bother to make “horror” pictures.



Clown BO

Haters Hate

IQ in Europe

ISIS Contained - BO Lie

IT Guy Black I

Kinks In the Hose

ISIS Housewives

Looking at Phone

No You Didn't

Not Summer Reading

Pi Is 4

Piss Wheel

Planned Parenthood Murder

Playing It Safe

Pretend to Change

Safety and Saving

So Much to Forget

Violent Degenerate Assholes

Don't Fence Me In



Senior Scientists
James Lovelock is a life-long scientist who has created the legend of “Gaia”, the concept of the earth as a living organism.  Too left for Joe, interesting for me.  Here he is talking about his “7 Wonders of the World”:

Satellite Launch Paradigm Shift
This is a fantastic leap of technology – simple, quick, cheap.

Rocket Landing (Sky Rockets In Flight)
The Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’ project “Blue Origin” has managed what most space programs have not (intentionally or otherwise) – a successful landing of the rocket stage used to launch their payloads.  This is historic in terms of the accomplishment and the cost savings that such re-use affords.  An amazing video:

New Desalination Process
Announced by MIT, a new process implementing shock waves promises to be efficient, cheaper than osmotic and electrodialysis technologies, without membranes, and would find application everywhere there is polluted water.  One suggested use is to clean up the fluid byproducts of fracking.  A shock wave alters the behaviour of the water, dividing a stream into clean and other flows via an electrified medium bed.  A side benefit is the electrical current is high enough to destroy bacteria.
The free market will find solutions to the problems that arise without government intervention.  All that is required is an unimpeded path between the producer and the market.
Desalination via Pepper


Fact vs Fiction
As much as I (and Joe especially) are reluctant to spend ANY time thinking about the religion of maximum wackjobbery, I found a very interesting web article at SodaHead which delves into the origins of the word “Allah”.  For instance, did you know that Mohammed’s father was named Abdullah?  Abdullah means “servant of Allah”.  Now, if Allah revealed himself to Mohammed, how did Mohammed’s dad get a name that didn’t exist?  Answer?  Allah is an older pagan Arab god, associated with the moon.
A book to add to the reading list:  “Roots of the Western Tradition” – Charles Warren Hollister
Note:  SodaHead is no longer a social media network (since June 2015)
Free Polls, Questions, and Answers, News Discussions - SodaHead

A Real Feminist
An ex-Muslim woman tells it like it is, and it is not nice.  But then, what did you expect?  This woman, who has not named herself, is brave beyond the pale.  Her courage is evident.  Anger, when directed properly, is very powerful :


Freeman Dyson is brilliant.  He is a self professed “heretic”.  You may not take the time to listen.  Your loss.  His second heresy is the subject of carbon dioxide.  You have never heard a more lucid thought provoking discussion of why the current data analysis is unacceptable.  Indeed, the things being measured are not the things that need measure.  Another heresy? Genetic modification will take the path of personal computers.  Housewives, children, average folks, will be creating new and interesting life forms.  The concept that Darwinian evolution has ended – it is now cultural evolution, thanks to good old us, homo sapiens.  His discussion of the polarity of viewpoints is informative: I and Joe meet his definition of a “humanist” vs “naturalist”.  Why not listen and form your own ideas?  From a 2005 lecture at the Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer Range Future:



This week has mostly been around and below zero Celsius.  With rain.  And as much cloud as can possibly be endured.  Saturday was so closed in you could only see two doors down the street.  Mild but claustrophobic inducing.

My plea for freedom has fallen on deaf mother nature ears.  Please, oh please, give me land lots of land…. and sky….


Joe (Foggy Mountain) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez cuts fog, from Investor’s Business Daily


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