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Joe’s Comment – Are you sure?  Let’s try….. from the sentence above in the gaphic: “The small dirty ugly old sleeping Italian striped red cotton thin bag was mine.”  Let’s try again….  “I cherish big fat juicy fresh pink split Kosher beef BBQing wieners.”  to “I juicy Kosher fresh split BBQing cherish beef fat pink big wieners.”
Maybe there is something to it.
I took a couple of semesters of Latin at Mount Royal College back in the day.  If I remember correctly, in Latin it matters not which order the modifiers occur in the sentence.  So English not!


Canadian Treasure – Rex Murphy
When you think the political climate in Canuckistan is beyond the outer limit of sanity, what can you do to throw yourself a Kisbee ring (flotation device)?
Joe says if your blood pressure is up, your breath is short, and you feel like testing your hand strength around the throat of a politician, famous or obscure, local or federal…. stop and give your head a shake.
There are good Canadians.
There are thoughtful Canadians.
There are hopeful Canadians.
And then there’s Rex Murphy.
If you’re feeling down take a listen to Mr. Murphy delivering a presentation at the Manning Centre in Edmonton AB.
As long as there are people like Rex with a platform to speak from, there will always be a future for Canada:


U.S. Border Shenanigans
Joe thinks that most Canadians DON’T get the majority of their news from the Internet.
And if they do, there is a long process of selecting sources, weighing the “bias” of what you see, making your own analysis, then determining your personal perspective.
Which all takes time.
And interest (in subject matter), too…..
He also thinks that virtually 100% of Canadians are NOT at the site of the news event, nor are they involved in the event in absentia.
Indeed, when they are at the site, like Faith Goldy (fired for her coverage of Charlottesville), they are scorned or demeaned for reporting exactly what they saw.
Joe thinks the true “journalist” is near extinct.  Those who still clutch the pearls of dignity and honor to their breast are hunted down, one by one, and ostracized or scorned out of relevance.
If there is a new (honest) journalist, it is a dirt person, minding his (or her!) own damn business, who gets caught up in an event without intent.
Joe is magnanimous.
He has instructed me to share the following short, sweet, and to the point overview of the entire mess (the “caravan” of “migrants”) from Brittany Hughes’ Reality Check (MRCTV (Media Research Center)).
If you think these potentially deadly hi-jinks are NOT a lefty/progressive/globalist political extravaganza designed to besmirch the United States of America you just might be a dolt (apology to Jeff Foxworthy).
Joe says if the U.S. of A. is such a hellish country, why are millions of people billions of people so envious that they would grind underfoot poor (and probably ignorant) dirt people from 3rd world “shit holes”, instigating illegal and illicit and dangerous action?
Is it the evil coercing the desperate?
Are some of the desperate also evil?
Could it be that life in a U.S.A. federal prison is better than the life these poor (and probably ignorant) dirt people experience in their own fabulous country?
My mommy didn’t tell me much about bad people.
And organizations of bad people.
Or what to do about it…..
She always said “David, if you haven’t anything nice to say, don’t say anything”.
Sorry mom, it’s damn high time I said something, anything.
How to help or what to do and what not to do is very perplexing:


UN Shenanigans
Cousin Delsie forwarded a link to the latest Stefan Molyneux “The Terrible Truth (about________)” de jour.
Seems the UN has grandiose plans for “migrants”.
You know, the “rights” of “migrants”.
Holy Mother of doG……
In December, at the behest of the UN, world leaders gather to sign the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.
“Regular” migration?
WTF?  (Note: substitute WTH for those reading who reserve a certain rancor for words from the wrong side of town).
Joe thinks the “rape of Nanking” was nothing compared to what the globalists intend for the Western cultures.
This will be cultural genocide – the complete and utter destruction of the Judeo-Christian marvel that is literally the engine of all progress in the world.
Does anyone anywhere actually think that diluting the West with millions upon millions of third world have-nots won’t be game changing?
These hordes of humanity are not high IQ Rhodes scholar wannabes.
They are desperate at worst, opportunist at best, and have little regard for the foundation of Western culture – the rule of law.
And what of the so-called “countries” these people are leaving.  Is this the future of human endeavor?  Africa produces the product (human beings) and the rest of the world imports them?
Holy Chinesium!
Joe says the West has not one damn thing to feel guilty about in terms of culture, or liberty, or free speech, or property rights.  It ain’t perfect but it is the best there is to date.  And because of free speech, it is always open to criticism hence revision or improvement.
What the West should feel guilty about is allowing the flight from all of these “countries” of their best and brightest.
If the best and brightest leave, the not stellar and dull are doomed.
Tucker Carlson interviewed Mark Steyn on Monday night.  Mark commented that there are more Somali doctors in the US state of Michigan than there are in all of Somalia.
That folks is a recipe for disaster orders of magnitude greater than now experienced.
Here is Stefan Molyneux explaining this UN “pie in the sky” masturbatory fantasy about global homogenization:


Hans Rosling
Joe and I have been following Dr. Rosling for over a decade.
He is a progressive lefty, but a statistician extraordinaire type of lefty.
His message is of hope reality.
The punch line?
“Poor women are not stupid.”
In this video, he predicts the fate of the world’s population should nothing change (i.e. different data / inputs).
Joe says good luck hoping for diminished delta inputs.
A well put argument nonetheless.
Hans calculates the world population will top out at 11 billion.
Watch and learn:

Addendum:  Hans Rosling passed away on February 7th, 2017.
Joe and I were fans of his refreshing presentation of data, and his bubbly enthusiasm for life.  We are saddened the world has lost a keen capable positive human enthusiast.
We used his TED and other presentations in workshops and staff meetings over the years.
A notable favorite was “The Magic Washing Machine“.
Alas, what he hoped for in the above video he did not achieve – more time among the living.
RIP, good sir.


Brigitte Gabriel
Joe and I love this woman.
Her life story (and that of Ayaan Hirsi Ali) is a clear message to the women of the western nations: get your head out of your rectal orifice and pay attention!
Brigitte says that she is the Anne Frank that survived.
Just ponder that analogy for a while.
She has wonderful charisma, high energy, and infallible logic.
Here she is interviewed by Dave Rubin:

As a special treat, here is the second part of the interview.
Joe and I agree; if you watch this and don’t fall in love with Brigitte’s heart and soul you might be a ghoul (further apologies to Jeff Foxworthy).
Although we are withholding comments about the interview style by Mr. Rubin, the irrepressible force for good of Brigitte Gabriel has our greatest admiration and respect.
See if you concur:


Joe and I are problem solvers.
We have what we think is a unique arrangement.
I go to Joe with a problem.
He does his level best (or plumb-bob best) to provide a possible solution.
If Joe don’t know, and I don’t know, the next step is to recruit down-the-line from Joe.  There are about 37 different identities in my head.  Joe is my main man.
I rue the times when Olaf the Berserker is summoned from the depths….
It is damn near impossible to think without another person to bounce ideas off or on, or around with, in real time.
What most people think is thinking is not.
It is merely regurgitation of previous information or experience or success or failure.
To actually think is hard work (to quote George W. Bush).
Because I like to solve puzzles / problems, Joe (my logical me) is on deck most of the time.
Joe and I are practically inseparable.  He is my go to guy.
You can imagine Joe’s reaction (and mine) to this beautiful allegory about Mars and Venus  (posted previously for sure).

Except when it is…..
Joe and I know how difficult communicating is; with yourself, with another person, and especially with the other (there are only two) gender.
Over the years, thousands and thousands of “conversations” have taught we that whenever you think you’ve mastered the art of synchronizing your mind with another (a la “grok” in Robert A. Heinlein speak – Stranger in a Strange Land) the bond is not lasting let alone eternal.  A miracle?  A curse?  A blessing?
We contend it to be all that and more.
What can be done to reverse exacerbate the problem?
Or is that inverse exacerbate?
Who says it is a problem?
Therein may be a clue…..
The following video is a treasure of hints.
Watch this little darling Gracie land a fish while talking and listening to her father (?) and grandfather (?).
They coach gently, don’t interfere, give plentiful verbal support, don’t harangue, help when necessary….. essentially, they treat her like a person.  A person having a new experience.  The damn fish was hard to land!
Six minutes of nail-less communication:


Joe’s Garage

This Old Tony
Very smart people are all over the Internet like white on rice (aka not brown rice).
Joe is a fan of AvE and This Old Tony.
Here’s This Old Tony building a CNC controlled Etch-a-Sketch:

Yacht Racing

Fasting vs Reduced Intake
Joe and I have passed the 40 pound loss number.
However, we have come to a “fat barrier”.
Continuing to eat as we have during the first 35 pounds has brought the weight loss to a standstill.
What is worse, we feel hungry.
When we were total meat / protein no carb no sugar we had no hunger.
Our search brought us to this info:

Fact vs Fiction
The name Mary Babnik Brown meant nothing to me or Joe up ’til today.
A fact(?): the Norden bombsight, a major advancement in precision placement of munitions dropped from a bomber, had a most interesting association with Mary – the cross hairs in the sight were blonde hairs from the head of Mary Babnik Brown.
Who would have thunk?
In addition, MBB was offered compensation for her contribution.
She declined, saying it was her patriotic duty.
Her hair when she cut it was waist length, measuring 34 inches.
She received a commendation letter from President Ronald Regan in 1987 on her 80th birthday for her selfless action.
As with any war story, there are counter arguments and factual inconsistencies.
However it is, fact or fiction, an interesting story to be sure.

Logging Without Helicopter
Joe says if you ever wondered how in the wide, wide, world of sports you get a 125 foot long pole (log) out of the bush WITHOUT a helicopter, this video is the answer to that question you never formulated.  You are welcome!:




Here we go again!
The bull shit about climate change is stacking up all over the damn place.
Today’s sermon is delivered by Dr. Valentina Zharkova, who has been studying sun / sunspots for 40+ years.
In the following video of her presentation to the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October 2018 she outlines the conclusions she and her team derived from the data and modelling they have performed.
Her heavy accent belies Russian origin; she is from the Ukraine.
She lectures at Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
Listen as Dr. Zharkova outlines her Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field hypothesis:

Her analysis is that the leveling off of temperature rise we have experienced in the last 20 years or so has another year or two to go; she estimates 2020. Then the next mini ice age will start to influence yearly weather. Her data and analysis is very convincing. During the Q&A at the end she is somewhat aggressively quizzed by a number of men in the audience to no avail.
I’m convinced her science holds more water (or ice!) than those of the CO2 Boogeyman camp.
Joe says the farther you get from the camp fire, the colder you feel.
It doesn’t matter that you are leaving a “small carbon footprint” as the camp fire recedes.
Seems common sense, da?



The weather in Vernon BC this week was a continuation of the greys.
Grey skies.
Gray skies too.
Grey rain.
No wind, gray or otherwise.
Above zero Celsius most of the week.
Today on Sunday the sky delivered rice sized particles of white hard water.
Only for a brief time and very sparsely.
This set me into panic mode, and Joe into curse the doGs mode.
So much to do, so little time (left).
Oh well, what the hell (as McWatt (Catch-22) always stated).
A quick check of the Internet date calculator delivers the number 120.
That is, 120 days from today to April 1st, 2019.
The question is, punk, can you hold your breath that long?
Well punk, can you?

Joe (busy) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is snow-proof –

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