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Joe’s Comment – The difference between a passive and active intelligence.

Mia Culpa
This has been a hectic week with sporadic weather, vehicle calamity, complex connivings, and out of town activity.  Had to cut down on something.  The Internet got a break from Joe and me…..  Much to journal, no time this rant.

Jordan Peterson in Vancouver
Joe wanted to go.
I didn’t know.
But here is the video!
….. I made a rhyme….
From a November 3rd appearance at U of BC:

American Thanksgiving
Joe says the difference in timing of the Canadian and American Thanksgiving celebrations is how soon you want to freeze your tits off.
In America, it is this week, on Thursday.
Joe says giving thanks for the cornucopia of intellectual capital humanity has created in its short but impressive run on earth is a heartfelt and solemn event.
Who knows how brief, brutal, and painful life would be without all those who came before us and left the legacy of knowledge we now orchestrate.
What is our obligation?
To do the best we can to add to and increase the volume of intellectual capital.
Seems straight forward.
Seems obvious.
Seems the opposing forces can’t help their negative and deprecatory attempt to alter, deceive, misdirect, and obfuscate the facts.
For American Thanksgiving, from Sgt. Joe Friday, we present just the facts, ma’am:





Dr. Jordan Peterson continues his lecture series “Personality”, with segment “06: Jean Piaget and Constructivism”:



This week in Vernon was mild, overcast, and rainy.
However, today, Sunday, the sun came out!
The high temperature reached 9 Celcius, and when the sun bowed out, the rain started, we were still well above freezing.
Halelujah Global Warming!

Joe (sweater man) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is good for any weather –


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