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Joe’s Comment – Another week of premature cold with snow.  Decimating.
Self reflection and doubt are two moods this early Winter weather brings.
Plus a left pivot accompanied by a loud click-crunch in my right knee has brought the mighty to his other knee.  Damn!  Buggered knees are a pox…..
Lots of muttering and argument with the 37 idiots, morons, and retards in my head.  Supplementing vitamin D3 @ 4000 I.U. with a C kicker.
I never get a flu.  Haven’t had a cold for years.
Must be the carnivore diet.
Despite encouragement and self motivational energy of heroic dimension, I’d like to hibernate until April.
Gotta clear out the shop to load it with winter projects.
Aiming higher indeed…..
Great Expectations might be my Winter theme –


Health Stuff

COVID Feedback

After Effects of COVID Vaccines
The data coming from funeral directors and parlors is thought provoking and frightening.
The entire modus of keeping records, gathering data, and statistical analysis of such is to approximate risk management.
The objective of risk management is to reduce horrendous surprises that make life more difficult or dangerous.  Or end life altogether.
Joe and I ask whether cause and effect is now considered politically incorrect.
We also maintain that “money” is only fiscal wealth; it is an avatar representing wealth.  The value of money flows and ebbs.  Does that mean wealth flows and ebbs?  We say no, “real” wealth does not.
The actuarial folks at any insurance company or statisticians worth their salt can make a best guess of what is happening.  At the least, they would notice an anomaly, give it further scrutiny, and analyze future impact.
That is risk management.
Where is the risk management with COVID?
Out of sight is not out of mind:

Dr. Robert Malone
The good doctor has a few things to say about Bill Gates and his involvement (some say meddling) in pharmacy and medicine.
Specifically COVID and vaccinations.
And money.
Lots and lots of money……
He also talks about the world-wide response to COVID, talks about freedom, talks about the fate of humanity.
What in the world is the world coming to?
Dr. Malone is a hero:


Mental Health and Diet
Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Georgia Ede take the time to discuss the effect of diet on mental health.
Joe asks, can it be true that the old adage “you are what you eat” is a literal truth?
Low carb, high fat, no processed food, few vegetables, no fruit is a good start:

Dr. Ede continues to promote a healthy proper human diet (PHD h/t Dr. Berry) despite constant push-back from established government and big business.
Nutrition science needs to go into overdrive and catch up with the needs of humans.
The following video is titled “The Mainstreaming of Nutritional Mythology”.
All those myths about saturated fat being bad, about meat causing heart attack, about fiber being essential, about vegetables, fruits, and nuts supply all nutritional needs…. all these claims are unfounded myths.
Who originated and promoted these myths?
Joe and I invite you to watch and learn:


Joe’s Garage

Brittany Force
The top fuel title for 2022 goes to Brittany Force.
It is her second top fuel title.
She has the top 10 records set in top fuel.
What an amazing racing family!:

Data Transmission
Joe and I remember our first Internet connection way long ago in Oyama BC.
It was a dial-up type modem over regular telephone infrastructure.
Maximum speed was 56 Mb but never achieved.
You know, a minute or two to download a picture.
That was 25 years ago.
From the Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) comes news of data transmission rates up to 1.8 Pb/s!  Article here, and here, and here.
In other words, one million billion bits per second.
Fast fact – that is twice the total global Internet traffic presently occurring at any moment today – from a single source!!!
Current optical transmission is single mode source – the laser is operating at a fixed frequency output.  To match this speed would require a thousand devices.
How the higher speed is managed is by using multiple frequency output.
This was accomplished by using an optical chip that multiplies the laser output into a number of frequencies.

Texas Beeworks
This lady is amazing.
Her name is Erika Thompson, and she is the principal of Texas Beeworks.
Joe and I don’t fear bees, but we would be a tiny bit nervous picking up a handful of buzzing busy bodies.
Joe likes the cut of her jib:

Auto Funnies



We live in interesting times.
The Big Three questions about life and humanity are still unanswered –
Who are we?
Where did we come from?
Where are we going?
The work on solving the Big Three continues, with nigh on 8 billion humans and untold numbers of other life forms in the hunt for the prize.
Meanwhile, intellectuals with a brain (and without) continue to pontificate about culture, society, and the meaning of life.
One such person is Peter Thiel.
He is a co-founder of PayPal, the first outside investor of FaceBook, an intellect, an entrepreneur, a billionaire, and a bona fide “conservative libertarian”.
In this video from October 2022, Peter Robinson of The Hoover Institute discusses technology, politics, and where unique innovation is most prevalent.
Peter Thiel is nicknamed “Renaissance Man”.
Joe and I think he is a genuine polymath:



OK, this week in Vernon BC the weather was dismally depressing.
Who in the world would want an early hard freeze accompanied by a foot of snow to endure for weeks and weeks?
Our answer is a resounding not us!
Joe is in a funk.
He wants to lie in bed or surf the Internet all de doo-dah day.
Every day.
He has lost his mojo –
Our shop door has an F250 half in half out, with the door half open (or half shut, your choice).
We are heating the Okanagan Valley, because the shop heater must run almost continually to keep frost out.
We’ve had sunny days and afternoons for a few days this week.
Joe, when he says anything, questions what do we have to look forward to?
If previous years are any measure, we’ve got another 4 feet of snow coming.
And two or more weeks of 20 below zero Celsius.
Our new (to us) BobCat Farm Boy is still on the trailer two weeks after coming home.
Joe and I thought the cold snap with snow was an anomaly, that it would warm, the snow would melt, and then we could unload our new treasure, service it, determine why it doesn’t start, and put it into service.
Too cold.
Joe won’t come out of the basement and look at it.
The truck stuck in the shop bay must come out so the BobCat can come in so Joe will fix it in the luxurious tropical heat of the shop.
What a pickle!
Meanwhile, we are down to one diesel truck and one old tired Taurus.
Nothing more shiver worthy than waiting for things to warm up –
Meanwhile, all over the Okanagan, the deciduous trees were caught with their leaves attached, some trees still green.  They look weird in the cold with snow –
Where oh where is April when you need her?


Joe (icicle) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez at ten below –

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