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Joe’s Comment – this de-motivational statement reminds me of the story of Ferdinand the Bull.  Ferdinand and a young bull are under a cork tree at the top of a hill grazing in the shade when the rancher opens the pasture gate at the bottom of the hill to herd in a dozen or more “in season” heifers.  The story punch-line comes from Ferdinand when he responds to the young bull’s energetic and hastily formulated statement “come on, Ferdinand! Let’s run down the hill and mount one of those heifers!”
Ferdinand calmly states “I’m going to walk down the hill and mount them all”.
A quote also comes to mind from Ernest Hemingway who said “don’t confuse motion with action”.
During my years of managing people (from highly motivated to “deadwood”) I found that the most productive employee I ever had was very lazy and very very intelligent.  Paradoxically, the most weaselly sneaky unproductive employee I ever had was also very lazy and very very intelligent.
That there is a conundrum.
Be that as it may, my conclusion is simple: high motivation is of little value without a worthwhile and well defined goal.  And a good plan complete with risk analysis.
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And In This Corner
An informative perspective from Leland Miller about the standoff between China and the U.S. of A.
Mr. Miller is the CEO of China Beige Book, a financial investment advisory company which offers advice to prospective businesses.  CBB purport to have proprietary information about China’s economy, markets, and cultural currents.  They offer their services to prospective investors in the maelstrom of Chinese Communist Party economics.  Risk management as it were…..
In relative-speak, understanding trillion dollar economies involving billions of people and diametrically opposed ideologies, spanning the globe, Joe and I are piloting a biplane.
Mr. Miller is flying overhead us in a pressurized supersonic matrix machine.
We, on the other hand, adore our silk scarf (thank you China worms) fluttering behind, as we throttle our Tiger Moth to a three-point landing.
Rotts of ruck, round-eye!:


Parody Ad
Joe and I think the GOP should use this ad.
Nothing in it is in the least bit untrue.
Kinda sounds exactly like Denis Leary – maybe it is!:


Blue Collar Logic
An interesting story from Jason Siler of Blue Collar Logic.  Perhaps there is some real limit of lunacy from the Democrat party that honest people will not tolerate, no matter how “left” or “right” they be.
Joe is encouraged by this story.
Our joint belief that most folks given facts and data can formulate an informed, even intelligent conclusion despite peer pressure and political alignment and personal interest.  Take a listen to Jason describe how liberals are turning their backs on Democrats:




This is a category we have added to address the maze-like eggshell thin veneer of civility that covers/excludes so much crap in our culture.

Child Abuse
A man (?) and woman in Florida have been charged with the heinous crime of (involuntarily) killing their own child.
Joe thinks the coroner did what he thought best – cause of death an “accident”.
You see, it is not illegal to be a vegan.
Nor, in Florida (apparently), it is not illegal to give birth at home and NEVER have a doctor see your child.
Joe and I would never argue for more government intervention.
But Jesus H. Christ, where were the neighbors, the family members, the community when this absolute cluster-fuck ideology was being forced on children?  The obvious and observable fact that something was wrong is now invisible?
We think these people are sick.  In the head.  Go look at their picture(s).  You will agree.
The surviving older children are already fucked up by malnutrition to the point of no return.
Tell us, please, where (oh where?) are the advocates for the rights of children?



A rare treat today.  The Attorney General of the U.S. of A., William Barr, speaking at the Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention on November 15th, 2019.
A scholarly detailed historic look at the division of power built into the Constitution and how that original construct has been eroded:



This week in Vernon BC was, thankfully, less wet than last week.
Not by much.
Some very chilly ice on vehicle window frosty mornings.
Mostly mild above freezing temperatures every day.
Not an Indian Summer®™©.
Joe says in lieu of growing bananas in the back yard and sun baked every-days, we’ll settle for overcast, rain, gumbo clay in the yard vs rock-hard ground and that nasty white hard water that piles up everywhere.
April isn’t that far off, da?

Joe (resigned) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez above or below zero –

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