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Mark Steyn Quote - The Future

Word o’ the Week
Panglosian – “Characterized by or given to extreme optimism, especially in the face of unrelieved hardship or diversity.”  To wit, Joe and I are a cornucopia of panglosian observations regarding the state of humanity in the current culture.

Quotes o’ the Week
There are some things that don’t need explaination…… aren’t there?  For instance, Joe and I agree with the following statement –
You're Born European
Conscious of the turmoil in Western lands currently, a few thoughtful and pertinent quotes are in order.  First up, Yukio Mishima (Kimitaki Hiraoka), an influential Japanese 20th century author.  We, in the West, as a culture have been mislead misdirected brainwashed and socially engineered to be and act what we are not.  This is the decline – Yukio Mishima Quote - National Ravage

What possesses a society, a nation, an ethnicity, an individual, to radically depart from tradition?  What influences, pressures. cataclysms, or events change the paradigm?  Joe and I are sure it is the urge to control (but not be controlled), the fear of change from without (but no thought of changing the other), a reaction to forces unforeseen, not fathomed, not comprehended, misunderstood.  The Indian art historian Ananda K. Coomaraswamy summarized what was happening in Ceylon, and how British “Imperialism” had influenced Ceylon in a negative direction (in his opinion).  Time period?  Early 1900’s.  Is this pertinent today, in Western culture?  Well, we wouldn’t place it here if we didn’t think it was worth thinking about.  If you don’t get it, “diversity” and “multiculturalism” are the catalysts for deep analysis of foundation thoughts in any society.  To ignore this fact is to court downfall –
Ananda K. Coomaraswamy Quote - What Kind of Life

Is there a point Joe and I are trying to hammer home?  Is a sweet bippy an ass?  Don’t be betting otherwise…..  A wild English political figure, Jonathan Bowen, had the correct perspective.  Only in the fiery collision of ideas is the path forged.  No regrets.  No apology.
Johnathan Bowden Quote - I Regret Nothing

The argument is moot.  There is no arguing with the emotional freight train fueled by diversity, multiculturalism, race – all the things that are superficial, meaningless, diversionary. –
Racist Good to Be White

The distillation of it all is this –
Good To Be White

Everyone else?  Find your own damn niche.  We’re sick and tired of your attitude.  One thing Joe and I know for sure is that you’ll never be white.  That settles that.  Now how about behaving as if you know and understand the “golden rule”?  And if you get smart enough, the penultimate (use only with the enlightened) rule, the “platinum rule” – Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.
And quit your pissing and whining and moaning about how tough it is to be you.
Grow up will ya?
WrathofGnon Quote - Progress
Reject Multiculturalism

Article o’ the Week
Rex Murphy is truly a Canadian treasure.  Back in the day when I listened to CBC on Sunday, Mr. Murphy was the drawing card.  Joe even enjoyed him illicitly (although he won’t admit it).  CBC is a political pimple Joe just can’t overlook, right there on the nose of the face of Canada.  But, I digress……
Mr. Murphy has produced his hallmark best with his observation that “every brain needs a spine“.  The pampered “snowflakes” attending Yale, Missouri U. and other bastions of “higher education” are held in low esteem by Rex, but the focus of his verbositous verbiage is not the infantile students but the spineless administration wienies and bogus professors derelict of duty at those prestigious halls of academy.
A quote to set the thought balls in motion –
The most recent reports say there is a crisis in child services in the United States. The cost of daycare spaces has reached absolutely astronomic levels. Placement at the University of Missouri, for example, easily breaks the $40,000 threshold. And if your toddler is lucky enough to squeeze into Yale, which has some of the most craven caregivers, the most swaddled cocoons and safe spaces on the continent, it will set you back a minimum $60,000. But hey, if you want the very best day care for the intellectually infantile at any of the top Institutes of Higher Whining, that’s why God gave you noses — so you could pay through them.
Space forbids a full dissection of this turmoil and madness. American higher education, on the Humanities side, and in particular in those dubiously academic innovational “disciplines” centering on Identity, Race, Gender, and the crapulous White Privilege categories, are blights of the mind. They are transmuting portions of university life (Science is saved by its commitment to reality) into slenderly disguised kindergartens for intolerant narcissists. That the incessant calls for “safe spaces” and “free speech zones” and “freedom from offence” are the wails of people who have forgotten, if they ever had a inking, of its meaning what education at a university is supposed to be about.”
Blights on the mind.  Man, I wish I’d coined that one.  Love you, Rex!

Theme o’ the Week
The wackjobs have been busy.  Frightening all the children of the West.  They cannot be identified by the “unmentionablizers” (aka the Obambi Administration, the Clinton presidential wannabe, Lurch the tone deaf, et al)  who won’t, or can’t, admit to the possibility that there might be a nasty side to the entire Islam/Muslim equation.
As Shelley Duvall stated so eloquently to Robin Williams in Popeye, “Phooey!”  Sorry, we couldn’t find a YouTube clip of her doing so……
The theme of the week is NOT based on or dedicated to the rabid savages or the politically pathological in any country.
It IS based on and dedicated to the wonderfulness of the West, the society of the West, and the contribution to culture of the West.
Long live the West!
As a mild rebuke, we have become Comfortably Numb.
The fabulous work of David Gilmore is showcased in the Live 8 performance of the Pink Floyd in 2005,  This version of Comfortably Numb is played under a sign which states “No More Excuses!”  Appropriate.  Ironic.  Sad.:

For some reason this particular guitar solo has mucho gravitas in the musical world and among we the plebeian masses.  In honor of France with their unique ethnicity, here is a young French lady the jihadists will never subjugate, never understand.  Tina S., 15 years old, paying homage to Mr. Gilmore’s masterpiece:

Political Comment o’ the Week
Joe and I have been withholding our vitriol regarding the Liberal takeover of the federal government here in the frozen nord (true north strong and free!).  Too many emotions, a surfeit of dueling details, mostly a feeling.  An ill feeling.  An ill wind blowing feeling.  Mr. Stefan Molyneux captures the history, the Canuckery, the smelly fish of the entire enterprise.  As Tiny Tim said, God bless us every one!  We’re gonna need it:

Best Interview o’ the Week
Gavin McInnes (ex Canadian) hosts a podcast program called “Free Speech”.  Joe and I stumbled across this interview with Ann Coulter conducted a few months ago.  Refreshing and nutritious:

Some of the points that Ann and Gavin are querulous regarding are covered in this article called “Morality and Abstract Thinking….”  Specifically, when Ann is disparaging the ruination of the parks and forests with garbage etc.  The article insists that the disregard may be a blend of IQ, culture, and genetics.

Website o’ the Week
You will see a number of excellent quotes in this week’s rant that were scavenged from WrathofGnon.  Inspiring quotes, nice pictures, many pages.

Joe’s Garage
One of the must do projects this year is completing the 200 amp service upgrade.  By June the attached garage panel was complete, and a permit drawn for the service panel to replace the old 100 amp relic in the house.  Since June, one thing followed another thing until the clock struck November.
Finally, the window of opportunity arrived.  Friend Lyle of Ace Bobcat came over and we did some diggin’.  Lyle with the skid steer, me with the Mexican drag line (shovel).
Some pics of the progress –



Hello Government

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Democracy Can't Be Wrong

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Die Young

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Pet Relief

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Self Regulating Fire

The Fat Poor





Never a dull moment with the Middle East comedy troops.  The laugh riot never ceases.  While Western elites, politicians, and “progressives” tie themselves into knots trying to decipher what is real into a codicil of “we are family” nonsense.
How Ugly Are Your Women

No joke however is the ever increasing tally of dead and injured who dared to not agree.  The number of deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11 originating with the Islamic wackjobs is now 27,304.  Read, and weep.

 Muslims Fleeing Muslims

Islam No Peace Anywhere


Stefan Molyneux continues the presentation of “The Gene Wars”, specifically the r / K selection strategy.  This module Gene Wars (Pt 2) is titled “The Genetics of Politics I Liberals vs. Conservatives”:

Glad My Name's Not Thou


Definitely a weather week.  The rain not in Spain but in Vernon.  Then cold.  Always cloud.  Saw my first frozen puddle on Friday!  The sun comes out if at all just as it is descending over the mountains.  Kinda peeking under the clouds.  Just for fun.  It is a great consolation to know that winter is only 4 weeks away…..  I plan our days around afternoon outdoor activities in the hope the sun comes shining through.

Joe (Digger) Mekanic
p.s.  We especially dig Ramirez – from Investor’s Business Daily



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