Sunday Rant – 4714


A week of contemplation, involuntary style. Lots of sack time with a bad back – pinched nerve. In the last 12 years I’ve had two major back events (disabled for up to 6 weeks) and this one, which I’d classify as a minor (one week or less prone and uncomfortable in bed). A third medical event was having my appendix removed in 2013, which I classify as a minor also (not to imply insignificant). Not bad for late adulthood so far, but only a certified Pollyanna would suggest it won’t happen again.

Which begs a discussion about age, about wisdom, about experience, about self sufficiency. And about pride, privacy, self esteem, self worth.

The division is straight forward to me. When you are no longer able to stand, walk, feed yourself, or sit on a toilet, and wipe your own ass, that there is a major malfunction. Anything else is a minor event. There are many humiliating experiences that a person may endure, but using a bedpan has got to be one of the absolute rock bottom events an adult human can perform. It ain’t funny……. or is it?

Any bets it won’t happen again? A major that is…… I wouldn’t take that bet myself. I pride myself for escaping with a “minor” this time because I have the knowledge of what is happening BEFORE (just before…) it happens, the experience of what could happen if I don’t attend to the symptoms. Ergo I continue, pride (oh! sinner!) intact, self esteem bruised but integral, and upright on two.

A low productivity week for me with a silver lining – a non-bedpan minor.

Here’s to a more productive (and exciting) next week……


The Right Stuff

Who is Dillon Hillier? He is the face of many Canadian men who know what “the right thing to do” means. Oh were I so courageous:

He’s purportedly the first Canadian volunteer but he will not be the last. Bravo young man.


The more the moron in the White House does, the more the meter pegs –

The concept of “rule of law” seems beyond this prima donna community organizer “constitutional lawyer”…..

“Gruber-gate” explained in two minutes:



Joe and I will never travel to Cuba until it overthrows the murderous fanatical dictatorship of the Castro family. The following article details the steps taken by the CUBAN GOVERNMENT to prohibit their citizens from reaching Guantanamo, the U.S. Naval base in CUBA:

A quote from the article –
“During the 28-year existence of the Berlin Wall (1961-1989), 227 people were killed attempting to cross to West Berlin. In the 55 years of the Cuban version, countless thousands have paid with their lives, their limbs, or years of prison for attempting the crossing.”

Which begs the question, why? Why would a political regime kill it’s own citizens for trying to leave? What “lesson” does it teach the remaining citizens? How many Cubas, North Koreas, Chinas, et cetera are the “right number” of tyrannies? The biggest why is why don’t the people in these “sovereign states” rebel? The answer might be an uncomfortable realization that the human being is simply “programmable meat”. That there is no “free will” among people. That most are sheep, not sheep dogs.





Celebrating Marcus Tullius Cicero this week –




The United States of America is STILL being harangued about slavery – despite the distance and cultural change over the decades and centuries. No one seems to notice that the practice is still occurring in a certain corner of the globe. The corner of Islam.

Doesn’t this young child look ecstatic about her situation? –

Seems these savage ass-holes will have to come to North America before we do anything about the situation. It is clear England has it’s collective head buried in it’s ass (sexual “grooming”: ). The entire shame seems to be getting caught. Not the England I’d like to visit. Not the England I hold dear. Look at the picture above. Read the story below. Still have “progressive” thoughts about these despicable “men”? Shame on you:



The pulpit hosts A.C. Grayling discussing “The Case for Humanism”:

He makes the excellent observation that the “golden rule” is not a principle of Humanism. The foundation is what I know as the “platinum rule”, which is “do unto others what they want done unto them“.


The week was COLD! Mostly around – 8 Celsius. We had SNOW! WTF? I’m getting the idea that there will be an event called “Winter”. If I do get religion, it will be me on my knees praying for Global Warming…..

My sympathy to Buffalo NY and environ. 6 feet of snow in less than 5 days? Far out, man…..

Joe (Prone) Mekanic

p.s. Ramirez is always healthy –