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Joe’s Comment – doG a-mighty!  That Stephan Pastis has his finger on my pulse!  Whatever the question, beer is the answer…..


Armistice Day
Joe and I are sure that we could not survive without the freedoms we enjoy as a Canadian citizen.
Imagine sitting in a “modern” apartment in North Korea, having the energy and drive of Joe and I combined.
And our smart-ass mouth.
And our loathing for authority….
We would have been put up against a wall and perforated, a.k.a. AK-47 ventilation.
It is now 100 years since WWI; the “Great War” ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.
Joe and I were born in Toronto, long after this picture was taken of Armistice Day celebrations in Toronto –

You can bet that everyone in this picture is now passed, for the youngest person we see appears to be about 12 years old.  Alive today he would be 112.
It is now 73 years since WWII.  Here is a picture of people celebrating the end of World War II , once again in Toronto –

Joe and I have never been drafted or served in the armed forces.
Our pater Donald served, as did his father, Thomas.
They are both long passed.
Joe and I have never been without food or shelter.
We have never suffered hardship outside a few rough patches entirely self administered and managed (poorly).
Our life is not threatened by anything other than dying of old age, or stupidity.
Or both.
During WWII 1.1 million Canadians served, of a population of only 11 million – our quick calculation (all our fingers and toes) says that is 10%!
At the end of WWII the Canadian Air Force was the 4th largest in the world and the Canadian Navy was the 5th largest in the world.
If you take the Baby Boomer seniority ground zero as 1946, Joe and I have a seniority number of 72 – 4 = 68: we were born in 1949, four years after ground zero.
When Joe and I die, our little pea brain will be in “as new” condition (almost unused).
We never had to use it.
When we die, we will have all our fingers and toes, for we have never seen a land mine let alone danced on one.
We’ve never been out of work (unless we chose that state of affairs).
We were blessed by doG Almighty with a family.
Life is good here in the true Nord strong and free.
Thank you veterans, alive or passed.
Our life has been the proverbial “piece of cake” thanks to your sacrifice.
A brief video of Canadian fighting in World War I during the “100 Days Campaign”:

11 contributions of Canada in WWI and WWII is the history of the tough battles and sacrifice that gained great respect for the Canadian fighters.
The video is at the History Channel website HERE.


John Stossel
The self effacing, mild mannered Libertarian of choice for Joe and I.
Mr. Stossel is always clear minded and logical in his inquiry methodology.
In this oped he discusses censorship, specifically of Gavin McInnes:


Lies of Omission
This documentary is a discussion with various individuals who have been instrumental in discovering unflattering or illegal truths about government activities and practices in the U S of A.
Joe says the Canadian version hasn’t been produced.  Yet.
He also says don’t hold your breath (what about those gun seizures in High River AB?)
This story is the story of “lies of omission”, the obfuscation or denial of the main stream media and / or government to bring their facts and findings to public awareness.
Corruption big and small has the same result.
Joe is pessimistic.  It is inevitable.
It is the reality.
Can it be that it is meant to be, or is that the challenge?  Ponder away:


Tucker Carlson
One bonus that attends the release of Tucker Carlson’s book “Ship of Fools” is the increased exposure to his personality and weltanshauung.
Joe and I enjoy his message and especially his self deprecating humorous delivery.
This video is a recent (16 October 2018) promotional presentation (with Q&A) at the Independent Institute, at Alameda, California:

Update: on Thursday (8 November) a group of “protesters” arrived at Tucker Carlson’s residence in Washington D.C.  His wife resorted to dialing 911 for help.  Joe says once again the progressive movement shows it’s true colors.
These people are street scum.
Joe is an opinionated man.
And this time his opinion is “dead on balls accurate” (apology to Marisa Tomei (My Cousin Vinny).  It’s an industry standard:

Sunday Update:  On Friday night Tucker Carlson was not hosting his evening show (Brian Kilmeade subbed).  I expect he took some time to sit with his family and determine a course of action.  And home invasion tactics.  During the Kilmeade show, Tucker came on via phone line to give his position.  When you hear it, the man’s basic decency and honesty shines.  Here’s the video clip:

Joe says that if the children were home (Tucker has 4) with his wife or not, the “protestors” perpetrated an aggressive hostile attack.  They should be identified, dragged into court, and sued until their employer is penniless.
Don’t think for a moment this was a “spontaneous” gathering of like minded individuals exercising their first amendment right(s).
The next week will be interesting re: Tucker replying and responding.  If he bothers to give this mob of degenerates the air time.
I think he shouldn’t mention them, but pursue legal recourse post haste.
Joe is more about revenge.  Maybe post the name, phone number, and street address of every one of these spineless cowards.
One thing Joe and I know for sure.
Liberal outrage is super-selective.
In electronics, they would be a tunable notch filter.
But they aren’t electrical components, they are misaligned people.
Unlike a notch filter gone bad, crazy people CAN and DO BAD THINGS.
The legal system might be just the ticket; a stern and expensive method to educate them in a better way of behaving.
Who cares what they think….. or how they were raised.


Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman before the November 6th election.
His next, post election froglegs. should be interesting, because they all are, including this one.
Joe is curious to know his take on loosing the House:





This week the pulpit is commandeered by the one and only Candice Owens, the original and only “Red Pill Black“.
She has been featured in this rant before.
Unfortunately, links to YoubeTube are not forever.
This is a recent presentation from a Conservative young black woman who has a political future in the good ol’ U.S. of A.
In this video she is addressing the Center of the American Experiment lunch forum on May 8, 2018 in Minnesota:



This week in Vernon BC was wet.
Rain rain go away seems not to be the correct chant.
Gregorian chant maybe?
Joe couldn’t find a Gregorian chant for rain, but did find a Gregorian Rain Dance Remix.
If you listen, you will not like it:

Joe has always been confused about the meaning of a “rain dance”.  Is it meant to make it rain, or make it stop raining?
Or is it a toggle type dance: if it is raining do the dance to stop it; if it is not raining do the dance to make it rain.
Here is a Cherokee rain dance for a toggle perhaps:

Oh well, we didn’t do anything special and it rained all week.
The only redeeming feature is the daytime temperatures are still above zero.
Today on Sunday was fairly sunny for most of the daytime.
One out of seven is about 14.28571429%.
The good news?
It is already November 11th.
Only 141 days until April Fool’s Day!
Joe tried to find a “sun dance” in case he was misunderstanding a rain dance.
Here’s a great version of the Apache classic, “Sun Dance Song”.
Between the two, maybe the sun will come out again before April:


Joe (blue toe) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez has no freezing point –


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