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Accurate Watch

A very busy week .  Travel and visitors.  Work and weather.  Buying and selling.  Not enough time to do everything as well as we can.  On Monday, it looked something like this –
Friday Blues
The week flew by without a break.  Consequently, this is a short post / limited rant week………  Late, too.
What is my world coming to?
Socrates Quote - Busy Life

R.I.P. Liberal Arts
Joe and I are fans of the classical method in the pursuit of knowledge – the “Natural Laws”, and the “Liberal Arts”.  Sadly, the critical theorists in charge of Western universities (and education behemoths) have “engineered” (to the best of their ability) the vanquishing of the pursuit of “truth and beauty”.  Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute offers an expose titled “Who Killed the Liberal Arts?”, presented by Prager University:

Political Video o’ the Week
Joe and I appreciate beauty.  Joe and I appreciate honesty.  When they conspire together, what could be problematic?  Not perfect, but heading in the right direction.  People in the know give this beautiful woman 3 months of life before the crazies kill her:

Satire o’ the Week
Stephen Crowder pretty well sums up the GOP debate:

Picture o’ the Week
This is beautiful, dreadful, majestic, terrifying, and totally natural.  A picture of the double-peaked stratovolcano Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey.  Doing what it does.  When it wants.  Tell me about carbon taxing again?  You know, how mankind “manages” the environment?  Great bedtime story……
Mount Ararat Eruption - Turkey

Reality Check o’ the Week
Joe and I are very skeptical about what and who is invading Europe.  We aren’t conscious of a “conspiracy” gene in ourselves, but what we are seeing and hearing doesn’t jibe…..
Toilet Paper Fighters

Joe’s Garage
A new acquisition this week –


When these motorcycles came on the market in the early ’80’s, there was no time or $$$ for such tomfoolery.  Now is different.  The amount of $$$ required is substantially less, especially when the machine needs a bit of TLC – Joe’s specialty.  As we often state, “We buy antiques and sell junk”.This beast is a Honda XL600R.  Four valve single cylinder 600 cc four stroke dual purpose motorcycle.  It is a bear to start, for it has no electric assist.  Gotta get the piston at just the right position in the cycle, leap way up in the air, and give it every ounce of force you can.  Five ratios give it a top speed over 90 mph, and the torque at the bottom end truly generates a huge grin.


Ben Carson Quote - Political Correctness

Where Is Freedom

World Health Org Denier


Alberta Sharp Left


The Refugee Pledge

European Defense Ministers

He's With the WHO

Hillarie's Helper

I Hate Gingers

Liberal Second Ammendment

Limited Government

Practice for Parking

Proud White Racist

Racist vs Not Racist



My Martyr


What better way to revitalize than a good old helping of common sense?  What is common sense?  Better yet, what is good?  Better still, where do questions come from?  A short sweet debate tackling the big question – what is life?  From the science foundation collection:

Sing-a-long lyrics via the pulpit –
If You're Happy and You Know It



Definitely a weather week.  Tons and tonnes and buckets and lakes and rivers of rain.  The yard is a clay-based bog of slippery slidey sticky gooey mud.  The sun did appear in the late afternoon most days to say goodnight.  Winter is coming – winterizing is a Canadian pastime.  Not cold enough for hard water yet, but it will be soon.
Canada Good Old Days

Joe (Cooling) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is cool any season – from Investor’s Business Daily






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