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Joe’s Comment – a few reminders that Joe Friday (just the facts, ma’am) had a grasp of the situation.  A further reminder that history is a fact, but re-writing history is treasonous, treason against the entire human race.
Ill informed irrational and emotional thinking seems to be in vogue.
Not so much of a rant this week.  I was so busy there was no time for Internet cruising.  I had the opportunity to do some trucking.
I helped friend Landon H. by driving a truck for him on a couple of trips to the Slocan Valley (Winslow).  The first trip was on Wednesday.  A very heavy load.  On the second trip, hauling 20+ tons of scrap on Friday I encountered snow for the first time this year.
Not impressed.
The truck I was driving, pictured below, is a ’96 Peterbilt with an Eaton Fuller 18 speed transmission and a Cat 500+ hp powerplant, hauling a giant end dump.  Here we are at the “loading dock” –

It took many tries for me to get backed in there, with help from Rick, a very experienced driver.  The loading went smoothly.  Then the trip home…..
Some of the hills from Winslow to Silverton, and Needles to Cherryville had me so far down the transmission (2nd gear low was the farthest down – that’s about 8 miles an hour) I thought I was going to run out of truck.
Throw in some nasty precipitation.
Snow is just another way to scare the shit out of yourself.
A pictorial representation of my efforts this week – I accomplished quite a bit, but there was much more work waiting to be accomplished.
I had the correct attitude.
I put in the time.
Just a little short of meeting the target(s).
I’ll have to try harder and longer and smarter next week!



Ivor Cummins COVID Analysis
A much needed analysis of data from Mr. Cummins.
The COVID “pandemic” was no such thing.  The push behind the tyranny shall be revealed.
The offenders will be persecuted at the Nuremberg Trial II:

Masks Are A No-No
Hypercapnia is a condition caused by inhaling your CO2 rich expelled breath.
Wearing a mask exacerbates this phenomenon.
To make a child wear a mask is abuse.
Stop frightening and abusing the children!
Pick on someone your own size –


Some Musical Whims

You must click on the link that says “Watch on YouTube” in the box below:


Joe’s Garage

Wint-whore Is Nigh!
And what do you need to keep Jack Frost at bay?
The answer is energy, converted to heat, in quantities enough to make the inside air toasty.  Baked domicile a la carte.
For all us hands-on we can do it if we try kinda guys, take a look at this easy to build from cheap bits and pieces wood stove.
Two barrels, a drill, some drill bits, a measuring stick, various metal bits and pieces, a welder……
Just for posterity, Joe and I wouldn’t use the fancy bits and pieces from the “kit”.
We would take the time to make our own brackets and door and legs etc.
Now all you need is a forest.
Here in the Okanagan we burnt lots of our forest down this Summer (we have full time forest “management” managers managing our forests to the last burning ember).
But thanks to extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, our trees grow faster and better than ever!
There is still plenty of wood for your new wood stove:

Here’s another made from a furnace oil tank.
Joe and I have a couple of these that we can’t afford to fill with heating oil.
We might build both and have a heating competition.
Maybe a Swedish sauna?
Joe and I like this one best:

Make It Kustom
A Canadian metal artist, Karl Fisher, proprietor of “Japhands Kustoms“, from Aldergrove BC has done an incredible custom rat rod with this ’38 Dodge truck.
He has a Ub2b channel, Make It Kustom.
I would never build anything with a Chev motor in it.
Joe is in awe of the ingenious solutions Mr. Fisher devised to build this streetable car – it sports a BC license plate (watch the video to see).
Canada has incredibly talented people:


Bellos Kustoms
Joe and I watched like we were hypnotized.
We HATE videos with cheezy crappy music….. but we couldn’t stop watching.
Mike Bellos does a 3 inch chop on a ’37 Ford, a three week job condensed into 25 minutes of pure custom artistry.
Mike Bellos Ub2b channel is here.
His fabrication shop is in Chula Vista CA.  What an amazing skill set:



This week the subject of weak men is explored by interviewer Patrick Bet-David and Dr. Warren Farrell.  Dr. Farrell has written 7 books on men’s and women’s issues.
Joe and I have been wondering what happened over the last 40 or 50 years that made the way we were raised, the way we think and do, so abhorrent to “The Culture” to punish male children.
For the “sins” of their Fathers?
Surely this alarming trend can be corrected:


This week in Vernon BC the weather continued to slide toward Winter.
Heavy frost on windshields two days; the rest of the week was milder overnight due to cloud cover.
On the coolest nights, the ground gets somewhat crunchy.
The kiss of the sun warms it to a sticky, gooey, slippery and clingy muck.
It is gum boot time at Droveria.
It is slide into the hedge or fence when driving across the gentle slope of our property.  This happens because the clay is approximately 24 to 30 feet deep on our lot, and the entire BX area.  Any precipitation that isn’t leached into the ground turns the surface into a near frictionless mess.  The clay bungs up any type of tread you may be sporting on the tires of your vehicle.  Joe and I have been stuck on flat ground with a 4×4 truck (in four wheel drive), helplessly spinning wheels but not going any which way at all.
On Friday driving from Lawton (in the Slocan Valley) to Lumby the rain turned to snow at the higher elevations.
Bleck! is an apt descriptor.
There are two roses that showed up late to the Spring/Summer party in the shrubbery along the driveway.
Joe thinks this is fabulous.
Joe says we used to be that impetuous, that oblivious, that confident.
We have decided to take a lesson from those two dark red roses and man up to the coming Winter.
Whose afraid of the Big Bad Snow, the Big Bad Snow, the Big Bad Snow…. apologies to The Three Little Pigs, let’s paraphrase to this happy tune:

As the pigs would say if I wrote the song,
“Joe don’t take no time to play,
Time to play,
Time to play,
All Joe does is work all day.”
And so it shall be.
This Winter, Joe and I will stay so busy the time will fly by just like a Summer vacation.
That’s the plan and our name ain’t Stan, man.  As Josh the “Letterman” says –


Joe (tired) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez keeps on truckin’ –

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