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Quotes o’ the Week (Politically Biased)
Innocence, Once Lost, Can Never Be Regained. Darkness, Once Gazed Upon, Can Never Be Lost.” – John Milton
– Next, as revised and redirected by Rocco –
Innocence… and ignorance…. lost is never regained.  It’s the same with trust” – Rocco
Rocco makes his point by giving an example –
Remember how the media was “trusted” in the days of Walter Cronkite? Just before Dan Rather and Brian Williams were exposed as lying frauds, a little-heralded revelation that Cronkite not only lied about “Tet” being a Communist victory (and not the stunning defeat that it was) but old Walter was a flaming Commie himself.
And, of course, it was only “conspiracy theory” that the banks were rigging the LIBOR rate (the interest rate that sets ALL interest rates) for fun and profit until it was proven, fines were paid, and it became “conspiracy fact.”
So, too, did the “rigging” of the Democratic Primary for Hillary move from “theory” to “fact” as has the MSM’s one-sided support for Hillary, thanks to Wikileaks.
– It’s not any stretch of the imagination to conclude that ALL the MSM “polls” are “rigged” to favor Hillary, and more obviously so than the government’s phony claim of 5% unemployment when 94 million workers are out of work.
The “debates” continue this sad pattern of being “rigged” (and I am not talking about the camera games with ‘filters-no filters’ to make a sick Hillary look healthy and a healthy Trump look sick). Not really “shown” to TV viewers were rear views of the lecterns used by Hillary and Trump.
– Hillary’s has (again) a lit screen for “prompting” her and Trump’s does not. Curious. Why would that be? Is Trump able to think and speak on his own, but is Hillary not able to? Draw your own conclusions, just as I’d say “vote for who you think is best.”
It’s a good thing the legacy MSM is doing its level best to “influence” people so they are spared the burden of having to think for themselves. Thinking is hard! Who to choose?
– Do you vote for someone who is able to walk up steps unassisted and whose eyes always point in the same direction?
– Or do you vote for someone who lies, sells political favors, has seizures-convulsions-collapses, and loathes 99% of Americans?
Gee, I dunno. That’s really a tough one!
Joe’s Comment – The flow of information (good and bad) is necessary for progress.  The chance of the “bad guys” winning the prize is lessened as the availability of valid data and access to opinion from others grows. With that in mind, only dementia or memory loss stands between us and changing others!  The politicians are merely an “after the fact” reflection of today’s culture.  More below (On the Level?)

AC/DC (Preparing for Winter)
Angus McKinnon Young is a wild man.
One of the best guitarists in all of rock and roll (three cord variety).
With Old Man Winter just around the corner it seems appropriate to take a moment to ponder when will Spring and Joe meet again?  Is this the last Winter or a pause before a new and brilliant Summer?
As Bon Scott lyricizes, it’s a one way ticket….., and Angus’ blues accompaniment complements the lyric:

So much for reflection.  Joe ain’t got much time for that…..
On with the show.  May we get through the winter with as much energy as Angus Young can push through a Gibson SG.  Let there be rock!:

Keep that motor running all winter long:

Straight Talk
Pat Condell is on target, on time.  This man is as consistent as Ramirez – same crystal clear message every single time:

Masters Thesis
Joe and I think Nigel Farage is a world class leader.
He has a clear vision of what is happening, an irrefutable focus, and an uncanny finger on the public / common pulse.  That aside, he is a moral, ethical, good man:

Judicial Watch
The malodorous fog surrounding the Clinton Foundation and the “rags to riches” story of Slick Willy and his Missus are a conundrum.  If the truth will out, what then happens to the entire American legal foundation?  Is it better to keep moving, nothing here folks, or smoke the rats out and deal with them as promised by the entire proposition of a government of the People, by the People, for the People, based on the rule of law?  When you can no longer trust ANY BRANCH of government, when the FBI is no longer circumspect but blatantly corrupt, when internet bloggers are more reliable than “official sources”, when criminal hackers have delivered the “smoking gun”…….. it may be time to purge.
Very few people know that the discovery of the missing Secretary of State emails was a byproduct of the Judicial Watch organization’s FOIA request (freedom of information act) for documents that the Obama administration refused to comply with or respond to, which resulted in a law suit (read about it here).  When the court ordered the release of the documents, it became evident to Judicial Watch there were 5 months of email missing from the Secretary of State record.
The following video is an update from Judicial Watch in early October which presents data and facts via a panel of experts from various fields of endeavor.  These are the sort of people keeping an eye on every aspect of government activity.  This group and their ilk may be the last hope to prevent total societal breakdown / civil unrest, or complete disorder and civil war in America.  Unsung heroes all.  Joe and I hope (against all evidence) there is an equivalence in every Western country, state, province, municipality, and city.  A long but incredibly informative presentation:

IQ Redux
Joe and I suspect there are people out there whose IQ is higher than the sum of both Joe’s and mine.
This doesn’t make us sad.  If anything it makes us glad.  With their towering intellectual horsepower there might be a chance that these gifted people can help schmoos like Joe and me understand the tough problems, become better men, and live a longer more healthy and prosperous life.
In our 67 brief tours around the sun, we have met, watched, worked alongside, socialized with, and competed with all sorts, many sizes, both genders (there are two: xx, xy), the gifted, the hopelessly inept, and the delusional.
We are here to tell all (thank you Ms. Thrasher) – there are IQ differences, they are obvious, and we believe the differences stratify our society and culture.  This isn’t rocket science.
But it does seem to be denied science.
The media reacts to IQ research in a juvenile ad hominem spewing rampaging rant, denigrating the author(s) of the research, the data of the research, and the conclusions of the research if the research does not toe the line of progressive propaganda – that there are no IQ differences between races, cultures, women and men; that all differences are environmental.
Why can’t we talk about IQ?
That is the question posed by Jason Richwine in this article published in Politico.  Quoting from the oped –
At stake here, incidentally, is not just knowledge for the sake of knowledge, but also how science informs public policy. The U.S. education system, for example, is suffused with mental testing, yet few in the political classes understand cognitive ability research. Angry and repeated condemnations of the science will not help.
What scholars of mental ability know, but have never successfully gotten the media to understand, is that a scientific consensus, based on an extensive and consistent literature, has long been reached on many of the questions that still seem controversial to journalists.
For example, virtually all psychologists believe there is a general mental ability factor (referred to colloquially as “intelligence”) that explains much of an individual’s performance on cognitive tests. IQ tests approximately measure this general factor. Psychologists recognize that a person’s IQ score, which is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors, usually remains stable upon reaching adolescence. And they know that IQ scores are correlated with educational attainment, income, and many other socioeconomic outcomes.”
It has been an observation of ours that all things considered, those with significantly higher IQ fare better in life.  The article is short, to the point, and worth reading.  Oft repeated and still valid, the words of Ron White:

Trump and Clinton Meet in a Bar
Donald leans over, and with a smile on his face, says;   
“The media is really tearing you apart for that Scandal.”   
Hillary: “You mean my lying about Benghazi?”
Trump: “No, the other one.”
Hillary: “You mean the massive voter fraud?”
Trump: “No, the other one.”
Hillary: “You mean the military not getting their votes counted?”
Trump: “No, the other one.”
Hillary: “Using my secret private server with classified material to Hide my Activities?”
Trump: “No, the other one.”
Hillary: “The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything Else?”
Trump: “No, the other one.”
Hillary: “Using the Clinton Foundation as a cover for tax evasion, Hiring Cronies, And taking bribes from foreign countries?”
Trump: “No, the other one.”
Needless to say, the entire list of Mrs. Bill’s misdemeanors, criminal actions, shady deals, treason, immorality, corruption, graft, and felonies is much longer.  You can read the rest here.

Temperamental Temperament
There is a yuuuge body of information on the Internet concerning Mrs. Clinton’s temper and her foul language.  Easily discredited if the source is suspect or the data is incomplete or the events are ancient.
When the sources are not suspect, the data is complete and admissible, and the events are current what say thee?
Joe and I say that Bill might have had good reason to stray….

On the Level?
The ZMan has some important information for all voters everywhere, specifically voters in America about to make a choice between certain ruination or the possibility of parole.
The ZMan suggests strongly (read: data supports his point of view) that the “professionals” have once again morphed what was known into a chimerical fantasy aimed at low IQ / immature / uninformed people too lazy to find the truth for themselves, or too stupid to know how.
His oped “Nothing Is On the Level” is quite chilling.  Quoting from the article –
This election has made clear that the mass media is anything but on the level. It’s not just biased, it is manufactured bullshit cooked up by schemers in league with members of the ruling class. The Michelle Fields hoax is a great example. Fields, according to her bio, has never actually worked as a reporter. She popped out of college a few years ago, wiggled her ass at the right guy and got cast as a “journalist” on-line and on TV. She’s too young to have opinions worth having so she may as well be an actress, hired to play a role………
……It is one thing when the news is slanted. People adjust to the bias. We are in a strange age in that the mass media is entirely made up. None of of it is on the level. It’s layers and layers of manufactured stories, crowding out real news, to the point where it is impossible to take any of it at face value. You can’t even be sure the people in the stories are real. The Clinton campaign is planting child actors in crowds, posing as adorable local kids, to ask questions. Our public life is now less authentic than professional wrestling.
Is this the result of the breakdown of pubic trust? Are we just seeing the logical result of a ruling class that no longer has any trust in the people whom it rules? Maybe this is just the natural end of a mass media age. No one knows, as this is the first time one has existed. Maybe in the fullness of time, we’ll know that mass media cultures always decay into a liar’s ball, where nothing is on the level, nothing is what appears to be and the only thing you can know is no one can be believed. Perhaps this is what Hell is like.”
There used to be a time when people shared common values in our culture.  Mind you, the twin banshees of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” were still theories not yet incorporated into everyday life.
Joe and I cling to the belief that everyday man can tell the difference between right and wrong.  The problem is getting the data, the truth, the facts in order to make a moral judgement.  What a cluster fuck….
Who needs horror stories when real life scares the bejeezus out of you?

Google Picks a Side
Ezra Levant shows media bias in seven easy words:

Last Word
Joe and I are stunned.
Michael Moore does not have our respect.  He is a millionaire lefty who talks out of both sides of his face (and still has more face left over).  Imagine our surprise at this:

























Joe and I include this video montage of Sam Harris in the RoP® category for the simple reason it is logical.  Although not entirely focused on the gay carefree antics of those Islam followers we all know and love, his points are valid.  That seems to be the key ingredient missing from most religious argument, especially those who insist their vision of Islam is the true vision, alone among a large boisterous and dangerous crowd of impostors.  A “mic drop” is defined as that moment when the point is made beyond rebuttal, akin to “spiking the football” after a touchdown:


How is it that Stefan Molyneaux blames the decline of University / College campuses on the low quality of students at these haloed halls?  Specifically, he insists there is a causal not correlational connection.  Don’t agree?  Take a look and a listen:



This week in Vernon has been a constant.
Constantly raining, or starting to rain, or just finished raining.
Cool but not cold (haven’t shut off the outside hose bibs yet, or put away the pressure washer).
Just maybe this is happening –

Joe (flu-struck) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez will get you through the weather days –






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