Sunday Rant – 4323


Joe’s Comment – The world continues down a path of madness.
It makes me wonder whom is playing whom.
Surely in the Year of Our Lord 2023 even the dimmest and dullest of peoples can fathom that warfare is a no-win zero sum enterprise.
Perhaps the quality of media informing We The People has too much influence.
If so, it also has too little fact or truth.
I noticed that there are less than 10 weeks left in 2023.
The horseshit hysteria called COVID won’t work this year, although the morons in the Canadian Government are attempting a “double down” on their previous pathetic performance.
WTF is so difficult in admitting you pooched it royally?
Take a gander at the interview below of Ivor Cummins conversing with Pierre Kory.  Dr. Kory’s belief is that seven million persons throughout the world have died due to the vaccine for COVID.  This is beyond atrocity.
It makes many of the governments and all of the Big Pharma players mass killers.
The majority of doctors are complicit, too.
As you can imagine, none of them, blackguards all, are interested in talking about what happened.
Silence is golden might be the mantra.
So this year the distraction is a criminal attack on innocent persons by absolutely soulless savages.
And the beat goes on:



There are a few terms to describe dissipating the aura of unknown  surrounding a vaguely identified but real and imminent danger – the expression “gorilla in the mist” is the popular utterance that represents the conundrum.  When perceived, what to do?
How the threat is managed requires clarity in defining the danger as a first step.
Equally important is categorizing the threat.
Is it a moral or ethical dilemma?  These are the twin “carbon rods” controlling the radioactive nature of human interactions.
Hamas has revealed the core of their ideology, and it is rotten.
The term Joe and I will use is “galvanize”.  The insane frenzy revealed in the Hamas attack on Israeli citizens, innocent people, has focused The World’s consciousness on the stinking rot of Hamas’ ideology.
In the following discussion between John Anderson and Victor Davis Hanson, the intensity and immediacy of this galvanization might precipitate a correction long overdue.
Up to this event, the ever increasing demand from the progressive left combined with the pressure exerted by ideological extremists has been felt by everyone everywhere.  With no relief, no sanity, no compromise in sight.
Mr. Hanson speaks of the probable correction just around the corner.
From Joe and my perspective, this is a hope filled and inspirational prediction from our favorite historian:

Conrad Black
Lord Black, Baron of Crossharbour, weighs in on Hamas, and the atrocities in Israel. Why a Severe Response by Israel to the Hamas Attacks Is Justified
A quote from the op-ed Joe and I found definitive –
“….. The second justification for a severe act of vengeance is the premeditated barbarism of the Hamas invasion of Israel and torture and massacre of Israelis, including without any distinction in the treatment of Israeli soldiers and civilians, children and babies, women, and the elderly. The conduct of Hamas is in no sense morally superior or significantly different to that of Nazi Germany, either in its persecution of the Jews and other perceived enemies or its treatment of Russian prisoners of war and civilians in the Russo-German war of 1941–1945. It appears also to have been even more barbarous, though again, obviously on a much smaller numerical scale, than the most heinous crimes of the Japanese in China between 1933 and 1945.
Hamas has thus aligned itself with the perpetrators of the greatest war crimes in the entire history of the world. It is possible to find comparable outrages in the medieval and the ancient world but those were unenlightened civilizations, and unlike Hamas, it could not be said of them, as Mr. Churchill said of the Nazis: “The long night of Nazi barbarism is made more sinister and more protracted by the lights of perverted science.” Whatever anyone may think of where the borders of Israel should be, and even a civilized person deluded with the untenable notion that there should not be a Jewish state of Israel, the utilization by Hamas of sophisticated weaponry and techniques to detain, torture, and murder is a crime of unmitigated evil.”
What a world!
Where evil tries to outdo evil.
Talk about “jumping the shark“…..


The season of melancholy descends upon the Joe and the me.
A variety of melancholy:



Dr. Ken Berry & Co.
The following video is, as Dr. Berry insists, part of a revolution.
Joe and I agree.
We were waiting at the government “Service Center” (what an oxymoronic phrase – right out of Orwell’s 1984, or the sign over the gate at Auschwitz – “Work Will Set You Free“).
There was a big sign on the Service Center door, commenting that “We realize your time is valuable to you”.
Then we waited for an hour and a half…..
While waiting, we struck up a conversation with the man we sat next to, Dave (a coincidence?).
He and his family are following a keto / carnivore diet – low or no carbs, lots of fat and protein.
The change is coming.
Dr. Berry is correct.
Lordy, Lordy, we can’t wait to see how the government will fuck this up:

Dr. Pierre Kory
Ivor Cummins interviews Dr. Pierre Kory, an early questioner of the COVID vaccine composition and claims of veracity.  The earliest mention of Dr. Kory in this rant was Sunday Rant – 5020 .  At that time, Dr. Kory was advocating the use of Ivermectin as a prophylactic.  From that 5020 rant –
Furthermore, the Senate testimony of Dr. Pierre Kory from St. Luke’s Aurora Medical Center, Milwaukee WI, details the efficacy of IVERMECTIN (aka Stromectol, Soolantra, Sklice) as a prophylactic in the treatment of COVID-19.
From the link – “Ivermectin is currently being investigated as a treatment for coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19. The trials so far have shown ivermectin reduces the number of cell-associated viral DNA by 99.8 % in 24 hours. Further studies are needed to determine the effectiveness of this medicine in humans with COVID-19.”
Dr. Kory and his team’s assertion is a person CANNOT CONTRACT COVID-19 if they use this already FDA approved drug.
He backs his assertion with clinical data in a paper he and his colleagues collaborated to produce.”
In this video, Dr. Kory gives his estimate of the number of COVID vaccination deaths, that is, people who died as a result of the vaccination.
His estimate is a sobering 7,000,000 souls.  That’s right, seven million…..
Dr. Pierre Kory is a hero.  Ivor Cummins is a treasure.  Joe and I heed, and heed well:


Joe’s Garage

Battery Danger
Our Finnish friends at the Hydraulic Press Channel demonstrate the potential hazard of disposing lithium batteries incorrectly.
Joe and I were surprised and a little shocked.
Shades of old duster movies when the nitroglycerin in the explosives started sweating…..
We suspect that the danger isn’t only when compressing the battery under immense pressure.  We’ve seen too many Ub2b shorts and videos of “spontaneous” ignition.  A word to the wise:



As promised, this week’s sermon is the sixth installment of Dr. Jordan Peterson’s exploration of the second book of the bible, Exodus.
The assembled talent in this seminar makes every episode a cornucopia of interesting discussion, observation, and revelation.
This week’s focus is the difference between pagan and sacred ritual.
Joe and I are learning as we watch and listen:


This week in Vernon BC the weather continued to deepen into Autumn reds, golds, and yellows.
The leaves are falling with every breeze, every gust of wind.
So far, no freezing.
Which suits us.
As usual, we have projects in all stages of completion all over the yard.
Tools lying here, there, and everywhere:

Autumn melancholy at its best.
The big challenge will be in 10 days, also known as November 1st.
Last year on that date, Joe’s mind was short circuited.
The weather went to 8 below Celsius, it snowed about the same in inches, and did not show mercy until March.
Cruel AND unusual.
Until then, Joe sleeps with one eye open, listening for that first snow flake to hit the ground, and for the furnace to commence its flagrant non-stop consumption of our heating budget for the winter.
For some magical psychological idiot human reason, Joe will sleep better AFTER the first freeze, the first snow, the hardening of the ground.
Until then, its Sgt. Rock time.  In the fox hole.  Ever vigilant.  Never resting.

Joe (sleepless) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez in color –


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