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Joe’s Comment – The above cartoon is the artwork of Nathan T., a very gifted young Albertan.  Nathan is not yet a teenager.  He has a brilliant eye and it seems his political acumen is first class (in my humble opinion).  For dummies like me Huitzilopochtli is the Aztec doG of warfare, military conquest, sacrifice, and of the sun.  I won’t describe the human sacrifice ritual to honor Huitzilopochtli in detail.  Gory is sufficient.
Very dark, Nathan.
I like it!


Oh! Canada….
Joe and I are doing some serious navel gazing today.
Some lint picking too.  Navels are better than a Swiffer for collecting detritus.
It is Tuesday.
The Canadian election delivered the second worst result; it is a tragedy for Canada.
By that we mean the great East vs West divide.  And the Liberal leader, Little Gay.
The result exacerbates four years of neglect and abuse of Alberta and Saskatchewan by Ottawa.
On a personal high note, Joe and I cast our ballot, beaked off differently than last time, went home and waited for the RCMP to take us downtown.
Book him, Daddy-O!
Much to our surprise and relief, no mug shot, finger printing, strip search, or good cop bad cop stare-down.  We skated!  We wuz dancin’ like Snoopy:

We feel the music, man!
On an ominous personal low note, what happened is the election result is what we predicted, with a small exception.  We thought Maxime had more advocates than he did.
From our perspective, he was the only conservative in the running.
Joe and I wanted to lay it all off on Mr. Bernier splitting the vote.
Can’t use that excuse.
Maxime, in all his Beta Male majestic hubris-ness, couldn’t win his own riding in KayBek.
Nor could his PPC win a single seat.
They lost their only seat, and it was Maxime’s.
The difference was 36 ridings.  We didn’t do the data crunching, but the spectre of the PPC voters “stealing” 36 ridings is a sell only Adam Schiff would attempt.
The election results at National Post.
From the National Post article, here is a graphic of the voting –
For a comparison, here are previous election results in graph form –
What does it all mean?
Joe and I are the last you should ask.
Some thoughts:
–  We two (and the other 35 in our head) are pro-America, pro first and second Amendment.  Neither of which is even remotely equivalent or similar in Canadian legislation.  Don’t believe us?  Read the first line of the “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” – The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.  This says every right you have is subject to government approval, can be granted or denied by government action or legislation.  The Canadian Constitution grants rights; the American Constitution limits government and recognizes “inalienable right”.  Not so Canuckistan.
Not. The. Same.
–  As Canadians, we exist at the pleasure of the Crown (on paper you literal fools); we do not “own” our country, it is a “constitutional monarchy”.
–  The East – West split in Canada is not a conundrum, but it might be the demise of the nation.
–  There is no way under the sun that a separatist party running in a rural community (do you hear us, rural KayBek?) should be on a federal election ballot.  Period.  You in the back, shut up and sit down.  Security, get that idiot out of the discussion.  We will brook no elephants in this room.
–  Ontario and Quebec are reminiscent of the “east and west coast” argument in the States.  If ON and QB vote along similar tracks, the rest of the provinces are only currying favor at the big table if they were fortunate enough to vote in a similar fashion.  There is no equivalent to “the electoral college” in Canada.  Great numbers of Canadians have no representation as a result.
–  Fruitcake and wackjob politics are encouraged in Canada.  Let’s go full India or UK or Clusterfuckistan and have 55+ parties in the mix!  There is a direct comparison to the current Democrat Party hysteria in the U.S. of A.
–  Corruption, graft, crony capitalism, treason, skullduggery, and the long list of evil that men (and women) do exists in Canadian politics as well as American.  That’s a wash until humans are no longer involved.
–  Joe and I are “theoretical” libertarians (notice the small “L”).  Our belief in personal unfettered autonomy requires certain minima to be necessary among the populace.  Missing in many (our eternal hope for humanity suggests missing in many but not most).  John Adams, a Founding Father of America, stated “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” 
So it is with Libertarianism; a certain type of citizen is required to make it a possible, real-life form of government.  Not in this universe.
Joe and I will not lose hope for a better quality of governance.  Example: we hope clearer heads will prevail.  How’s that for Mary Poppinism?
Here is what Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan, had to say –
From Stefan Molyneux, a few comments about the election:

For Joe and I we would welcome a Western separation from the East.
As the old adage chants “let them freeze in the dark”.
The buzz word: Wexit.
Also, fuck KayBek.  “Multiculturalism” is hogwash.


Prager U
Joe and I admit to being weak-minded.
We are swayed by argument.
Not easily.
Swayed none the less.
You can use the siren call of “LOGIC” to convince us more readily than an emotional arm-waving tear-streaked rant about feelings, or justice, or “what is right”.
Joe and I use the lens of technology to view the world.
We have other “lenses” in our toolbox (even our analogy is gear-headed), but we are slightly or greatly less comfortable using them.
Habit.  Comfort.  Results.  Success.  Whatever causes wrong “lens” to be used.
As any photographer knows (as any cogent person can deduce), viewing the entire world through a single lens is by its nature diminishing the possibilities of understanding (the entire world) by an order of magnitude.  It can be deadly: think of Chamberlain before World War II believing he had made a pact with Hitler, and “selling” this idea to the British people.  The “lens” Winston Churchill used to analyze Hitler was much different, and in retrospect, more appropriate.
The appeal of the idea that Darwin’s story, his discoveries and subsequent rigorous scientific scrutiny, produced “consensus” about evolution is very attractive.
For all of our adult life, we have been lectured that doubting “the theory of evolution” is paramount to confessing a particularly virulent heresy – think “Creationist” for example.
The foundation of scientific inquiry is healthy skepticism about “facts” and the burden of proof – or disproof as required.
Stephen Myer, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, describes two very serious challenges to the Theory of Evolution as it is now understood:


Joe and I think “Orange Man Bad” has taken off the kid gloves and will deliver his version of truth up to and including the election next November (2020).
Joe smirks.  That’s 20-20 foresight!
We just watched another diatribe from the Pres. explaining his philosophy, his strategy, and a smattering of tactical premonitions, all based on what he has discovered during his term as president.
Very revealing.  Joe and I say these are not the words of a “madman”, much to the chagrin of Sleepy Joe Biden.
The following video is from a cabinet meeting held October 21st, 2019.
This IS the “most transparent administration, ever:


Blue Collar Logic
Joe and I were aware of Dave Morrison’s claim to live in “the Hobo Dojo”.
We didn’t analyze too specifically what that meant – in younger years we lived in (and paid the mortgage of) our parent’s home in Calgary after they moved to Parksville BC.  We affectionately called it “418 Boogie”.
Dave Morrison lives in a motor home, aka “the Hobo Dojo”.
Joe and I are fans of Motorhomes, all classes.
Mr. Morrison lives in a Holiday Rambler, Aluma Lite series, Class A we deduce.
The Holiday Rambler marque has been in existence since 1953.  The company was responsible for many innovations over the years.  The “Aluma Lite” series began in 1961.  Although not the original company, Holiday Rambler still exists.
The story Mr. Morrison tells is of being an average working man living in California who can no longer afford to own a home or to rent a home/apartment/condo/townhouse (and whatever other options we failed to itemize).
Joe and I have read stories on the Internet of college graduates working in Silicon Valley who live in campers or motor homes because renting or owning is beyond their salary level even though they have well paying employment.
Here is Dave Morrison to tell his story:

Co-founder Jason Siler of Blue Collar Logic has an interesting perspective on Brexit lessons applied to Democrat / leftist philosophy.
Here’s Jason revealing the new Democrat slogan, America Last!:


Joe and I like anagrams.
Re-arranging the letters of a word or phrase to give another word or phrase is an amazing bonus with a phonetic type writing system which uses symbols for sounds vs pictograms for general ideas.  Conversely, we don’t know if this type of puzzle is possible in a pictogram language.
Here’s a set of anagrams that are opposing; i.e. the rearranged letters spell out a contrary or supportive meaning to the original –
The above table of anagrams makes Joe question who has the time to tinker with letters in a word or phrase to find another meaning?
The answer is ANAGRAMMER, the anagram generator; a computer program.
Just enter a name or phrase and voila! gibberish or cleverness.
Now, this is fact: my name “David John Drover” produces NO anagram via this program.  Nor does “David Drover” or “John Drover“.  Smilingly appropriate, all.
Joe Mekanic” produced 35 anagrams.  Our favorite is “Joke I one me“, followed by “Joke anemic“.  Smilingly appropriate, both.
Amazingly, “Winston Churchill” produces the maximum number of anagrams possible; 200.  The program stops at 200.  Most of which hint at definition but don’t make total sense.
Joe says who is the enigma now, Spanky?
The defense rests.
The prosecution drops all charges.
The jury is dismissed.
Joe and I take a walk…..


Joe’s Garage

Molly Schuyler
We are gobsmacked.
While surfing the Internet we came across a legend.
Our subject de jour was carnivore diet.  We saw an interesting link involving a contest to consume 72 ounce steaks a The Big Texan eatery in Amarillo, TX.
We watched a 2015 video of Molly demolishing THREE 72 ounce steaks, a big pile of salad, a bread roll, a bunch of shrimp, a potato……. in just over 5 minutes.
Then she ate another steak (free of charge).
Joe is fascinated.
We could never have dated her in high school.  Our $1.75 CDN wage at the bakery would have been a little short of adequate to take her out for fast food.
She doesn’t seem to have a throat, or need to chew – just get it crammed into her mouth then down the chute it goes.
Molly Schuyler has a YoubeTube channel with dozens of eating challenge videos.
Here’s a “world record” she set at IN-N-OUT burgers: 100 x 100 – 100 beef patties and 100 slices of cheese.
The yappy guy congratulates her for consuming all the patties and cheese, then the bun and garnish(!) in 1 hour and 11 minutes.
Joe and I couldn’t do that in two days weeks.
What a sight to see:




This week the sermon is an address by Andrew Klavan to the Acton Institute’s 29th Anniversary Dinner at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan in October, 2019.
Mr. Klavan delivers his ruminations about speaking truth into modern culture:


This week in Vernon was very wet.
Joe was singing “Rain rain go away”, hoping it would come again any other day but not today.  Or tomorrow.  Or ever.
Then came the wind.
Windy wind knocking down branches and stripping bare the deciduous trees that still had a cloak of leaves, green, yellow, red, brown.
Now it’s all on the ground.
Seeing naked trees for the first time of the autumn is still a shock at 70 years old.
Then some frosty early mornings to keep the clay damp.
Joe was resigned.  Early Winter on the way.
Then came Saturday; a new day of sunshine.
Sunday too.
But the drenched clay in the yard tells the story of the week.
Two out of seven is bad.
Joe wonders….. is this the beginning of Indian Summer?


Joe (drying out) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez soldiers on in any weather –

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