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The onset of winter is always distracting for me and Joe.  The leaves dropping.  The morning heavy heavy dew.  Seeing your breath.  Knowing, just knowing, the dreaded “hard water” season is just around the bend.  Sorta makes us feel like this…… without the sun and warmth of course… –
Despair and Madness

The inverse of this feeling is akin to the following sentiment – sort of cabin fever divided by zero –
Too Crowded

Quote o’ the Week
Joe and I chose different quotes this week.  Net result – two quotes of the week, leading to summary quotes of the week.  Real bang for your buck…..
I chose the above quote.  The reports out of Germany, Italy, Greece, England, et al. re: “refugees” are shocking.  I wonder, how many cheeks can a person turn the other of, before they are forced to take appropriate action?  The quote comes with an op-ed at a website named grouchyoldcripple.  He is, as advertised, grouchy.  Also vitriolic, biased, nasty….. and most entertaining to read.  The crux of the article is that Islam is NOT a religion but a political ideology masquerading as a religion.  To Joe and I, the distinction is moot.  Islam = bad juju….. period.
Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.” – Thomas Sowell
Joe felt the Thomas Sowell quote pertinent in view of the recent Canadian election results.  The smug Canuck enjoying a schadenfreude holiday of 7 years watching the United States crumble to a PC nervous disorder because a “community organizer” / con game took over the will and minds of decent Americans has been replaced with a deep burning shame to realize Canada is now lead by a elementary school drama teacher.  With nice hair.  Mob rule by uninformed voters.  Just the ticket!
Regarding quote 1 above, Joe has picked the following quotes to summarize –
HL Mencken Quote - Need Police

HL Mencken Quote - Religion

Regarding quote 2 above, we summarize thus –
HL Mencken Quote - Common Sense

Ayn Rand Quote - Communism vs Socialism


Donald Trump Article o’ the Week
We found this excellent “Trump State of the Union Address” that would be The Donald’s innaugeral speech to the nation should he win.  Classic Donald.  Again, from the grouchyoldcripple.  (Gotta love anyone who nicknamed Hillary Clinton “Thunder Rodent Thighs”.)

Funnies o’ the Week
A couple of laugh riots from Cyanide and Happiness –
Marry Anyone

Medication for Your Face

Social Comment o’ the Week
Straight Pride

Political Comment o’ the Week
Occupation of France –
Then and Now Occupation of France

Perversion o’ the Week
Tongue Tattoo

People Passing
Joe and I love Maureen O’Hara.
We watch TCM whenever she is featured.
RIP beautiful lass…..
Maureen O'Hara



Bacon Died for You

Second Time Today


Bernie and Hillarious

Blind People With Sun Glasses

An amazing photo of Central Park in New York City –
Central Park

Wash Chopsticks

Climate Research Never Ends

A repeat.  Well worth repeating –
Michael Brown

Delete eMails

Aria 51

Bernie Sanders Paradox

Dogs Not Allowed

Easiest Part of Life

Bill Clinton Secret Server

Fitness Club

Going Left

Health Care Wine

Hillarious Clitone From the Future

How Raisinettes Are Made

Inapropriate Gifts

Hillary vs Snowden

Sheep Have a Word

Intelligent Cursing

Obambi Dickhead

Second Cow Over the Moon

Stock Market



Gustav Le Bon Quote - Illusions

Gustav Le Bon Quote - Civilization

Gustav Le Bon Quote - Reason


Plato Quote - Strange Times




Cops Arrive In Time To Draw Outline

Jayne Austen Book and Gun Club

Sword Fighting


An oldie but goody from Christopher Hitchens.  The story of God’s Plan:

Let’s not stop there.  Let’s go a step further with Christopher Hitchens as he describes the fabrication of Jesus Christ:

The long version from Mr. Hitchens is an interview at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas the focus of which is his book “God Is Not Great”:

Unlike with a certain religion of infamy, no Christians were killed in the production and presentation of the ideas expressed in the above video events.  In fact, if you watch the FODI interview it is suffused with good humor, intelligent discussion, and challenging concepts.  What a novel approach……



Each day this week the ominous approach of colder days and nights intruded on our peace of mind.  Stop and drain the outdoor taps.  Check and fill antifreeze in all 15 trucks in the yard.  Winterize the boat we didn’t put in the water even once this year.  Avoid raking leaves and acorns – that time will come if the mother of all oak trees decides to drop her leaves.  Hunt in the house, shop, attached garage, and every single vehicle for favorite sweaters.  Actually wore a sweater on two days this week.  This will be my and Joe’s 67th Canadian winter.  Oh, the joys, the ecstasy, the snow of it all.
Sweater Weather

Joe (Woollies) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez warms up any day – from Investor’s Business Daily



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