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Joe’s Comment – Once again the unavoidable onslaught of seasonal change is upon the land.
The leaves, those not already on the ground, are a blaze of reds and oranges and browns.
I had a moment of nostalgia today while driving from Kelowna to Vernon.  The sun was making an appearance at about 8:00 a.m., the hills were no longer green and verdant, the air was car windows up chilly, and the clouds in the sky were lenticular and high cirrus.
I had a great yearning for northern Alberta’s vast landscapes.
Many years ago I made a trek or two with CR to visit Jimmy B. and his family in the Spirit River area of Alberta.
Those long rolling hills, the stubble fields, the copses of coniferous trees here and there, and the incredible clear blue sky were a majesty to behold.
Of course, the memory that followed of early snow and seriously bone-chilling winds, double digit negative temperatures, ruined the reminiscing.
But, for a while, Alberta was gentle on my mind:

It’s the time of my year for melancholy.  Long sight.  Solo thought.  Sequestration.  Unknowable yearning.  Disintegration.  Disorder.  Lust for knowledge.  Strange peace.
And a whole lotta numb:

How many days to Summer?


We grieve for the citizens of the nation of Israel.
Joe and I abhor violence.
The atrocities being committed against the people of Israel are obscene.  These profanities committed against humanity challenge sanity.  In the name of Allah?
That declassifies the qualification of Islam as a “religion”.  Like the Hippocratic Oath, the foundation argument of “religion”, if not love, makes any “holy” claim null and void.
John Robson has written an opinion titled “There Is Only One Fitting Response to the Terrorist Attacks on Israel”.  It won’t surprise any sane, cogent person to know when Mr. Robson says “Hamas delenda” (latin), it translates to “destroy Hamas”.  You can read Mr. Robson’s article here.
However, the article is behind a paywall at The Epoch Times.
Joe and I subscribed.  A step in tailoring our access to programming and publishing via the Internet that we prefer over more conventional cable, fibre, or satellite offerings.
A few quotes from Mr. Robson’s condemnation of Hamas –
The Jew-killers are loose again. No other description of the joint Hamas-Islamic Jihad attack on Israel is adequate to the situation. And no response that denies this truth can claim a shred of decency.
We are not dealing with a spiral of violence here. Instead, as with Cato the Elder’s repeated insistence that Baal-worshipping Carthage was an existential threat to our humaneness so “Carthago delenda” (Carthage must be destroyed), the death-worshipping Jew-haters of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Palestinian Authority are not misunderstood nor do they stumble into occasional excesses for understandable reasons. We are dealing with something much more primal.
Sometimes images break through the fog even in our cosseted society. Like jubilant jihadis mutilating the half-naked corpse of a young woman, whose symbolism sworn foes of misogyny in our societies surely find especially hard to ignore. In the West, including Israel, we kill when we must. But going back to ancient Greece, we do not desecrate except when we lose our minds.
Desecrate is the key word. Such conduct wilfully denies that we are all made in the image of God. Instead we give a dignified, if frosty, burial even to an executed mass killer because we regard their body as a sad, disquieting object, a reminder of how far they fell and a warning as to how far we might.
Not these people. They frankly deny the humanity of Jews, and their goal is not a “two-state solution” or even the peaceful expulsion of Jews from their ancient homeland. It is their extermination.
They don’t make any secret of it. Instead they deny there ever was a Temple of Solomon and peddle the “blood libel.” It’s demented, and anyone who stands in solidarity with it is demented.
Some bring up the tired old excuse that the lives of the Palestinians have been pretty miserable for a long time. Which is true. But not because of Israel, or the West. When Israel was founded, there was a mass expulsion of Jews from Arab/Muslim countries, and a mass flight of Arabs from Israel to clear the way for the deliberately genocidal Arab League attack that, to general surprise, failed to finish Hitler’s work. It’s not morally equivalent.
Nor is it morally equivalent that Israel took in the Jewish refugees, while the Palestinians’ Arab “brothers and sisters” left them to fester because it made for good propaganda and an endless supply of terrorists with nothing to live for and hearts filled with hate and rage. Even today, with a vast Arab world containing hundreds of millions of people and much empty space, not one regime is willing to let the Palestinians leave Gaza and the West Bank. And Israel has been trying hard to make peace with its neighbours since 1948, while they have been trying to wipe it off the map and kill all its inhabitants. Including the Palestinian leadership.
There is only one decent response to what is happening now in the Middle East and has been since 1948. It is “Hamas delenda.” And those who instead blame Israel have nowhere to hide.”
Without intention, Joe and I were exposed to some brutal videos and pictures showing the dead, the captured, the tortured.
We seethed with rage.
It is our belief that all humans are capable of horrendous behavior.
To deny that evil doesn’t live in the soul of every person is a lie.
It is people’s humanity and love of self and others that prohibits everyone from acting out from their darkest self.  Life is tough enough without constant chaos.
By all we hold sacred, Joe and I condemn these madmen to death.  And women, too.  They are acting so far beyond the pale we consider them savage beasts, beyond redemption.
We agree with John Robson.
To paraphrase William Shakespeare (Henry VI, Act IV, Scene II), “The first thing we do is, we kill all the lawyers terrorists”

Words of Wisdom
Andrew Klavan was born a Jew.
He is now a devout Christian.
In light of the dreadful atrocities being perpetrated in Israel by soulless savages, Mr. Klavan has some deep thoughts on the matter.
Joe and I found his words, concepts, and conclusions comforting.
There will be more bloodshed and misery before an uneasy truce is forced.
Joe and I swear that we would kill every last one of the Hamas butchers, without mercy.  And we would sleep like a babe.
If, in doing so, some potential greatness be extinguished, so be it.
If doG works in such mysterious ways as to befuddle worshiper and agnostic alike, we fail to see the point of the exercise.
We are known for our beauty, not our brains:



The Laptop from Hell
Jordan Peterson interviews Miranda Divine, author of the book “The Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide.”
What an interview!
There is no doubt that the Biden family benefited enormously from influence peddling and pandering with corrupt businesses and countries.
Ms. Divine’s pronouncements are supported with data and fact.
Yet the Biden crime family skates on, while the music plays…..
Joe and I would really appreciate even a modicum of pretense that we all live in countries whose legal systems are beyond question and peerlessly just.
It would be easier to pretend.
In this hour + interview the data, facts, and details are overwhelming in their shear number.  There must be some sort of begrudging admiration by the masses toward shysters who blatantly abuse their position, their “privilege”.  If not, the question then becomes why aren’t these treasonous blackguards behind bars?:

The Culture

Pat Condell
Joe and I took a look at our Sunday Rant history to see when we last embedded a Pat Condell video.  That was waaay back in Sunday Rant – 1821.
Mr. Condell was full of vitriol and fury back in the day.  We thought he was tired of the entire mess in the UK and decided to hang up his spurs, because he didn’t pop up on random searches or Ub2b algorithms .
Au contraire, mes enfants!
Mr. Condell was banned from Ub2b.
That elevates his star in our firmament.
He now posts mostly to Rumble, BitChute, and a variety of platforms Joe and I don’t frequent.
Here is a very pertinent commentary from Mr. Pat Condell about freedom of speech.  He titled it “The Law Cannot Be Trusted with Free Speech”.
Joe and I are in accord:


David Nihill
What a refreshing comedian / humorist!
An Irishman who uses a stereotype to make fun of culture, of life.
Joe and I grinned all the way through his performance.
This is the type of humor the world needs more of – Cultural Appreciation:

Sam Bailey
Dr. Bailey makes observations about the power of the State.
Chilling indications that the tyranical authoritarian state envisioned by George Orwell in his classic work “1984” has come to fruition, and is poorly disguised as democracy in the West.
Joe and I think highly of Samantha Bailey.  her work is well researched.
Her explanation of “we are here” and what it means is chilling.
The government is the only body sanctioned to use force.
Think about that while watching this video titled “The Mortal God Drops Its Mask”:


Hydroxychloroquine does save lives after all, new study finds

Diet and Eye / Tooth Health
A great video that talks about the unique health issues humans have that are not common in the animal world.
These two crazy people, Dr. Kevin Stock and Dr. Lisa Wiedeman, have gone off the reservation.  They think that the status of your teeth and eyes has a lot to tell about your general health.
You won’t believe what these lunatics think might be the culprit that precipitates terrible tooth health or degenerating vision.  We know it is hard to comprehend, but carbohydrates are not good for a person.
Don’t believe Joe and I.
Watch the video for the low down on the nutrition hoedown:

Joe’s Garage

Heritage Boats – Adriana
Joe and I love these old boats.
This one had a long commercial life, and has been operated by it’s current owners since 1984.
Hans and Hetty van Nispen from Amsterdam own the Adriana, which was built in 1911. Since 1963, it has been powered by a 120 hp Industrie 3VD6, 1950 vintage.  Three cylinders, a 75 rpm idle, and almost 300 rpm full throttle.
It sounds magnificent…..
Hollanders are very engaged in preserving and enjoying their classic ships and their sailing heritage.
The starting procedure is elaborate, with 48 pre-start lubrication points to address.
Joe says these power plants are from the age of having a crew person to tend the engine full time.  What a blast!:



As promised, the fifth episode of Jordan Peterson & Co.’s analysis of the bible Book of Exodus.
Titled “The Manifestation of Pharaoh”, this continues the story of Moses leading the Jews out of the Holy Land to Egypt.
Joe and I learn plenty about the human condition (and The Bible) from this group of scholars, theologians, and pundits.
The Bible is a complex story of humanity and its relation to God, played out by “God’s People”, the Israelis.  Interesting listening for anyone with a glimmering of interest in religion:


This week in Vernon BC the decay of Autumn continued at an even pace.
No freezing yet, but every day the furnace in the house is rattling to life in the early morning.
Most days have been cloudy with sporadic rain.
Today, Sunday, is sunny and warm.
Joe wishes it was sunny and hot, but Joe is a one trick pony when it comes to weather.
For me it has been acceptable.
If last year’s fall was typical (which it was not), we have at least two weeks more before snow and freezing become a daily problem.
We are anticipating the cold with minuscule enthusiasm.
Where oh where has Global Warming gone,
Oh where oh where can it be?
We don’t like thick socks
And we don’t love the cold
Oh where oh where can it be…..?


Joe (resigned) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez.  That explains it all –

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