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Joe’s Comment – Monday is election day in Canada.  Please vote.
Six years of Sunday Rants exposes my politics without prejudice or shame.
You may or may not agree with our perspective and analysis and conclusions.
It is of no matter.
Get out and vote.
The average schmuck (that’s me and Dave and the other 35 in our head) doesn’t have a platform.  Our broadcast system is word of mouth; speaking to family, friends, and strangers in public places or joining in the fray on the Internet or any of the myriad social media platforms.
As close as Canada gets to “free speech” go for it and let everyone know.
It is your country.
If you can keep it.


When Did Sports Die?
Joe asked me the question above.
I said sports didn’t die, but the “money people” have made it difficult for everyone.  Difficult even if you have your priorities straight.
So much money that ideology takes the hindmost.
Or stated differently, playing a sport for the joy of honing skills, the thrill of competition, the risk of loss, the development of character, and the ecstasy of victory has, in today’s world, the taint of profit/loss, the smudge of expenditure vs return discoloring the experience.  Childhood not lost but stolen, or worse: sold.
Perhaps we remember our own sporting youth through rose colored glasses.  The community had volunteers who coached, who contributed labor and facilities as required, and the costs were offset by community efforts for the most part.  The community realized at a foundational level that sports for children, teens, young people, and adults, too, were a net benefit to our culture.
Sports, outside of the actual activity, are many things to many people.  One such interpretation is sports are a metaphor for life.
Joe and I played a lot of sports when we were a child, a teen, a young man, and even as a middle-aged adult.
Many of the greatest life-lessons we have learned were painstakingly taught and learned on the field, or the court, or the rink, or the surrounding environment; before, after, and during a game.
Joe wonders if that is so today…..
We don’t watch basketball.
We didn’t know that the NBA is a big deal in China.
Just how big a deal is it?
Big enough for those profiting from the arrangement to pull a Pontius Pilate.
doG bless Larry Elder.
The man does terrific research and makes it available “for all to see” (thanks Ms. E. Thrasher!).
Here’s Mr. Elder shining a little light on the NBA lust for lucre:


Cholesterol (isn’t) a Boogyman
Joe and I have had a history of high cholesterol measured in our annual medical exams, going back to our commercial pilot license medicals (MOT) of the early ’70s.
We have discussed our conflicts with Louis B., our most excellent GP, regarding this topic, previously in this forum.
To Joe and me, taking a “snapshot” sample once a year (usually late in the afternoon) cannot tell the on-going story of real-time cholesterol levels OR the health implication of this measurement.
To hammer home the point, we took Louis’ advice on two occasions: first we bought a prescription worth of Lipitor.  We had terrible nightmares after two days and threw the pills away.  Louis then prescribed Rosuvastatin.  The result was similar.  We said no! to further guinea pigging of us.
Hence our over one year long quest to find useful unbiased non-government mandated official speech from real researchers with real data and no corporate cash bias.  A daunting task to be sure.
Here is what David Diamond has to say on the subject.  He was motivated to do the research because he was hearing from his doctor like we were, that there was and is a problem, and that problem was his, too.
This video was posted in 2017 of Dr. Diamond presenting an IHMC Evening Lecture about the obstinate government/medical community position on saturated fat, cholesterol, and heart disease despite over 100 years of evidence supporting contrary recommendations:


Organ Remorse
Joe and I went through an excruciating abdominal pain experience that culminated in the first surgery we have had (and hopefully the last!): an appendectomy.  You can read all about it in Sunday Rant – 1313.
There are some truthful things we can and can’t say about the experience.
Truthfully, we don’t know if we had appendicitis or not, but after the surgery and healing, the pain is gone.  Six years on and so far, so good.
Truthfully, despite my and Joe’s opinion of government sponsored “single payer” health care, its inefficiencies and heartbreaking tragedies, we received first class treatment.  In our opinion, that is (somewhat self-serving opinion because we have no idea about surgery or treatment or medicine specifically, and very little idea in general).  Why this opinion?  Because our experience culminated in no pain and still alive.  Can’t ask for more, da?  The Canadian health care system didn’t kill us.
Is it efficient and cost effective and all inclusive and non-discriminatory?  Opinions vary.  A subject for some other time.
This query is about that mysterious little noodley dead-end thingamabob hanging around the entrance to a person’s large intestine.
Truthfully, we didn’t know anything about an appendix or what it does or even where it is (except for a general sharp pain in my abdomen at the time).  Until today, we still didn’t know.
Then, out of the blue, Joe and I want our appendix back.
It DOES have a job!
We saw the following video and found out the subtle and somewhat mysterious voodoo function of this ancient much evolved organ:


Joe and I have character; you could ask anyone.
We are also “a character”; ask the same or other anyones.
Whether we have GOOD character is a Question with a capital letter.
Joe and I have been watching American politics on television and the Internet since just before retiring in 2002.
Before that time, we were too busy (Joe says too ignorant) to pay attention to the “ruling class”.  In a weird and WRONG interpretation of biblical passages Luke 20.25, Matthew 22.21, and Mark 12.17 our younger self capitulated to the machinations of the “elite”.  You know the quote.  Anyone raised in the West knows the quote.  It goes like this:  “Jesus said to them, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” And they marveled at him.
Our ignorant young gear-headed mind conflated government jurisdiction with doG’s jurisdiction, a sort of mini-kingdom, a metaphor, a “sincerest form of flattery”, and as such not to be trifled with by mere mortals (i.e., we).  Not our fief.  Not our fiefdom.
We did not have the nuance-ing skill to realize that because humans are NOT gods the objective is they must strive toward that behaviour.  That is the archetypal maximum.
Joe and I have always been an intellectual “bull in a china shop” of ideas and theories and realities.
Curious, but not infinitely.
Practical, but not immeasurably.
Sensitive, but not boundlessly.
We strive to improve, to be better.
Why the pre-amble?
When we watched the video below, a segment from the meeting between the POTUS and the Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, the anger and righteousness of President Trump rings true to Joe and I.
Despite all his real and perceived flaws, the man is true to his declared cause.
His statements about the U.S. of A. being ripped off, his condemnation of the “fake news” and corrupt news, his mere stating that politicians like Joe Biden who have made themselves and their families wealthy beyond dreams while under-serving in their elected and appointed rôle; that is powerful stuff.
The main stream media, the left/progressive side of the Internet, the hysterical, demented, two-faced Democrat caucus, can only scream “IMPEACH!!” at the top of their lungs.  They have no cogent platform, no “MAGA” objective.
Meanwhile, in the last five days, Trump makes a new trade deal with China which changes the entire world.  Where the F is the honest main stream media report?
Meanwhile, the stock market, the wealth of the people, and the economy set new records.  Where is the honest msm report?
Meanwhile, he recalls the military from Syria and by such a tactic, reveals his strategy.  That strategy is logical, doable, realistic, and damn world class poker, AND saves American lives by removing them from harms way.  Where is the honest msm report?  They are crying like Chicken Little.
Meanwhile, the transparency of this administration is there for all to see (thank you Ms. E. Thrasher) on YoubeTube, on the White House web page, on each and every television and radio outlet, all over the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, and the myriad of applications and social media that there be.  And then there are the “pressers” while boarding or deplaning Marine 1 or Air Force 1.  Where is the honest msm report?
Meanwhile, the man and his team, his administration, have produced results and made true a huge number of his campaign promises; he would and does say “like never before”.  Like no President before him, ever.  Where is the honest msm report?
Meanwhile, the President and all of his family do not draw a salary from the American People, or if they do, it is given to approved charity.  Where or where the fuck is the honest msm report?
Meanwhile, back at the Democrat war-room and every lefty media headquarters, IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH!!!
Joe Biden and his son ARE stone-cold crooked.  All of those sons-a-bitches got or are getting rich not from their own ability, their skill, their intelligence and wisdom, but because they represent the American government and are corrupt or corruptible.
Do NOT forget: Donald Trump was über wealthy BEFORE he became President.  Every day in office he is losing staggering amounts of $$$.  This honey badger President don’t care; he don’t give a shit.
Joe and I have contempt for the Democrats, who have abandoned all charade-like attempts to disguise their blatant lust for power, damn the torpedoes, we’ll destroy the country attempts to wrest the levers of government from Donald J. Trump’s control.
Joe and I say this: wouldn’t the Democrats be more believable as a national party, as the opposition in a two-party system, if they worked WITH this president and his administration to better their country?  You know, shine a little love (ELO).
And in doing so, might shine a positive light on their political position?
We suspect they are neck deep in “palace intrigue”; treason, graft, crony capitalism, voter fraud, and the Joe Biden style of “personal wealth creation”.
They are running scared.
The question Joe and I ask ourselves is would we have the same strength of character to face our enemies as exhibited by Donald Trump, or would we meet behind closed doors with evil and by receiving the filthy lucre, destroy our soul?
We don’t think us worthy.
This man is singing our song, for us and millions more “Joe and I’s”:

Update: we wrote the above on Wednesday.  On Thursday, a “cease fire” was brokered by the U.S. (Pence and Pompeo) with Syria and Turkey.  Donald Trump’s letter to Erodigan (Turkey) was priceless.  Or outrageous.  Whatever.  Very effective.
Here’s Dave Morrison (Blue Collar Logic) with his comments:

Additional Update:  By Sunday Turkey had broken the cease-fire.  Much wacky-doodle from the talking heads.  Some for.  Some against.  Time will tell.
Joe says that if it was a simple problem there would be a solution.
The application of Occam’s Razor analysis to the problem isn’t possible: this is a complex centuries old tribal / cultural / theocratic cluster-fuck of monumental proportions.  In this case, the “simplest answer” is NOT the answer ’cause there isn’t one outside of turning the entire area into glass.
The good folks at Strategy Page have an extensive analysis of the current situation titled “Syria: Turkey Advances Into the Unwelcome“.
Joe and I think that POTUS Trump has made the correct move.
Bad ass folks (often self professed) often say of situations they don’t understand “kill them all and let doG sort it out”.
We don’t agree.
But we do think that removing the “carbon rods” (foreign support) from the nuclear reactor called the Middle East to allow the core to consume itself may apply the calculus of limits to the situation.
It will be bad juju for many people.


Joe’s Garage

Ford vs Ferrari
Joe and I are FoMoCo fans.
We have 30+ Ford vehicles in our yard.
We remember reading about the 1-2-3 win over Ferrari at LeMans in 1966.
The story about Henry Ford trying to buy ½ interest in Ferrari during the “Ford Performance” years, failing to do so, then setting out to beat Ferrari at LeMans is an exciting story of money, technology, and interesting people.
A new movie called “Ford vs Ferrari” starring Matt Damon will be released this fall.  The following video features Jay Leno and Matt Damon discussing the history, the up-coming movie, and the people (real and play-acting) involved:

Carbon Nanotubes
A black so black that you can’t make out a three dimensional object’s dimensions when painted with this nanotube paint:

Filming the Speed of Light
Lordy lordy!
A camera that can capture 10 trillion frames per second?
Joe is speechless.
You can watch a packet (photon? or group of photons?) of light pass by.
Gotta love technology:







Our Sunday Rant is pleased to feature Dr. Victor Davis Hanson as the guest speaker this week.
His unique perspective as a 5th generation farmer in California, a tenured historian, a political pundit, and a conservative thinker makes his thoughts about nationalism and the future of The West well worth the time to listen:



All week.
Torrential, steady, drippy, spitty, sneaky in the night.
Joe cracked first.
He said take me to the liquor store.
He said I’ll have some of that, and some of that there too.
I didn’t try to argue.
Couldn’t resist.
Rain day on end is worse than hard water day on end.
The yard is clay.  Very wet clay.
Come on over and get some Grand Prairie style clay moccasins.
Gain twenty pounds on each foot walking across the yard.

Joe (wet cat) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is waterproof –

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