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John Locke Quote - Life, Liberty, Property
Before You Vote
Canadians vote tomorrow, 19 October.
Please vote, notwithstanding the words of H.L. Menckin (“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”)
He may be right.
The best a person can do is try to ensure Menckin isn’t referring to YOU.
We all saw and see the results of “voting” in the middle east.  Hell, look what happened in the good old United States of America!  Not once, but twice an un-vetted unknown captured the presidency with tragic results.  That and this is what happens when an uninformed low information electorate enthusiastically (maliciously?) and emotionally votes their heart.  Details about low information voters here.
John Locke Quote - Error and Truth
Please be a well informed voter.  Study the history.  Study the facts.  Question ALL advertisements whether video, audio, print, or dog-and-pony shows in your community.
Try to be calm when discussing Canadian politics with friends and family.  Ask for references, facts, details to support wild-ass claims.
Provide references, facts, details to counter wild-ass claims.
Avoid ad hominum attacks on participants – something Joe and I need to practice thoroughly.
Question until you get answers you can validate.
Look at the rest of the world.  How are other countries dealing with the challenges of today?
John Locke Quote - Purpose of Government
“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” —Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816. ME 14:384
Think of the wild ride the world took in the last 8 years.  Think of how it effected and affected you….. and yours.
If you think Canada came out worse than ANY other country, think again.  Your research is failing you.
A common thread I read, hear, and see is that it is time to have “change”.
Change for the sake of change?
A few pertinent quotes –
“All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.” – Ellen Glasgow
“Our fathers valued change for the sake of its results; we value it in the act.” – Alice Maynall
“Some men change their party for the sake of their principles; others their principles for the sake of their party.” – Winston Churchill
Assume Nothing
Joe and I are not Conservative or Liberal, we are Canadian.  We certainly are not NDP advocates – they are myopic and disconnected.  We think the Green party and the frog entity are terrorist organizations.  Independents don’t make a blip on the radar.
Yet all of these entities appeal to someone, somehow, somewhere, da?  We must assume these people are Canadians, although we wonder….
I and Joe are of the libertarian leaning.  Smaller government.  Less regulation.  Fewer taxes.  Personal freedom.  Minimal government interference, intervention, circumspection.  Law written for the smallest minority – the individual.
This election cycle we will vote conservative.
For the simple reason that the alternatives are worse.
For the complex reason that the tough times are not over.
For the logical reason that voting your appetite(s) degenerates our society to mob rule.
John Lock Quote - Government Power
Joe and I realize that we cannot convince anyone with OUR emotional argument to change their mind about THEIR emotional arguments.  Although it is fun (and loud) to try.
Instead, before you vote, why not watch the following 5 episode series, Love Gov.  It is about government.  It is very humorous.  it is very entertaining.  It is very sinister, irritating, and frightening.  It is more than a possible reality:

Political Comment o’ the Week
Bill Whittle comments on the latest school mass murder by identifying the REAL culprit: steel.

Joe and I resonate with Mr. Whittle’s position.  Watch it to see if you do, too.

Runner Up Political Comment o’ the Week
Several winners for this honor.  The subject is the young Islamic boy who “built” a clock.
The crew at PJ TV dismantle Ahmed Mohamed the clock builder’s story.  Joe and I think this kid is a “political football”, NOT a genius.  With the public exposure he may get a free ride to M.I.T.  Who will be sacrificed when he can’t cut the mustard of actually learning engineering?  The beat goes on……

Gavin McInness does a broad spectrum expose of the incident, broadening the father’s history.  Very entertaining.  NSFW:

Last but definitely not least, Ezra Levant dunks it:

Joe’s Garage

This week has been a turmoil of juxtaposing vehicles for Joe.  In the spirit of relinquishing, removing, and divesting, Joe curbed his vehicular appetite to 4.  That is an amazing number, four is.  Reflecting on the comment by Bobby G., Joe decided to see it to the end for the ’62 T-bird he has owned for a couple of years.  The T-bird came with no paper.  In B.C., no paper is an acronym for scrap.  Working on Joe’s request, I did some sleuthing to find the previous owner of the car.   Lord almighty, I was able to track him down through family members to the booming metropolis of Kitimat, B.C.  Although a bit gruff at first contact, Ken B. warmed to the story of his (and his father’s) car being brought back from the scrap heap.  We are almost to the end of the paper trail for registering the new addition in my name.  We have dubbed her “Carmella”, which will be apparent when you see her beautiful visage –

Joe also acquired a ’93 F250, an ’06 F350 Crew Cab, and a Honda XL 600R dual purpose motorcycle.  Joe had a fantastic week!


Ramirez - Cuba
Ramirez is an exception.  One picture from his talented pen is worth 10,000 words, minimum.  Joe and I heartily concur.  We will never travel to Cuba with the existing regime in place.

Trump Presidency

Dems Moonbat Line-Up


A graphic with comment forwarded by Bob G.  I’d pay $$$ to view this event –
Robby Knievel Jump

A Mile In His Shoes

Background Check

Bi-Polar Awesomeness

Tractor Motorcycle

Obambi Generational Theft

Black Lives Matter

Vote Cocktail Party

Bored Thoughts

The following quote from the Munificent Mulatto reveals a narcissistic unwarranted egotism unbounded.
Thank God for the Founders –

Obambi Constrained

Flag Coloring

Henny Youngman - I Told the Doctor

Obambi and Planned Parenthood

Outer Limit Comment

Pumpkin Carving

Obambi Fundraiser

Whoa Horsey



John Locke Quote - Natural Law



Gun Safety Rule

Gun Control and Drunk Driving

Legal Carry States


An understanding of Islam is different than an understanding of Muslims.  The following interview by Robert Vaughan of Dr. Bill Warner explains the difference and much more.  This information will clear your sinus.  Don’t take any crap about the Crusades or moral equivalence or tolerance in relation to Islam.  If you do, watch this video until you get it right.  This interview is a few years past:

Note in the video Dr. Warner states the website had documented 19000+ deadly terror attacks since 9/11 at the time of the discussion (these numbers do NOT include non-fatal outcomes).  The number as of this date is 27,098.  Click on the link; see for yourself.  The picture of the week is from the recent suicide bombing in Turkey.  The question asked is to the core of the matter –
Ankara Oct 10, 2015
Quote – “Two Holy Warriors with suicide belts took out 97 demonstrators at a peace rally in Turkey last week.  How many people were killed in the name of your religion?”

As Dr. Warner states, it will only be the “religion of peace” when all the other religions are eliminated.  Islam does not mean peace, it means submission.

Wafa al Bass Unsuccessful Suicide Bomber
If you want to read the story of this pathetic remorseless unremitting individual go here.  Joe and I hold no hope for her or people like her.

Radical Muslim



A ray of sunshine from Hans Rosling.  Mr. Rosling is a born data wienie – he loves mountains of data.  He loves to digest, ruminate, and process data.  He loves to present it.  He loves to animate it.  He loves to draw conclusions.  He is a happy world dude.  I want to believe his data.  Joe says the only thing he left out is human nature.  The bad people aren’t mentioned.  He behaves like a born again Christian……:

Joe and I love Hans Rosling’s enthusiasm, optimism, earnest will to do well.  And his ability to construct fabulous data presentations.  However, we take marks off when he transgresses into an area he knows very little about.  As a data wienie, his focus is in manipulating data into forceful presentation material in order to hammer his point home.  In your cranium.  Joe and I do NOT ENDORSE his views on CO2, although his analysis of data may be correct for fossil fuel consumption.  The sources of CO2 in the atmosphere are legend – burning fossil fuels is only a small part.  In addition, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is at historically low values; much lower and plant life is threatened.  Joe and I have expounded rhapsodically about this fact and this issue for years.  One example is SUNDAY RANT – 0115, although there are many other rants with the subject – use the “SEARCH” box at the top of the web page to find them.
The most important of Mr. Rosling’s points is summarized in the lyrics of my (and Joe’s) youth:

As sure as we are of the sun rising tomorrow, we believe it is impossible to not impart your prejudices and beliefs to your children’s fertile minds.  Be careful.  Present facts.  Leave time for thinking.  Discuss EVERYTHING.  I’m always surprised at two main points: 1. How much I don’t know, and 2. What others can teach you (if you know how to “listen”).
The children are the source of future solutions and the source of future problems – what outcome is good for you?
Sunday Sermon over and out……



The sub zero temperatures have not arrived.  Nor has snow.  Today it rained in the afternoon.  All in all, for the time of year, a fine week.
The mother of all oak trees in the back yard has had one mighty fecund season.  Here she stands –

Her profligate reproductive output is very memorable – perhaps the highest in the 10 years I’ve lived at this address.  Walking in the back yard is akin to walking on bubble wrap.  You can’t take a step without walking on her potential babies.  They are everywhere, and she’s not finished.  Oak droppings! –
Nature sure makes a mess.  Joe says Nature made the mess, Nature can clean up the mess.  Nous sommes au naturale.
I hope the neighbors will understand……

Joe (Holding) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is always fecund, from Investor’s Business Daily



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