Sunday Rant – 4122


Joe’s Comment – once again, for the second week, I’ve got little to say about the events of the world.  There are several reasons that drive my disinterest.  Autumn advances, and the fall rains / early snows haven’t begun yet.  I have too many projects on the go to get them completed before the nasty weather sets in and ruins my party.  Although I have a 24 x 30 shop, an attached garage, and a 20 x 30 tent, I do most of my projects outdoors.  Consequently, all the projects on the go are exposed to the vagaries of weather.
Also, I’ve been very busy with family events de jour.
This rant has little info outside my weekly collection of memes and cartoons and pictures that caught my fancy.
4122 is short and sweet.
There is, of course, sarcasm here and there.
It is a way of life…..



Quick Dick McDick
A new QDMcD video this week.
Saskatchewan’s ambassador to the world presents the Saskatchewan ATV regulations that are required by law.  Or not:


Californians Move to Texas | Episode2: The Cookout
The Babylon Bee is a fount of humor.
As funny as episode 1:


Joe’s Garage

An interesting analysis of an old myth.
Mike Kojima (Editor in Chief) gives a detailed explanation that reduces to the following – back pressure not good, gas velocity very good.
Worth the time to watch:

Another on the advantages and disadvantages of short or long tube headers.
Both products are designed to improve efficiency, ergo improve mileage/performance/economy.



The career of “Journalist” has been savaged in recent years due to frequent examples of blatant politically motivated “reporting” by so-called journalists of some repute.
In this discussion / interview, Dr. Jordan Peterson talks with Stella Assange, the wife of Julian Assange.  Mr. Assange made himself a target of the United States government by acting as a “whistle blower”, making public many sensitive government documents.
A brief history of his accomplishments and actions here.
This is an informative conversation that has frightened Joe and I to no end.
For mud peckers like us, the net power of a “country” is a force of potential harm well beyond our comprehension.
We don’t think it is a lack of IQ on our part.
We do think it might be a disbelief that people and groups of people can wield such power over mere individuals, with impunity:


This week in Vernon BC was an extension of a delayed fade into Autumn.
By golly, we’re part way into an Indian Summer, racist or not!
The days have been cloudless for the most part all week.
Heavy dew in the early morning, and sunrise pushing 7 a.m. make the day start cool.
By noon the temperature is tee shirt weather.
Our vitamin D levels are optimum.
Our dress code is tees, jeans, worn out sneaks.
Joe’s outdoor mechanic-ing efforts in the front yard, the back yard, and outside the shop are in full swing.
There are projects started, finished, and anticipated everywhere.
It will be a very sad day when the weather turns and catches him with tools, parts, machinery, and materials scattered every which way, vulnerable to rain, wind and (doG forbid) snow.
On that day Joe will shout in anger and curse like a drunken cursor curser (we coined a new word!), rushing in all directions to cover and conserve.
Until then, party like there is no tomorrow all over the place except the shop and garage.
Too many years of working without a shop, outside in the elements, cursing at the skies when it’s nasty, and laughing hysterically when sweat blurs our vision, and the wrenches are too hot to pick up with bare hands.
Them are the days……
A bonus – another week with outside water and a sleeping furnace!

Joe (re-tanning) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez strong in all weathers –

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