Sunday Rant – 4120


Joe’s Comment – Once more Calvin tells the entire story in four frames.
There is an old English adage: necessity is the mother of invention.
I think Calvin takes it a step farther.
Perhaps it is “Joy is the precipitate of adaptation”.
Or maybe “Innovation leads to success”.
On second thought, “youth seeks happiness” might be closer.
I am a soul who wakes each morning happy as can be.
Surely that is the spirit of youth, the spirit of Calvin (not Calvinism).


The Great Mask Hoax
Thanks to Dan J. for forwarding the link to the following exposé of how insane our system has become.
In one of the “freest” countries in the world, there is sober contemplation to require federal mask mandates – an idea spawned by the Democrat lunatics.
Joe and I lose our cool when interfacing with masked individuals.
We tell them we are not sick, and we intend to stay healthy by NOT wearing a mask.
Furthermore, we say if we were sick (and we are not) we would STAY HOME.
Friends, acquaintances, and even family say oh, well, what is the harm?
There is health (physical and mental) harm.
There is behavioral harm.
There is insidious political harm.
Watch this video and see if you don’t agree:

A few more comments we heartily endorse –


Canada COVID-19
Joe and I think the data speaks for itself.
Here is the data speaking –


Kenosha Redux
Joe and I think that if Kyle Rittenhouse wanted to be safe, wanted to manage risk, wanted to sit on the fence, he would not have journeyed to Kenosha.
He is on record stating that he was attending for two reasons: to defend businesses from rioters, looters, or arsonists, and to provide medical assistance to ANYONE who might need help.
The story of the three unstable men who attacked him is known.
Joe and I admire young Mr. Rittenhouse.
We are honestly introspective when we say we would have stayed home.
Joe and I do not like jail, gaol, prison, incarceration, the lock-up, the crow bar hotel, the brig, the slammer….. you get the drift.
We have a spastic reaction to so-called Authority (notice the upper case).
As Joe often proclaims, we are not a fighter, we are a lover.
We watch enough Jordan Peterson to know that we are also a monster; but we are a monster under control.
Best not to loose the monster until absolutely necessary:




Joe and the Dragon
Not Joe Mekanic – we mean Joe Biden, aka Lunch Bucket Joe.
Mr. Biden, Mr. Ex Vice Pres., has a shady past, and family shenanigans with the CCP (aka Chinese Communist Party) are there for all to see (thank you Ms. E. Thrasher).
Think it’s OK?
Think nothing is out of the ordinary?
After all, aren’t all politicians crooked?
Well, you might want to review your thinking.
Pollyanna is known for her positive outlook, her optimism, and her ability to see good in everything (by extension, in everyone also).
Joe says if you think you are being “Pollyannish” wishing for a Lunch Bucket Joe election victory, you are not – you are being stupid.
Mr. Biden is the outcome of 4 frantic years of Democrat leadership searching for an electable candidate for the 2020 election.
Let that sink into yer noggin.
Then, watch this well crafted, chronological and factual history of a man who has been milking the American political system for 47 years – all for personal and family gain.
This makes the Mafia look like amateurs:


Joe’s Garage

GT 40
Let’s face it.
Joe and I would rather be driving these awesome cars than watching a video.
Or (for Joe), seeing them in real life to admire the mechanical genius of it all.
In this case it is a GT40 lapping Le Mans in 4 minutes 30 seconds (2018 Le Mans Classic).
The Le Mans circuit is 8.467 miles long.
With that time, his average for the circuit was 112.9 miles per hour.
We snickered at the sun glasses flopping around as the g forces changed.
Joe noticed the very tall gearing in 4 th, to reach maximum speed down the Mulsanne Straight (before 1990 it was 3.7 miles long – too dangerous).
Joe also noticed the rear of the car getting very loose in 3rd and 4th while exiting corners!!!
As commenter Alastaire SD stated, “Race cars , were real race cars before tons of downforce became the norm. Nice low C of G and roll centres make I imagine a nice car to drive at 9/10 for a few laps , any more than that and I’d need a good lie down and a massage.”
For Joe and me, it would be a huge grin, a stiff drink, a good lie down, and a week off for good behavior:




This week the pulpit hosts Victor Davis Hanson and Niall Ferguson of the Hoover Institution discussing “The History of Socialism and Capitalism”.
Heroes both:


This week in Vernon BC has, once again, been a gradual decline into autumn.
The leaves are colorful.
Our back yard has a few very naked trees – walnuts ahoy!
The ground is a mosaic of yellows and reds, with the odd green mixed in.
The morning dew is heavy.
Some rain this week, and lots of cloud.
The few sunny moments and hours were like a life saver to a drowning Joe.
Sure, we were born in Canada and lived here all our 71 trips around the sun…..

but the stress of waiting for the first dump of snow, the first hard freeze, the complete and utter naked trees……
It shows on some of us more than others.


Joe (twitchy) Mekanic
p.s.¬† Ramirez soldiers on –


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