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Joe’s Desk
If a clean desk is a sign of madness, is a chaos coordination console a sign of RANT?

Music Intro o’ the Week
A tune-up for yer cerebral cortex.  Spectrum sweep from way down low to high beyond physical hearing.  Joe and I are preparing the cabin for Winter (notice the capital letter).  Cabin fever is one of our favorites.  Some terrific guitar work.  Come ride my see-saw:

Political Comment o’ the Week
An interesting perspective on “The Donald” from none other than Intellectual Froglegs mastermind Joe Dan Gorman:

Political Cartoon o’ the Week
Joe and I aren’t sure if this cartoon came out this week.  What we are sure of is that we pick it as the best we’ve seen this week.  Why?  Because a man like Ted Cruz can take the entire body politic to task for their sins and has NO SUPPORT WHATSOEVER FROM SO CALLED “CONSERVATIVES”, or his party, or fellow presidential candidates, or the “opposition”.  What or who can shame politicians into behaving honorably?  Donald Trump is a threat to both entrenched wood-tick like parties sucking the blood of the American people.  He gives the impression that he really DGAS and is wealthy enough to buy the presidency if it were for sale.  And it is, isn’t it gentle people?  Down with crony capitalism.  Let the free market free!  Donald Trump is an assassin, pure and simple….
The People Are Fed Up

Article o’ the Week
Of all Canadian pundits, Rex Murphy has a special place in the heart and mind of Joe and I.  To watch him speak is a thrill – will he drown in the jumble of 10 dollar (Cdn) words forming in his fertile mind before he can eject them from his mouth?  Will his limbs be still long enough for you to focus on his words and thoughts, not his jerking twitching spasms?  Lordy, lordy, he’s a treat to watch.  This article is not one of his performing arts opuses (opii?), but his best stuff – writing.  It’s what he does best.  Joe and I have been aghast at where the Humanities have stumbled in the Universities of the world.  Take a read of classic Rex Murphy as he explains what has happened to the Humanities in “Institutes of Lower Education“.  We have also noticed the NDP attracts humanities candidates (and graduates).  I suspect the two terrorist parties (Lizzie’s Green Party and the Froggy Froggy Dew Party Dudes) also are flies to fresh shit for the modern humanity major…..
For busy folks who don’t click links, here are a few priceless quotes –
Who can be considered a highly educated person in today’s world? Well, does he or she have a fairly quick take on references from The Simpsons? Studied The Wire? Is this person fluent with, and grateful for, the pullulating neologisms for gender — does he know his “cis” from his “hetero,” his “two-spirited” from his “intersex”? Au courant on the latest pronouns, such as “ze” and “xe” for him and her, “xem” and “xir” for (I’m guessing) them? her? they? the guy next door? A diploma is his.
………”It was Colby Cosh’s article in Thursday’s National Post that brings me to this. He was writing about the now sadly mocked (and I’m quite sure sadly pained) NDP candidate, master’s graduate (“Race, Class, & Gender Dynamics In Interdisciplinary Teams”) and school board trustee, Alex Johnstone, who was put in the pitiful position of having to admit that, until this week, she did not know anything about, or possibly even heard of, the very demon-pearl of death-camps, Auschwitz.”
……….”Some universities — and, in particularly, some humanities departments — have, over the last few decades, wandered far from the primary purpose of what these institutions were designed for: to teach what is worth knowing; to train the intellect; to acquaint students with, and help them appreciate, the glories of the human mind and its finest achievements.
Concomitantly, they have descended into pseudo-studies, become infatuated with low pop culture, become obsessed with faddish social justice issues, turned hypervigilant on their students’ “comfort levels” and are pruriently concerned with sexism narratives, cause politics and “identity” zealotry. They bear almost no resemblance to the institutions of higher learning — higher in its full applications — that they, at least ideally, have always aspired to be.
If that ain’t enough to have you question the NDP moonbats, how could you NOT want to read whatever this man writes? –
Rex Murphy

Joe’s Bitch o’ the Week
While re-arranging the house this week, the LED TV and attendant technologies (optical TV modem, Blue Ray player) got moved to a new location.  Instead of composite cables (red, yellow, white) Joe decided to use the HDMI ports to connect the machines.  Alas, new old stock and old stock of HDMI cables in Joe’s stash was not.  No problemo we thought.  A quick trip to Best Buy or London Drugs or Walmart or Canadian Tire will fix it up pronto, da?  The cheapest cable at London Drugs was $59.99 Cdn.  Joe freaked and started yelling, WTF? at the poor pimply techie.  Joe said no, give me your cheapest HDMI cable, please.  That was it, he said.  Joe lost it and said our TELUS optical TV, network interface (Internet), and phone service are provided on CAT 5 wire, which is about 11 cents a foot.  What the f**k is your cable made of that makes it worth $10.00 Cdn a foot?  Colorful graphics of a cut-away cable were produced by the clerk to prove his point.  Right about then I figured I’d better get Joe the hell out of there before he landed us in jail for assault.
Off on the hunt we went – no joy.  Every store we went to had HDMI cables that were priced like rare antiques.  What in the world would make an HDMI cable worth so much?  It is only a digital signal cable format that replaces the tried and true analog format.  No magic.  Wikipedia has an history and definition of HDMI here.  As with most modern electronics, it becomes more complex with each release.  The bottom line is do you own the absolute highest performance electronics available?  The latest HDMI version is 2.0a.  A table of releases and what they can do –
HDMI Releases

As you can see in the table, as the functionally becomes richer, the more recent a version of HDMI is required.  Also (but not obvious from the table) as the HDMI release version number increases, there is a corresponding increase in bandwidth requirement.  More bandwidth equals higher frequencies.  That is the difference in cables.
Answering Joe’s outrage, the cables London Drugs, Best Buy, et al were selling can handle the higher level releases – that is, higher than 1.4 (i.e. 2.0 and higher.)
The TV, Blue Ray player, and TELUS optic modem we have are only HDMI1.4 capable.  All were produced before 2013, which is the release date of HDMI 2.0.
Joe said screw these big shots.  Let’s go to the Dollar Store!  This is what we found –

For $10 Cdn at the Dollar Store we bought this HDMI 1.4 capable cable.  Gold plated contacts no less.  It works flawlessly.
The moral of the story?
Joe’s recommendation is be knowledgeable about the electronics you have.  It can save you $$$ AND aggravation in this ever more complex world of technology.

Graphs o’ the Week
The American economy is not healthy.
American Trends



Mulcar History

J Trudeau History

J Trudeau Quote About Wynne

K Wynn History

Putin Quote - Justin T

BO on Gun Control - in Oregon

Putin Little Muslim Girl

Ted Nugent Quote - Obambi's Religion

Chicago Field Trip

Chicago Shooting Range

Suicide of the West

Curved Ruler

Fight Me If You Wish

GOP Dinosaurs

I Want America Back


Planting Advice

Trick Or Treat


World For Our Children



The Guns Fault

Gun Control Farce

Switzerland Gun Facts


Rape Is Us
Sweden is a country of smiling beautiful well educated blonde haired blue eyed healthy people, right?  No comprendo Spanky.  Sweden is choking on it’s ideological diet of multiculturalism.  The people suffering the most?  As usual, the women are suffering the most.  Joe and I are for carry licenses for all women with government supplied weapons and shooting lessons.  Shame on Sweden males.   Who are you?  An article about the tragedy of multiculturalism in Sweden here.  The following graph from the article superimposes the incident of rape to the number of immigrants in Sweden.  Red line is number of rapes. –
Swedish Rape Graph

The next graph compares Swedish crime rates to the U.S.A.  Not complementary. –
Swedish Crime Graph

Click on the article link above and read all about the benefits of opening your immigration floodgates to savages.  Don’t care to?  The following picture tells a terrible story.  Man’s inhumanity to man is often implemented against women –
Swedish Rape Victim
Any questions?  This is the definition of obscenity, the embodiment of evil.  Kill the bastards……

Fatalism Is Our Name
On a calmer note, if these “humans” are indeed human, what is the problem?  How did they get so fucked up they would hide behind, abuse, and sacrifice their own children for whatever cause they do so?  The following article focuses on “fatalism” as a primary belief that cripples Muslim / Islamic progress.  Read about it here.  The author, Mustafa Akyol, criticizes the faithful for ignoring the natural law for a fatalistic view that invariably leads to problems for the “faithful”.  A quote from the article –
Today most Muslims have little knowledge about these old debates, but they live within cultural codes largely defined by the dogmatists, who gained the upper hand in the war of ideas in early Islam. In these codes, human free will is easily sacrificed to fatalism, science and reason are trivialized, and philosophy is frowned upon.”
The First Crusade


Hans Rosling never ceases to educate while entertaining.  Here he helps us all learn “How Not to Be Ignorant About the World”:



A week of sun, rain, wind, cool and warm air, and a definite hint of what is to come.  The red, yellow, brown snow predictors are in the “yellow” alert stage…..


Joe (Leafy) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez never leafs anything unsaid – from the Investor’s Business Daily




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