Sunday Rant – 4017


Joe’s Comment – Life is a mix of the bunny hop with responsibility.  Some days all you can do is put your left foot in and shake it all about….. and try not to feel guilty.

Joe and I are John Stossel fans.
He is a Libertarian who questions everything that our culture offers.  Or demands.  Or coerces.
Joe and I are fans of “University” courses offered via the Internet.  Often the course content is offered free or for a small stipend.  Our favorite lecturer du jour is Jordan Peterson of the UoT.  We listen to some of his material almost every day (there are hundreds of hours on line).  The jerk-weasels at YouTube tried to shut him down because of his perspective, but it was rescinded.  That’s a different story from this.
UoC Berkeley has offered free course material for a number of years.
Then came regulation(s) from the gubbermint meant to do justice…..
We wish the government would include themselves the fuck out of the “equality of outcome” business.
This is an introduction to a wonderful website called “LBRY” (library).  Until the gubbermint shuts down the Internet, equality of opportunity just might have a chance:

Farming with the EPA
Does anyone anywhere still think a farmer has control of his farming practices?
The Obambi administration passed EPA regulations at a Federal level that disabuses the idea of farmer John being in tune with his environment and making the correct choices to maximize his crop yield without oversight.
Take a gander at the situation John Duarte faces – millions of dollars of fines based on an insane interpretation  of regulation overreach by bureaucrats:

There are no connections between the harassment of John Duarte and his political affiliation.
Here is a map of Federal lands in the U.S. of A. –

Try and tell Joe or me that you own your land.
The amount of government intervention in every North American’s life keeps growing with every year, with every parliamentary session, with every politician trying to make a name for himself.
This bodes ill for freedom.

Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman does it again:

Joe’s Garage

A minimum of progress on the ’49 F47 truck – ordered a pulley for the alternator because the flathead is original equipment with a 5/8 inch V-type drive belt and pulleys.  The 12VDC alternator we are going to use is a single wire GM alternator that comes with a 1/2 inch V-type pulley.  The crankshaft pulley was mounted and torqued to specification.  The correct 5/8 inch V belt was ordered.  Not too common a piece in 2017.
Maybe the F47 will be a winter project for those cold snow-filled windy days just around the corner.
Show Off Machinists
Here’s something that caught Joe’s eye – a 1/3 rendition of a V-10 engine, e/w supercharger.  All built without a CNC machine.
Incredible skills on display:

Droveria’s Wall
The concrete wall project was formed a week ago and poured last Monday (thanks for the hand, Lyle N.! – couldn’t have finished without you).
Today, Sunday, Joe and I stripped the forms.  A full week of wetting down the exposed concrete, then loosening the forms on Friday to wet down the wall faces for a few days.  Concrete cures over time, and if properly hydrated will have a very high strength.  A typical graph of the process –

Joe says our forms worked well.  We had the plywood around from years ago.  A dozen lengths of 2 X 4’s, a handful of deck screws, and some ready rod were all the materials we bought to make the forms.  Outside of Portland cement and Navijak (concrete aggregate), we only added water.
Here’s what we built.
First picture, removing the spreader spacers and unbolting the ready rod clamps –

Next step cut away the excess ready rod and pull the forms away –

Finally, trim the ready rod stubs after all the forms are removed and voila! –

Next step, water proofing and back-filling.  We start on Monday…..



The Jordan Peterson lecture series continues to headline with “Maps of Meaning” segment 11: “The Flood and the Tower”:



Definitely NOT this week in Vernon.
Although the threat of rain was present almost every day, the extreme of rain was a light shower on Friday and Saturday afternoon / evening.
Joe and I were delighted to have a good day on Monday to batch the concrete to fill the forms for the wall.
The weather held all week, good weather for concrete (not too hot).
Thank you doGs of the Weather!
Thank you Jupiter and Zeus and Horus and Indra and Thor, and the dozens of other weather deities – Joe and I took advantage of your gift.  Many thanks!

Joe (Fortuna) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez prevails no matter the weather –

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