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Modern Hero
Joe and I think Patrick Moore is a Canadian worth recognizing.  A hero.
He is a practical environmentalist.  He labels himself as a “sensible environmentalist”.
We probably would have argued as younger men, as we would as seniors.
However, his short primers regarding global warming and the effects of carbon dioxide are practical and sensible.

Shiny Pony At The U.N.
Last Sunday Joe gave a terse opinion on our fearless hairdo’s speech at the United Nations.
Joe dislikes despises both entities.
Our attention was on the firebrand Bibi Netanyahu.  His speech was both scolding and uplifting, predicting a “change of course” in the historic anti-Semitic U.N. stance.
At the time of the U.N. General Assembly meeting not much attention was given to the Canadian lightweight, the empty suit and emptier head “leading” the Liberal government.
He and his party do NOT represent Joe’s and my Canada.
Verbosity is the hallmark of Rex Murphy.  His review of pretty boy’s speech is a work of outstanding bloviation which captures the spirit of the U.N. and the empty head of the Canadian P.M. like a bug in ancient amber.
A majestic quote from the article –
……”This week, it was our dewy-fresh prime minister’s turn to address this esteemed body and, either out of vanity or innocence, he didn’t turn down the invitation. As to the substance of his effusion, one would need an intellectual Geiger counter to find any. The speech was described by the National Post’s John Ivison as “thin as soup made from the carcass of a starving pigeon.” And that’s being generous.
The address easily could have been passed off as a high-school valedictorian speech: it was trite, without being testy, and full of false equivalencies. It bore the now-ineluctable stamp of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s compulsion to hymn, yet again, the all-ranging virtues of diversity.
This word “diversity” has something of a clamp on Trudeau’s brain. He seems to think that merely to pronounce it out loud is to add to the sum of human insight, that its four flat syllables compress all the wisdom of the Sermon on the Mount, Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address and the best of Norman Vincent Peale into one handy little word. Yet fluffing a pillow in front of the UN delegates would have had more of an impact.”………
Rex’s opinion piece was masterful.  Entire oped here.
The comments were also first class.
An outstanding comment from Adrian Sjöberg –
In a world where sympathy is valued more than solutions, Trudeau & the UN are global leaders in rhetoric, and global failures in response.”
There was the usual Harper bashing, which is expected.  Indeed, mandatory.  We read quite a number of comments and we were amused. (Long live the Queen!)
Oh! Canada!

Dilbert for Trump!
Scott Adams, the cartoonist of Dilbert fame, has changed his mind about The Donald.
Seems Mr. Adams found some of the Mrs. Bill platform odious to the nth power.
Joe and I agree with his arguments, which you can read here.
Mr. Adams also posted his comments about the first debate, which you can read here.

9/11 Aftermath
A contemplative analysis of the 15 years since the World Trade Center apocalypse.  An assessment of American world power and status in relation to the relentless barbarism of the Muslim entity.
Joe recommended reading.
An essay by David Warren titled “Fifteen Years“.
Quotes from the essay –
…..”Several thousand were killed on that day in 2001 — the anniversary of the Ottoman defeat at the Gates of Vienna. This was a comparatively small number, by modern standards. The rich symbolism of this Islamist operation was lost on the West, which no longer cares for history or legend. A brilliant assault of “asymmetric warfare,” it fulfilled all of its objectives. The torch has since been passed from the more moderate al-Qaeda to the more fanatic Daesh, and will be passed again in due course. Osama bin-Laden personally lost face by being hunted down and killed like a rat, but his vision of a restored Islamic Caliphate survives him. It inspires still the young in heart and mind…….
It is instructive that, in the present circumstances, with Christians reduced to desperation through much of the Near East, we import Muslim refugees almost exclusively. The Christians flee to the protection of the Kurds; not to refugee camps in which they would risk massacre. Western governments take only from those camps; or in Europe, the flotillas launched from Turkey and Libya. The Islamists gloat at this demographic achievement; the Daesh now recruit from the disaffected young in the new Muslim ghettos of Europe, radicalized in Saudi-built-and-financed mosques. Few directly engage in suicidal acts of terrorism; but those who do are lionized as heroes. Lesser, safer acts, such as rape of European women, and desecration of churches and synagogues, have become commonplace. We are, and we know that we are, as incapable of assimilating these migrants as the Romans were of assimilating the Vandals and Huns through their increasingly porous frontiers.
The genius of Osama bin-Laden, and Ayman al-Zawahiri, was to know that the de-Christianizing West would respond in this way. Their propaganda spelt out, from the beginning, the argument for their methods. They called us chestless wonders; they said we would fold under any sustained pressure; that we had lost the confidence of our Christian identity. We are an aging society now, vitiated by abortions, needing immigrants to pay our pensions; a people addicted to drugs, from opiates to iPhones; lapsed in creature comforts, and spineless in the face of adversity.
Not all of us, of course. I am sometimes impressed by the number of remnant faithful to the old Christian religion, and its “Western ideals.” In moments of crisis, as we saw for some weeks after the Twin Towers came down, the rest of the population stirs. Yet by Christmas of 2001 they were snoring again, and again the liberal reflexes were twitching. Not al-Qaeda but “Bush” was already being blamed for disturbing the peace.
Bush made one fatal mistake. He “overmisestimated” his countrymen’s ability to stay what he knew must be a long and difficult course. His “flypaper” strategy — as I called it at the time — was to engage the Islamists in their native East; to let them go fight in places like Kandahar and Fallujah, where they would be irresistibly attracted to, and annihilated by, vastly superior American military discipline, logistics, and firepower. It was working too well: Americans began to feel safe again, resented the foreign bloodshed and expense, and so called the boys home. Now the flypaper hangs over the West……”
What is the gist of the article? The way forward is not “Liberalism” but Christianity.
We read the whole essay.  You should too.

Have you had enough of the “Black Lives Matter” movement?
You know Joe and I have.
Are you sick and tired of Black this, Black that, black black black?
Sounds like a chicken, doesn’t it?
Here’s a lovely summary of WHY so many people have had the blackness quota met and exceeded.
An essay by the Z Man which tells all (thank you, Ms. Thatcher).
The final paragraph sums it up –
Black America does not have a race problem. It ain’t honkies robbing, looting and killing in the ghetto. They don’t have a cop problem. The cops shoot fewer black offenders than white offenders. They don’t have a gun problem either. Black America has a black guy problem. They have far too many black guys robbing, looting and killing, almost always doing so at the expense of blacks. They won’t let me fix that problem, so stop demanding I feel bad about it. I’m done. I’m all blacked out.”
Why is this happening you might ask.  Why now?
Good question.  Here’s something to ponder…. –






















Evolution Sceptic

Fred Reed has an interesting view of the holy grail of evolution.
That is, he is asking for the proof of the theory.  And he finds the proof lacking.
Actually, the proof is not lacking, it is absent.
There are no video presentations of this information, but there are two excellent essays which discuss the problems with evolution as a solution to the origin of human existence.
The first is titled “Fredwin On Evolution“, and was penned in 2005.
The second is titled “The Bugs In Darwn“, and was penned in 2015.
Both essays are thought provoking.
They are NOT an argument for any religious perspective, or an intelligent design screed.
He merely points out a number of situations and realities which are not evolution friendly, and the slim to zero probability of very complex organisms, simultaneous “mutation” resulting in multiple concurrent dependencies / outcomes, and extremely complicated symbiotic systems that exist without logical, provable, physical histories.
Joe and I were impressed especially with Mr. Reed’s discussion of consciousness.
Both articles can be read in an hour total.

En-Gedi Scroll
Amazing reconstruction via X-ray and computer analysis to unravel a burnt damaged ancient scroll to reveal it’s content:








Sunday Rant has featured Rev. James David Manning many times in the past.
Joe presents Dr. Manning’s view of what the Black Lives Matter / Leftist / Progressive influence is having on the American culture – the loss of a white majority culture:

Joe and I are not religious or spiritual.
Nor are we vindictive.
But a good cartoon goes a long way –



This week in Vernon has been cool and mild with some rain, some sun, and some wind.
The autumn is here – the leaves are turning, and the “mother of all oak trees” in the back yard is busy dropping acorns all over the place.
The furnace is alive and running for a few cycles most early mornings.
No escaping the fact of pending Winter.
For now, Joe and I will use the basic forecasting process that has served us well for many years –

Joe Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez for what ails ya –








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