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Joe’s Comment – I chose a few seemingly non related images for my comment section this week.  Although they do not have the same subject, they certainly have something in common.
The first subject, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, accepts the argument with a caveat – if the bears indeed made porridge, something is amiss, and it isn’t temperature.
The second is a modern “Yogi Berra” pseudo aphorism – a Yogi-ism.  It is ridiculous yet captures modern cultural dilemmas perfectly.  What makes sense?
The final is a series true statements, about an obscenely skewed political system, portending a dangerously ludicrous reality.
And so it is with the descent into Autumn in western Canada.  Death throes of Summer are over.  Madness, invisible in Summer’s glorious life and color, becomes starkly visible.  Wild eyes abound.
Albert Camus thought life was absurd.  Current events support that perspective, copiously.
Friedrich Nietzsche supposed the “death of God” would lead to nihilism.  Ditto re: current events to support that perspective.
Seems the world is undergoing a metamorphosis.
The question is, will a beautiful butterfly emerge?


Canadian Election

Joe and I
Our response to the SNAFU called Canadian politics is to mimic some wit we read.  Read – Psalm 109:8.  Then read the entire Psalm 109.

Stefan chimes in about the Canadian election.
Joe and I are disappointed.
We wanted to belong in Canada.
The results of the election make it clear to us that we aren’t Canadian; if the majority determines the Culture, Joe and I are truly Mud Pecker scum.
Stefan captures some of our thoughts and impressions:

Quick Dick McDick
Joe and I are still in shock regarding the recent election.
Our shock is manifested with a sad squabble amongst the 37 peckerwoods in our head – Joe, me, Olaf the Destroyer, Milton the Money Man – a cast of everyone we are and were and might be.
Like always, we voted for our ideological “best candidate”.
Doesn’t that make you gag.
Like always, we found ourselves (all 37 and counting) hopelessly out of step with “We The People” of Canada.
The following video from Saskatchewan’s ambassador pretty much outlines his thinking on the election.  This was QDMcD’s last minute Monday pep talk to his viewers.
Joe notes that QDMcD hasn’t said much since Monday.  It’s only Friday….. maybe by week’s end?:



COVID Ad Nauseum

Dr. Dan Stock
More food for thought from an immunologist.
Dr. Dan Stock was requested by his community to make a statement to the Mt. Vernon Indiana school board meeting.
This presentation went viral on Ub2b, and is still up.
Tic tock, tic tock…..
Many interesting facts in machine gun rapid order.
The overwhelming and frightening fact he keeps returning to implicates the CDC, the NIH, and other government agencies with criminal action.
WhatTF is happening?  WhoTF is behind this?  WhereTF will it end?
Stay tuned Good Citizens:

Another Dr. Stock video, a conversation with Regina Meredith.
An in depth discussion with much more history and data points and facts and evidence than the six minute presentation.
Joe and I did a quick check on the Internet for Dr. Dan Stock.
He is real.
Snopes and other “fact checkers” condemn him.
Joe says that is good enough for us – the man is bona fide:

Dr. Paul McCullough
This interview posted on August 30th, 2021 is a condensed version of the original Zoom call with “Voices for Freedom“.  The original call had other guests.
This information is disturbing.  At 11:05, Dr. McCullough presents the information that “Hill’s Tenants of Causality” have been met – the data conclusively indicates the vaccine is DIRECTLY KILLING PEOPLE.
This is a big deal, because Dr. McCullough is a world renown expert.
Now, us mud peckers and dirt people have suspected this to be true from the get-go.  We don’t have much of a safety cushion or a broad risk management portfolio between us and outright deprivation.
It ain’t Fight or Flight.
It’s more like wait and see….. behind closed doors armed to the teeth.
Another shocking reveal at 20:48, Dr. McCullough states that THE VACCINATED ARE CREATING THE DELTA PANDEMIC.
What will it take to hammer a fact through the head of a politician?
Dr. McCullough’s bona fides are immense.
What is the bottom line?  Dr. McCullough states at 23:19 “We have an out of control snowball of a biological catastrophe, and we are doing it to ourselves!
The evil powers behind this cluster fuck of a pandemic have been misguiding and misinforming the public since before it started.
The entire interview above is worth watching.
The video below is mandatory watching:

The Automatic Earth
A sombre editorial from The Automatic Earth, penned by , titled “I am Afraid“.
Here are the first few paragraphs –
First of all, if you live in a place where politicians and experts have, after 20 months into Covid, still not propagated and executed policies aimed at prophylaxis (prevention) and early treatment, get rid of these people ASAP or move away to an area that does have these policies.
Yes, I know, it might be easier to get rid of them, because there are no areas to move to that do early care. Do it. All anyone appears to do is lock people down and put garments in front of their faces. But that has now cost too many lives, and it has to stop. The other thing all of them do, of course, is try to “vaccinate” everyone. That, too, has to stop, and for the same reason: it kills too many people.
After 20 months of reading into the topic for hours every single day, if there’s one thing I’m convinced of, it’s that a simple sufficient daily intake of vitamin D, zinc and ivermectin or chloroquine (and you can “fancy that up”, check the site below) would have stopped, and still can stop, at least 70% of cases. Ergo: no more overwhelmed heath care, no more lockdowns, no more economic damage. We could, should, have done this 20 months ago. get rid of them.
And then if someone does get sick -immune systems can be heavily compromised, for instance in obese people-, there are protocols aplenty for early treatment. There are entire series of them at 90% of deaths have been entirely preventable. And 90% of those in the future, will be, too. But not for the same reason.
The reason these treatments are being kept from you is that they would destroy the legal basis on which the vaccines operate. But that would be a good thing, because these substances have started to make a lot of victims, killing people or maiming them, and it is enough. It is also what I am afraid of, that those numbers will absolutely skyrocket.
Repeat: The vaccines do not protect you from infecting others or being infected, or from severe disease or death (though that last bit takes time to sink in). They MAY have some effect for a few months, but then their effect starts waning, and you will need more of the same. In the meantime, they appear to enhance the infectiousness of the vaccinated. Who are given vaccine passports and QR codes, for heaven’s sake, so they can go infect more people.”
If you have any interest in the events that have destroyed the economy of The West, this article is a good read to that end.

The Telegraph
Steven Edginton interviews Jordan Peterson.
The Telegraph is a UK media outlet.
Interesting discussion of COVID reaction vs individual rights.
Joe likes this interview because it is not confrontational as so many interviews with main stream media are – the interviewer is genuinely interested in exploring Dr. Peterson’s perspectives.  Well worth the time to watch:

Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms
A Canadian website that needs your financial support.
JCCF has a wealth of COVID information that anyone concerned about the nature of this “disease” can use to form an opinion.  Joe and I are confused that anyone could read these data and come to a different conclusion from us.  There is a hidden agenda that is NOT medical but political.  Here are the most recent COVID statistics for Alberta and BC.  –


Hitler Critiques Biden
What can we say?
Joe and I are suckers for well written memes.
The tragedy of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan is 100% Joe Biden’s albatross.
What a bone-headed sacrifice, to make a senile 78 year old the leader of the most powerful country on Earth.
It is the “Fall of Rome”, modern American version:



The sermon this week is a long overdue break from earnest attempts to better oneself (in our case, one-selves) with deep conversation about exceptional ideas, unique events, or novel discoveries.
Joe thought the impending arrival of cold, wet, freezing weather deserves some delightful humor from an incredible comedian.
Colin Quinn will deliver from the pulpit a history of how the human species developed over the millenia.  As Mr. Quinn says “Right now the world has the atmosphere of a bar at 3:30 in the morning“.  As pertinent now as when he recorded this performance.
Here is a “Long Story Short”:



This week in Vernon BC saw the death of the Summer of 2021.
Joe and I have been very busy.
The weather has been gradually cooling, the morning light comes later, the dew heavier, the sunset sooner.
The daily serving might have warm sunny, light cloud, sprinkle rain, and heavy cloud from sunup to sundown, not in any particular order (although late afternoon seems to be darkest).
All in all, we think Autumn is proceeding “nominally”, i.e., less than a standard deviation from average.
So far, so good.
Still tee shirt weather for the most part.
Joe and I carry sweaters in all three of our licensed vehicles.
Mustn’t catch a chill.
Because a deep chill cometh….


Joe (chipmunk) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez for the flavor –





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