Sunday Rant – 3920


Joe’s Comment – Stephan Pastis’ “Pearls Before Swine” cartoon strip often jives with my personal outlook note for note.
Outside of doing your best, helping others, and accepting your mortality, a couple of beers with friends is a balm most appreciated.
As the song says, “It’s a strange, strange world we live in, Master Jack”:


Trump SCOTUS Pick
The long awaited potential replacement for RBG is known.
Judge Amy Coney Barrett is sure to be approved.
Three Supremes in the first term!
This will make the Democrats foam at the mouth:

Joe says it makes him want to sing:


Blue Collar Logic
Jason Siler of Blue Collar Logic explains how the Democrat perception of the American Constitution drives their obsession to nominate interpretive judges to the Supreme Court.  They get a collective tent in their pants salivating over the idea of an activist judge.
Joe says Mr. Siler’s analysis is worth the time to listen:


Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Joe and I thought Ms. Sanders was an outstanding Press Secretary for President Trump.
She has released a book, “Speaking for Myself“.
Ben Shapiro does a yeoman’s job interviewing Ms. Sanders.
Mr. Shapiro is getting better with age…..
Joe and I have had our judgement of Ms. Sanders reinforced: she is a sterling individual:


Joe’s Garage

Deboss Garage
Rich and his friends have a diverse interest in all things mechanical.
People ask Joe and I what in the world we are doing with all the Fords in our yard; too many projects not enough workers, way too little skill and knowledge.
Our answer is often pedantic or complex.
This short video comes close to explaining our own fascination with machinery.
The wrecking yard is a sacred place:

Here’s Part 2 because Joe and I grin and know the feeling of being in a machinery graveyard as a fun, positive adventure:

The Carb Addiction Doc
Dr. Robert Cywes talks psychology of carb addiction.
Joe and I heed his words.
We love carbs more than booze:




Victor Davis Hanson explains what is to be gained from Classical literature.
Joe and I have dabbled; alas, poor translations or old translations fall on our tin ear.
We can’t read Latin.
Stilted English translations trip us up.
Our forte is a DuckDuckGo search for quotes to get a very rough and coarsely granular perspective of WTF the author is trying to say.
Not exactly scholarly, but for our Mud Pecker existence, close as dancing:


This week in Vernon BC the weather continued it’s cooling trend.
The days are getting shorter.
The sun just ain’t what it used to be.
Joe swears he saw frost this week!
(Joe is a liar – it was a very heavy dew).
We broke out our sweater collection.
Not ’cause we like sweaters.
‘Cause it is getting chilly in the morning.
Some rain this week too.
Only 6 months until the nice weather returns…..


Joe (sweaterman) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez autumn change –

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