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Best Quote o’ the Week
A dated quote that may give insight into the “white supremacy” charge leveled by so many “minorities” / special interest groups / hysterical moonbats.  The quote is from Joseph Sobran, an American journalist who wrote for The National Review and other publications.  He died in 2010.  Mr. Sobran’s analysis resonates with Joe and I.  Whom will the future history books credit with the immense body of knowledge attributable to Western culture?  After the last white person is gone and the “diversity” struggle has been decided by the most aggressive, dominant, populous mob will there be a future at all?

Best Vid o’ the Week
Colin Quinn has a few points to make about politically correct speech.  So well done I listened a few extra times just for the giggles and grins:

Trump Video o’ the Week
No matter your thoughts about Donald Trump, he is whipping the two party system in the good old U.S. of A. into a froth.  Bill Whittle has a clear vision of who Trump is and what he appreciates about “the Donald”:


The impending Canadian election is invisible compared to the fanfare from south of the 49th.  Ours is impending – less than a month away!  The Americans are agitated to frenzy 14 months before their election.  Meanwhile, most of the feedback I and Joe read in Canada is a plea to effect change and affect the culture by removing the Conservative government.  Madness….. to us.
A few thoughts from Joe and I that we expressed in a note to a friend who forwarded a piece from the National Post.  The piece was written by Margaret Atwood, titled “The Geezer Vote”  Our response –
“….. this post is statist clap-trap.
I also geez with great pride and much humility.  Who ever thought we’d be the old farts approaching the “afraid” years?
I am Libertarian.  You may not profess to be, but freedom to do as you please and liberty to exercise that natural order is something you can understand.  The ONLY caveat – bring no harm to others or other’s property.
Less government, less regulation, less bureaucracy, less interference from more and more government agencies.  From the Federal level to community “organizer” there are way too many busybodies telling everyone what they can and cannot do with ever ratcheting, tightening regularity.  Wear a seat belt.  Wear a helmet.  Don’t smoke.  Don’t eat salt.  Ladies keep your shirt on (I hate that one).  Don’t use ANY of the words on an ever-lengthening list, for fear of being branded “racist”.  Don’t drive a vehicle, ride a bicycle.  Eat organic (what the fuck?  what food ISN’T organic?  can you munch on a piece of sandstone?)  Don’t drink and drive.  Respect others without their earning same. Accept “same sex marriage” at penalty of incarceration. The list is never ending, ever restrictive.

Back off! 

Sobering thought – almost 25% of Canadian workers work for some level of government.  That’s one in five people!!!
As for the health care issues (including end of life “choices” and our shameful abortion “laws”), the government has no business in that business.  At most, an overseer function much like consumer protection.  If you are “God fearing” the choices you make are between you and your imaginary pal in the sky.  Do what you will, and to hell with the “authorities”.  Natural law and man-made law are not the same.
The CBC?  Yes, I’m one geezer who grew up with it.  Let me be perfectly clear – the CBC sucks ass.  If there were a true audience (paying audience) for their elitist arrogance, it would already exist in the private world.  What’s good for you is what they serve?  Humbug!  Sink or swim.  I wouldn’t give 1 cent of MY tax “donation” to support it.  If it can’t make it commercially, tough.  That melancholy for the old days when CBC was all you could find on your radio?  Were choices there at the time, it would have had the audience it does now.  Time for a swim, CBC.
Fair Elections Act?  The comment is as misleading as the Democrat party in the U.S. opposing voter I.D.  A straw-man argument.  The old adage rings most true with the elderly – “if you’re not a socialist at 25 you have no heart; if still a socialist at 40, you have no head.”  Does anyone really believe the FEA was designed specifically to prohibit “old geezers” from voting?  Give your head a shake.
Cuts in the postal service?  Good grief, does anyone still use surface mail?  You whinny bitches bitch when the government overspends, you bitch when the government under spends, you bitch when you don’t get it exactly the way your cry-baby self wants to be stroked.  Put on your grown-up panties and live with it.
Margaret Atwood?  Stopped reading her half way through my 20’s (see above).
Canada is a federal constitutional monarchy.  That means it is a “representative democracy” if you must drag such words into polite debate.  A representative democracy is NOT a democracy.  As an aside, neither the U.S. Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution of the United States of America nor the amendments to the Constitution mention the word “democracy”.  Democracy is mob rule – the majority, however small, rules.
Time for a quote from a Canadian of yesteryear: Diefenbaker said it this way – “I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”  My caveat to Dief the Chief’s marvelous patriotic speech is “I take responsibility for all of my actions and behavior”.
In the upcoming election, I will continue to vote Conservative until there is a better choice.  We Libertarians are a pragmatic (and, unfortunately, ideologically driven) group.  Self, family, friends and community – we can and will take care of ourselves.  Justine Trudette and Thommy MyCar are impossible choices.  The French party and the green / gay / anti-frack party should be considered acts of terrorism.”
The above response was our attempt to straighten the dog leg of leftist contempt long enough to decipher their message.  You can read the article here.
Joe and I are in our “Route 66” year:

Joe and I are Buzz and Todd all wrapped in one.  We are approaching the AFRAID years.  You’ve all seen it – an older person who has traveled enough circuits around the sun to have seen a lot, to have done a lot, and to have realized that whatever power you had is ebbing.  Memory is sporadic.  Black and white decisions are fewer and fewer.  The number of old friends atrophies with each year.  Spikes of emotion, spikes of feeling, are fewer and farther apart.  The afraid years can be seen in many faces at any government sponsored or operated “old age home”.  Look in the faces.  If there is still someone in there, they often show fear.
Geezers, on the other hand, are crotchety dried-up annoyances with sparkling eyes and keen minds, right?  Fighters for what is right and just.  Defenders of the masses.  What poppycock.
Meanwhile, with straw-man and ad hominum argument, somehow every wrong thing in our Canadian culture is the fault of the Conservative party.
If it wasn’t so damn immature and funny it would make you cry…..  Talk about history repeating:

I suppose the latest garbage from Mr. Trudeau(ette) and Mr. Mulcair and our old corrupt lying cheating evil-minded fearless leader Mr. Chretien is considered valid.
Somehow the success of Canada in the economic slaughterhouse of the last 6 years is of no import.  The standing of Canada in the world community has never been higher, and has been so for most of the Harper years.  There are problems.  There are mistakes.  There are issues.
More government is not an answer.  More regulation, more taxing, more punitive “politically correct” ass kissing – not required.
Canadian World Respect

The above chart is a direct contradiction to the crap coming from Chretien.  Why have they dusted off Chretien?  Because the Trudeau pup is exactly that – a watered down pale blurry image of his father. As for the NDP I’ll not suffer federally what we have suffered here in B.C. on a provincial level.  Socialist policy, Statist policy, Communist policy, Marxist policy, Fascist policy, not for me.  Small government.  Limited regulation.  One law for all, for the smallest minority, for the individual.
The Green Party, the Parti Quebecois, are terrorist groups in our mind.
The above chart and equivalent charts for previous years have been posted on this rant.
We reiterate – we will vote Conservative until a better alternative is available.


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For any of you readers who think the above stated beliefs are exaggerated, I suggest you find an hour to watch the following.  This video footage is old, 2013 and earlier.  Warning: it is manic:



The changes that have occurred in the Western culture, especially the United States, may be understood from the perspective of secularism in the form of “Cultural Marxism”.  The following video makes claims that foster inquiry and thought:



Alas, the summer is officially over.  This week has been a cloudy, chilly, windy (especially Sunday!), and rainy time.  Still tee shirt after noon, but sweater mornings.  Hey!  Spring!  See you in 6 months!  Enough to make a grown man weep…..
Charlie Brown End of Summer

Joe (Chilled) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez for those autumn days – from Investor’s Business Daily



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