Sunday Rant – 3622


Joe’s Comment – Actually, “Plan B” was some time ago.  The tendency to live as the grasshopper always trumps living as the ant in an Expressive’s mind.
Somethings aren’t adding up and I don’t know if they ever will.
Time seems to be picking up speed.
The weeks are a blur.
Less than 3 weeks of Summer remain.
The political news from around the world isn’t exactly inspiring.
Summer is a great season to say Jimmy Crack Corn.
Time to boost my output, squirrel away enough $$$ to make it through the next Winter, and contemplate what went wrong, what went right this Summer.
All in all, no complaints with our personal management team.
A fine piece from Gerry Rafferty to frame my state of mind:

I WILL get it right next time…..



Our kind of kid.
Here is Samson with a rap about the economy, a rant titled “46 = 13”, from September 2021.
Spoiler alert: young Samson isn’t a fan of the current administration’s performance.
Joe and I dislike Rap for oh so many reasons.
We make a big exception in this case because the message from young angry Samson is spot on.  It isn’t music, it is an op-ed set to rap crap boom boom boom.
You got it right young man.
Chances are we DO feel the same way you do:

That was 2021.
What up now, homey?
Here’s a recent release.
Same format, same music.
Same gritty honest passionate message.
Joe and I subscribed.
Reading the comments under a video is revealing.
Young Samson has a true cornucopic spectrum of followers.
That tells us something about his messages:

One more just because he’s unique and entertaining, with a very pertinent message.
This one is addressed to the “anointed”:


Ivor Cummins
An aptly named video that explores what is known about the future of a “one global financial system”.
Joe and I think that since the first conscious beings shook their heads then looked around at the world and each other, there has been an ongoing struggle to find a balance between the very real discrepancies between individuals, and tribes, and “nations”, and resources.
There is an indirect relationship between tribal alliance and concern for the well-being of others, i.e., those not “in the tribe”.
Mr. Cummins defines the problem well:

Mr. Cummins makes reference to Lily’s analysis of “WTF Is Going On?” – it is viewable here.


Bill Whittle
Joe and I heartily endorse Mr. Whittle’s message as stated –
There are billions of things to occupy your time with that are tangible, real, useful, and even productive. Why not do something that makes you feel happy and satisfied instead of wringing your hands and clutching your pearls over something that you have absolutely zero influence to affect:


COVID Update

Dr. Kelly Victory & Dr. Pierre Kory
This interview breaches the silence about medical malfeasance and introduces some data supporting what is the political / economic driver behind the world-wide government compliance with wrongful response.
Joe and I have featured Dr. Kory’s perspective in this rant previously.
We now add Dr. Victory to our “COVID Heroes” list.
She is knowledgeable, thoroughly certified, qualified, and totally pissed off.
The best aspect is she is cogent, intelligent, and very vocal in presenting her understanding and perspective:

We are fanboys of Dr. Victory.
Another interview with Dr. Victory by Samantha Horwitz from “A Badge of Honor Podcast” below.  Ms. Horwitz is a former Secret Service Agent and 9/11 first responder.
Our comment?
This interview is from February 2021, is on Ub2b, and only has 212 views.
This woman has had a sane and real analysis of the issues for so long, yet her exposure to the Main Stream Media or a world-wide platform isn’t where Joe and I expect it should be.
Joe and I are searching for a doctor, a dentist, an eye specialist, ….. any medical professional who hasn’t drunk the “Kool Aid” and can be trusted.
We will travel to meet these criteria:

Over 1,000 Reports of Adverse Events After COVID-19 Vaccination in Toddlers, Babies

High Percentage of COVID Deaths Had 3rd Shot, More Excess Deaths After 4th Shot


Joe’s Garage

Matt’s Off Road Recovery
A family operation.
Lizzie is learning to weld.
Her sisters are community oriented.
Matt’s crew is working on the off-road wrecker hoist.
An endorsement for DYI projects.

Hadrian X
An Australian company, FBR, has built a machine that lays bricks.
Joe and I would have called it “Many Tony” – our first exposure to concrete workers and brick layers many years ago was mostly an Italian immigrant workforce. FBR claims that Hadrian X lays brick much faster, much more accurately, and of much larger dimension/weight than the old style human Tony.
Joe and I have tried our hand (and body) at brick laying.
It is hard work, and frustratingly difficult to master – we never did!
Overall, we approve.
Jobs lost – back breaking hard labor.
Jobs created – maintaining the machine, programming the machine, assisting the machine.
Maybe this will allow the modern feminists to attain the holy grail of “equity”:

3D Printing – Homes!
What in the world next?
Why, homes/lodging created from liquid spewed from a computer controlled giant “frosting applicator”.
Maybe they could spell Happy Birthday too!
“Additive Manufacturing”, aka 3D printing, is another approach to boost the worldwide new build annual capacity.
Construction work is hard work, generally speaking.
The workforce is not growing to accommodate demand.
Some smart cookies are attempting to meet the demand (and become much more financially stable) by using robotics in the form of 3D printers.
Joe and I approve.
Just think of the Salvador Dali type structures that will be possible in the future!
Shades of Toontown at Disneyland:

Joe Projects
1923 Fordson
A very interesting project appeared early this week – a Fordson model F tractor with crawler accessory.  It belongs to Landon H., who wants to have it running.
What an interesting machine, just short of 100 years old.
When new, it would start on gasoline and switch to kerosene once warm.
It came with a Holley model 295 “vaporizer” carburetor.
The original ignition system was similar to the model T type “buzz coil”.
We are looking forward to making it run again:




This week’s conversation features Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Kelly Victory, and Dr. Drew.
Joe and I are fan-boys of Dr. Malone and Dr. Victory.
Joe and I think Dr. Drew is an asshole.
His insistence that “we must follow the data” is fine until you hear him balk at fact and data presented by Dr. Malone and Dr. Victory.
We enjoyed the exchange.
The “higher road” Dr. Drew tries to take was and is dangerous enough on the surface to guarantee we would never let this person “doctor” anyone at all.
In other words, he is willing to allow high collateral damage:


This week in Vernon BC was warm and humid.
Great weather for sweating!
Many days there was a threat of precipitation but at our little piece of Heaven the ground remained dry and the grasses, weeds, and foliage are not much green anymore.
Joe is comfy.
No aches, no pains, clear head, almost agile.
All is well!
Just maybe we’ll get an “Indian Summer”.
Even if it is racist…..


Joe (dripping wet) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez for humid climes –

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