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Joe’s Comment – It is happening again.  I predicted this.  The Moron Gang that was so righteous and virtuous and stupid to don a mask last year to “protect everyone else” is back.  THEY ACTUALLY THINK WHAT THEY DID WAS INSTRUMENTAL AND BENEFICIAL.  I’ve already been in the situation of being refused service because I refuse to wear a mask – on a Monday it’s OK to bare your face, but 24 hours later, call the cops.  As the last meme above says, there is a difference between science and TV.  A meme here, and several more below –
There is bull shit and then there is BULL SHIT!
Whatever and whoever set this in motion must be rolling in the aisles.  They have managed to split us asunder without an armed invasion, over what Patrick Moore calls “Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom“.  Buy the book.  Learn something you don’t know…..
The vaxed against the unvaxed.  The masked against the unmasked.
Fucking Hell, what a mess.
All the while, the people in positions capable of changing this lemming leap to immolation all have their finger firmly inserted in their nether region.  Up past the second knuckle.
They should be ashamed…. and incarcerated.


Optimum Performance
Joe and I have passed the third anniversary of our carnivore diet (26th July).
We have been mostly faithful.  Except for yesterday, Saturday.  Jessica S. made the most fantastic potatoes, baked all day in the juices of a “roast beast”(thanks Kenda).  I ate some and felt so good and so guilty – because the carb hangover hit by 3:00 a.m. Sunday.
We digress.
In three years we have not consumed the equivalent of a loaf of bread, or a pound of potatoes.  Very little fruit, no honey, no sugar, no processed “food”.
We feel great eating mostly animal products, including all the fat, eggs, bacon, cheeses, heavy cream, and quality high fat salamis etc.  We consume no seed or grain oils, sugars, carbohydrates, fruit, or vegetables, although small quantities of the latter of certain varieties complement the diet – the cruciferous types.
Net result is we feel fabulous.
About 5 months ago, as a pledge to my daughter K., Joe and I stopped drinking alcohol.  In our case, that meant Joe and I and the 37 raging lunatics in our head who escape mental bondage with too much tippling, we all stopped drinking beer.  We loved beer.  We love beer still.  For the first month or so after we stopped, especially at the end of a successfully completed task, or at a pleasant social gathering, or on a fabulously hot and sunny day, we yearned for a cold brew or tew too two, and wouldn’t have shamed ourselves if we did.
But we didn’t.
An admission – we have a stubborn streak – we said we would, and we did, and we will…… until we don’t.
Nowadays, a cold beer as reward doesn’t really pop into our mind, although on rare days with rare events, it is presented as an option in our internal choice flow chart.  It takes “a few whiles” (thanks Donny) to purge behavioral habit.
We now reach for an ice cold water, and it is the best ever.
Or a cup of warm heavy cream, with a bit of tea in it.
Which led us to contemplate….. why did we start drinking in the first place?
As usual, a cartoon will do some ‘splainin’ –
It was verboten.  There was an age barrier – an activity reserved for “adults”, to which cabal, to which tribe, we were definitely not included.
At the age of 18, curiosity, peer pressure, contempt for rules and “law” (ref. World War I segment below), and the urge to be older (the urge was to have legitimacy, to have legend, to have respect, but Joe and I didn’t know this yet), we started the grand experiment.
We stole liquor from the parental unit (father only, mother was not a teetotaler but seldom consumed alcohol).
We experimented with Mary Jane (the cannibus variety) trying to be cool, which caused a rearrangement of some friendships.
We excluded tobacco for intellectual reasons (roll some dead leaves in a piece of paper, light it on fire, and breath in the smoke?  You gotta be kidding!)
We finally! convinced (was seduced by?) a lovely young woman (not Mary Jane) to lose our virginity: we were as in love with her as an 18 year old knew how to be.  Sex was awesome and scary and incredibly desirable, but we had a moral issue – too many years of Sunday School and loving virtuous parents.
Nevertheless and undaunted, Joe and I advanced on all fronts – many battles, many loses, some victories, many retreats.  Years went by, many years.
Many friends, acquaintances, even enemies (very few of these) are now gone.
They’ve crossed over.  Some crossed the river Styx with Charon the boatman.
Others not.  Don’t ask us to sort them out: that’s doG’s job.
We look back, we ponder, and an idea dawns in our little pea brain…..
Our recollection is the first 18 years of our life were absolutely spectacular in all aspects.  You couldn’t disabuse us of that notion if you tried.  We never missed a meal.  We had loving caring supportive parents.  We weren’t anywhere near well off but didn’t know it at all until high school mixed us in with kids from higher economic backgrounds.  When we realized there was a difference we laughed.
We were successful in sports, had enough brains to stay near the top of our classes, we had friends, we had no tragedy or loss that left memory or scar.
A+ for us!
You might call it optimum performance.
Puberty and adulthood are now long gone and we are very long in the tooth.
Our adventures and experiences have molded our wisdom, our compassion, our self identification.  Our humility and Weltanschauung too.
We quote Popeye, who embodies our base philosophy –
Et tu Drover, et tu!  Careful with that axe (and your back)….. ref. Pink Floyd.
This year, Joe and I (et al.) are implementing the “Big Optimum©”.
Based on 72 years of living, some thinking (not as much as we’d like to brag about), lots of adventures, some loves, some wins, ample but not too many loses, with clear vision and good health, we have decided to live the remaining years like the first 18.
That is the objective.
We are working on various strategic frameworks to optimize our remaining time (18 or Dust!™ is our slogan – tee shirts at the confectionery).  It would be grand to make it 18 more trips around the sun.  We might by then have wrestled our enormous ego to a draw by then.
Short term personal tactics?
–  Drink water and cream (with tea for the heat) and leave the booze to the adults.  That’s as much intoxication as we need.  We were never as good at drinking booze as we thought….. although 3 beers was an awesome balance of ego and ability, hubris and humility, clarity and cloud.  We’re much better without.
–  Abstain from all drugs, legal and illegal.  That is an easy one.  The mind altering stuff was dispensed with decades ago (we get too fucked up and it takes so long to get back to our-self  we get scared we might not make it).  The doctor I’ve been frequenting once a year (class one driving license medical) is a drug pusher – we’re looking for a replacement without a mask.  A few supplements is our daily now – some D3, zinc, calcium & magnesium, B complex, and C – yummy!
–  Get more exercise.  Although we are busy every day, a physical “workout” isn’t a daily routine.  Last week we tried to run.  Although it’s been years, we actually went 50 feet and didn’t fall over or crash.  Look out senior Olympics!
–  Stay carnivore (but experiment).  We’ve added high milk fat yogurt to our diet.  So far no negative change, some positive results.  Verdict not reached…..

As our strategic plan develops we may or may not share our personal progress here on Droveria’s Sunday Rant.
Joe says wise readers of this bloviating harangue know what we’re talking about. Implement your own plan accordingly.
As Doctor Shawn Baker says, the key to good health is proper human diet and exercise.


From Meriam-Webster, “Devolution” –
1 : transference (as of rights, powers, property, or responsibility) to another especially : the surrender of powers to local authorities by a central government
From, “Devolution” –
the act or fact of devolving; passage onward from stage to stage.
the passing on to a successor of an unexercised right.
Law. the passing of property from one to another, as by hereditary succession.
Biology. degeneration.
the transfer of power or authority from a central government to a local government.
Joe and I were startled to learn that the American government has devolution strategies and tactics.  It is an integral part of their “continuation of government planning” in the event of extreme upheaval of existing hierarchies and relationships between communities, states, and federal order.
We further learned that Donald J. Trump was cognizant of such plans and planning – link here.
No, it wasn’t in relation to the “stolen election”.  It was in relation to the impending COVID “pandemic” – at the time, the dimensions of the COVID impact on the U.S. of A. and the world were speculative.
Devolution is sometimes referred to as “decentralization”, with caveats.
Joe and I rejoice in this concept.
For most of our lives the power of the federal vs provincial government in Canada has been unidirectional.  With the implementation of devolution principles, it can be reversed, da?
Next question, does Canada have a similar set of concepts and plans?
Well, well, quelle surprise!
There are many links presented to a quick DuckDuckGo search.
This is not an impossible dream!  Here is a link to a doctoral thesis submission by Iain  Reeve, presented at Queen’s University in 2014.  The subject is “Devolution and Recentralization in the Canadian Immigration System: Theory, Causes, and Impacts“.  It is 224 pages long, and we did NOT read it.  We’re tickled pink that it exists, along with the concept that hierarchies are not permanent and can be legally disassembled, much to the terror of Johnny 5.
There are Canadians doing the hard work of thinking.
Bully for Canada!



World War I
Our paternal grandfather survived World War I.
Our maternal grandfather we never met.
He never mentioned his service to me, and I felt no inclination to ask.
As a child, we  were obsessed with the aircraft of the time.
Our model collection had a Spad, a Camel, a Nieuport, and two triplanes – the German Fokker, and the Sopwith Triplane.
It was all childhood romance of the male persuasion – dreams of conquering the enemy in the name of the good and the just.
The good and the just.
We are no longer a child, although our actions beg the question more than occasionally.
Stumbling around on the Internet (a favorite pastime) we found and watched the following.
It sickens our stomach to learn of the absolute insanity unleashed, abetted by technology.  Did you know the horrible death tolls on single day battles?  Here are some of the most dreadful, most outstanding atrocities –
–  August 22nd, 1914 saw the DEATH of 27,000 French troops in The Battle of the Frontiers, a battle on five fronts,
–  July 1st, 1916 saw the DEATH of 19,240 United Kingdom troops in The Battle of the Somme, which raged until November 16th, considered one of the most deadly battles in known history, involving over 3 million combatants with the result of over 1 million casualties (dead and incapacitated),
–  March 21st, 1918 saw the DEATH of 10,851 German troops in the “Kaiserschlacht” (the Kaiser’s Battle), a costly “success” deemed a Pyrrhic victory.
This is incomprehensible.
What fucking retards were leading the various charges, undoubtedly from the rear?  The entire episode, “The Great War“, “the war to end all wars”, was an unforgivable tragedy.
This video is well done, narrated by David Carradine.
Joe and I had great expectations in our youth.  All our effort has led us to realize we are the Mud Pecker who would have been one of the casualties.  Some young men have lofty ideals, great aspirations, focused ambition.  Often misdirected. This is the story of some of them, and millions of others.
doG help us all:


COVID Again (and again and again)

Dr. Judy Malkovich
Plague of Corruption is one of her opuses (opii?).
The following short documentary establishes her credentials.
Joe and I believe she knows of which she speaks.
We experience frustration every day when the subject of COVID and vaccinations rears it’s ugly head.
Joe and I quote Dr. Malkovich and her peers as part of our argument for caution and clear thinking.  And hesitancy.
Most folks don’t want to think, clearly or otherwise.
They receive their information from the Main Stream Media outlets.
Time will tell the tale.
In the meantime, the wait will strain friendships and acquaintances alike.
Sorry, we couldn’t embed the link.  You will have to copy the URL below, and insert it into your browser URL line.
Our skill set is constantly challenged, and our learning curve is frustratingly steep.
Don’t let our lack of ability deter you from learning from a world renown scientist:


Professor Luc Montagnier
One of the world’s foremost virus scientists.
He is a joint recipient of a Nobel Prize for the discovery of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).
Is it smoke and mirrors?
You can do it!
Or, you can not.
There is no try:

Here is the lede to a commentary at the EatGruelDog website –
If you care to read the article / opinion piece, go here.
The article is about the methodology Hitler and Co. (never forget that Adolf did not act alone!) employed to cause Germany’s decline into madness.
What does it all mean?
Joe and I are disenchanted with creeping tyranny.
At first, we thought it inevitable – growing populations, crowded cities, increasing unemployment, world tensions – we thought better some attempt at control even by our government would be more acceptable than chaos initiated by some foreign entity or nationality, some ethnicity, some minority.  Better the devil you know…..
We thought creeping tyranny would be much easier to identify and squelch than an all-out Tyranny Assault by “them foreign devils”.
Man, were we out to lunch.
The creeping tyranny at first seems inspired by sane and careful reasoning, because it is ALWAYS about safety, about protection, about easing the burden, managing risk, public safety, common good, and all the twaddle that ratchets another click of restriction on liberty.
If you take the time to click the above link, you will see section titles “Control of the Police“,  “Arrests of Political Opponents“, and “Denunciations of Fellow Citizens“.
Any alarm bells going off yet?
Let’s see, Australian police bludgeoning an unarmed female citizen for NOT WEARING A MASK.
January 6th arrestees (capitol building, Washington DC) still denied basic legal rights, still in detention in September – not one of these citizens was armed!
Let’s see again.  Right here in Canada, the home of the once brave and once free, turning against one another for wearing or not wearing a mask, for getting or not getting one or more injections of a non-vaccine biological interrupter / modifier serum.
How about fierce fines for entering the country from abroad and not following the COVID protocol, all the while the US southern border is more porous than any time in the last 100 years, with no COVID medical criteria or any other criteria to stop the illegal invasion?
If you haven’t paused to contemplate just WTF is happening, what is driving this insane hysteria, to paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy, you just might be brain dead.
If you still have faith in any aspect of our government, you just might be brain dead.
If you think that bad things can’t happen here because…… democracy…….you are brain dead.
The American form of government, the Canadian form of government, most Western Civilization™ forms of government can only function if virtuous, educated, and informed citizens are We The People.
Thomas Jefferson summed this sentiment –
Every citizen must strive to be informed.  It is a civic duty.  It is the price of freedom.  Not only informed, but willing to speak against and act against tyranny in all forms it appears.  Last word to Abraham Lincoln –





Shawn Baker, MD.
Dr. Baker is one of the influences in Joe and me trying a carnivore diet.
The brief personal history in this video is worth viewing:


Joe’s Garage

Ford B-24 Liberator
During the manufacturing ramp-up in World War II, the Ford Motor Company Willow Run facility was converted to produce aircraft.
Using the assembly line processes and techniques Ford had introduced to the world with their automobile production, and elements of Henry Ford’s “vertical integration” brilliance, the Willow Run plant was producing a B-24 Liberator every hour, with a few minutes to spare by the end of production.
A four engined bomber, complete and ready to fly, in 55 minutes.
Over 1 million parts involved.
We don’t know about you, but Joe and I have trouble keeping a production of one project a month on track.
Joe says if we had the maximum work force of Willow Run (over 42,000 at the high water mark), we’d be hard pressed to improve our production.
The orders of magnitude involved are mind boggling (over 400 sizes and types of rivets manufactured on site!).
It is simply fantastic what a coordinated effort can produce.
We point out that these incredible feats were accomplished without computers, mostly by very well trained men and women armed with knowledge, drafting tables, slide rules, and some amazing tool and die Masters:


Spiteful and Seafang
These are two models that were natural progressions to the existing piston / propeller fighters made by the British during World War II.
Joe and I are WWII fighter buffs – as a child we had model aircraft battles hanging in the air in our bedroom.
We have just now learned of these two fantastic aircraft.
Like the above history of Ford Motor Company, a continuous improvement of an existing design to meet changing requirements and demands.
Only a few of each were built.  Like the Avro Arrow, all copies were destroyed after development funding was ended.  We weep aviation high octane tears at the loss of these works of engineering and manufacturing excellence:



This week Jordan Peterson talks to Dr. Robert P. Murphy, Australian economist.
The gamut of economic successes and failures of ideology put in practice make this an interesting conversation.
We are happy Dr. Peterson has got his chops back:



This week in Vernon BC the weather was NOT SUMMER!
Today is cool and gray and threatens HOH.
Last night there was a sprinkle, which cools the air, which leaves a heavy dew in the a.m.
By the calendar there is still over two weeks to official Autumn.
Some people write a letter to Santa Claus.
Joe sends letters to the Weather Man.
Maybe he should send letters to that sexy Mexican Weather Woman.

I don’t think the letters Joe sends will change the weather.
But (and such a nice butt) they will get Joe’s mind off 8 months of bleh or worse weather right around the corner.
How long ’til April?


Joe (cooling) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez soldiers on –


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