Sunday Rant – 3620


Joe’s Comment – Sometimes logic fails.  Charles Schulz’s introspective cartoon captures the idea precisely.
Has it been the hot sunny weather making me grin?
Or is it something additional?
Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig touches my current mood –
Summer or not, life is good.
Another Michael Leunig thought as a reminder –



Mike Pompeo
Joe and I think Secretary of State Pompeo is the real deal.
His occasional updates give an idea of foreign policy objectives and accomplishments.
How could Jug Ears say that his administration was transparent?
Good doG, the Trump administration is doing what all the others didn’t.
Joe and I heartily endorse 4 More Years! of “Orange Man Bad”, and we hope President Trump keeps Mr. Pompeo in this position for as long as he will stay:


Donald Trump – 2011
This speech in Las Vegas was 4 years before he ran for president.
Joe and I haven’t seen this before.
Sounds like the same dude talking.
Playing the same song he sings so well.
To the same enthusiastic response and support.
Joe and I are convinced.
If he is “Orange Man Bad”, that’s exactly who we want in the pilot’s seat:

Joe loved this speech.  Especially the statement DJ Trump made re: the OPEC / Saudi stranglehold of the time, manipulating the price of oil – ” ….. because we have nobody in Washington that sits back and says “you’re not gonna raise that fuckin’ price, do you understand me?””
Time has passed.
DJ Trump IS the President of the United States of America.
And there is now someone in Washington who, indeed, is saying what needs to be said.
Furthermore, he’s being listened to, and making change.


Flower Power
This woman has “walked away”.
Walk Away is a popular meme describing people who have had enough of the Democrat / Progressive extremists who have lost cognitive perspective.
The WalkAway Campaign was created by Brandon Straka, a disaffected former Democrat voter.
Joe and I will not admit how many girls and women we have known who sounded like this; all those years ago and even today.
We are pleased to know some of them never changed.
Gotta go with what ya got…..
This particular woman’s story affected Joe and me.
If reason and logic and good judgement and wise choices and risk management are NOT necessary behaviors for a person to have a good life, who then ensures these processes are implemented for each person?
You know someone has to do the hard work.
Surely to heaven you wouldn’t depend on government to do this for you?
A touching story, worth the time to watch:


Chinese (CCP) Flight
Joe says this is akin to the Nazi war criminals fleeing Germany and hiding out all over the world as the allies advanced in Europe and Germany at the end of World War II.
Leaving the poor, the average, the Chinese mud peckers to bear the brunt.
Once again, Epoch Times tells the story:


Joe’s Garage

1958 Vernon BC
What a treat!
Dave S. forwarded this video of someone driving (in a Lincoln) from Crystal Waters (Oyama) to Vernon, through Vernon, and up St. Anne’s Hill toward Falkland.
Joe and I recognize a lot of the landscape, and a few buildings that still survive.
Highway 6 to Lumby doesn’t exist yet.
Lots of interesting views, and a few memories too:

1958 Calgary, Frank Slide
Our family moved to Calgary in 1959.
Wonderful visuals in this video posted by the same author as above:





How important is the election in the United States of America this November?
Victor Davis Hanson argues it is in the top four or five of American history.
He insists the election is not about Trump’s tweets or Biden’s senility, nor is it about progressivism vs conservatism: it is about civilization vs anarchy.
In this speech he addresses an audience at Hillsdale College; it was posted on YoubeTube September 3rd, 2020 on the Hillsdale College channel.
Here is VDH with “Plague, Panic, and Protests – the Weird Election Year of 2020”:



Joe and I complain incessantly about cold or rainy or foul weather.
This summer has been average / above average from our lofty, demanding, illogical perspective – we want sunshine every day, rain only at night, and never ever below zero freezing weather.
This week in Vernon BC was fine.
Lots of heat.
Lots of sun.
Just the way we like it.

However, it is early September.
No matter how much Joe and I complain and whine and pray for sun, Dave S. reminded us of what Winter brings.
Here is a documentary of the “Storm of the Century – the Blizzard of ’49” which decimated the American Midwest.
A gift from Canada!
Here’s the story of hearty folks and how they survived nine weeks of hellish blizzard conditions:

What say you?
If such a storm hit your home area, how would thee fare?
Cheese and crackers dude, scary stuff…..
Joe and I couldn’t watch this in January.
That’s a fact, Jack.
It is Sunday night, and it’s gonna rain.


Joe (short pants) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez for each and every one –

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  1. I hear there may be a opening for Trump’s Campaign Manager. He demoted one but who knows how long his replacement should last. You should get a jump on things and apply NOW!

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