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Joe’s Comment – Not a day goes by without reflecting about old thoughts, old memories, old ideas, and old ways that still seem fresh and exciting to me.  I approach every day with my attitude that closely resembles that of a 14 year old boy.  Works for me, unless I catch the image of this old carcass I inhabit in a mirror or window.  The cognitive dissonance is absolutely shocking…..  For a good time, look up Betty White quotes.  Quite a gal!


Prager U
Dennis Prager is a Jewish conservative pundit.  His radio program has a huge following.  He established “Prager U” as a short idea forum, each episode focused on a conservative concept or interpretation of the myriad cultural, political, religious, and educational issues in our daily lives.  The logic is always impeccable, the presentation by well-known spokespersons.  What a surprise to note that Google / YoubeTube has made it difficult to find all the Prager U segments.  The lefty jagoffs will never believe in the first amendment for anyone but themselves, heavily edited and censored, of course:


Canadian Hero Patrick Moore
This particular Canadian has the total respect of Joe and I.  He is a”practical ideologue” about conservation, renewable energy, and human endeavor.  A Canadian we hold in high esteem.  This is a recent recantation (with some new information) about his view of climate issues, and man’s misguided intention to control even the tiniest minuscule microscopic part of the complex interaction of sun, wind, water, and soil:


Dinesh D’Souza
Joe and I read his recent book, “The Big Lie”.  In the book he reveals the true history of the Democratic Party in America, and the slight of hand involved in hiding the party’s truly disgusting past while they promote an ever more Marxist / socialist agenda.  The book tells the documented true story of Nazi Germany and the Democrats of the time.  Hitler was a lefty who stole ideas from the Democrats!
In this video Dinesh talks of the life and political times of LBJ while blending facts from his book into the discussion.
This man is a towering intellect supported we don’t doubt by an excellent research team.  Watch and judge for yourself:


John Stossel
Joe and I are fans of John Stossel.
One of the few TV personalities who are Libertarian in outlook.
We found this video a panacea to counter the ridiculous gas prices this summer in Vernon.   We know the average wage earner is having a tough time filling a fuel tank to get to work.
What a relief to know that gouging is moral and ethical.
And the gas prices in Vernon aren’t gouging.
Marxist planners know damn well that an impoverished citizenry is a sitting duck for their fetid political ideology.  Poor and desperate people will listen.
What cost to the average (and below average) citizen?  The ever ratcheting, noose tightening, freedom constricting monster state will smother the will and hope of we the People.  An interesting view of “gouging”, and what it means:


American – Mexican Trade Deal
Once again, the man who said what he was going to do, then did what he said he would do, then told everyone what he did do, has confounded the Canadian puppet / shadow / virtual / Trudeau government.
Jesus H. Christian, but we have a fool playing dress-up while the world motors by.  The following video from Rebel Media outlines the negotiation with Mexico, the lack of negotiation with Canada, and an approximation of what will happen should Canada not extract it’s head from it’s annular orifice.
In the comments under the video there is a great one-liner from “Jeff in Canada” – “The difference between Trump and Trudeau is that women grab Trudeau by the pussy“.  Joe also enjoyed the ad hominems “Castrudeau” and “Turdeau”.  Joe is a bit infantile….:

Full disclosure.  Joe and I both liked these two, too (note to selves: find a picture of Chief Rainbow Socks in a tutu) –


Oh! Canada
Joe wonders what CANNOT be done in the name of religion.
Joe wonders who the fuck these “Canadians” are.
Here is an article about a beef steer being skinned alive for a “religion of peace” ceremony.
Skinned alive.
In Canada?
The Hell, you say!
Joe says only if Toronto is in Canada.  Here are our peaceful friends skinning this poor animal while it is conscious.  Click on the link above and watch the video.
Joe and I have some experience in animal husbandry.
While our children were young our wife and us were somewhat idealistic about what meat our family would eat.  For the longest time, we raised our own beef, pork, chicken, and turkey.
Every passing year it became more and more difficult to find a processor / abattoir / slaughterhouse / butcher to put our hard work in the freezer or on the plate in our home.
Every passing year the government regulations around slaughtering and processing animals for human consumption became restrictive, restrictiver, then finally restrictivest.
All of the small, family-owned processors were forced out of business by the ever escalating cost of meeting government standards.
Our family is living proof that these processors didn’t kill us by the work they did.
In Joe’s mind, these small businesses had more to lose by shoddy standards or work than a major processor – they live in our small community.
For the record, not once in all those years did any of us feel the need to invoke doG in the process or to unnecessarily torture the animals we raised.
Now there is the sacrosanct behaviour of the religious group that “trumps” the health, safety, and animal rights regulations of the country.
To top it off, the “police” say it is not animal cruelty?
What a bunch of savage ass-wipes.
This “freedom of religious belief” as a “right” is stretched too thin for our taste, for our acceptance.  Joe will say it one more time for the slow of thinking: if you must be “religious” (NOT spiritual) practice your “religion” in your basement in the dark all alone.  Do NOT harm others or deprive them of their property, freedom, civil rights, in the name of your addiction “religion”.
Joe longs for the “old days” of freedom of expression, when religious nutbags like the Doukhobor women in the Kootenays took off their clothing in protest.  Men took off their clothes, too.  Not anywhere near as interesting.
Here’s a photo from 1930.  Nice boobies!  Were their there pole dancers in the ’30’s?:
In those days there was no hiding the truth.
Notice that the police are standing by.
Much as they are in Toronto.


Idiocracy – Short Version
Joe and I recommend watching Idiocracy (the movie) at your earliest convenience.  Download here.
It is prescient.  It is hilarious.  It is frightening.  It is happening.
The following vignette is in the same vein.  Political correctness should NOT trump (no pun intended) truth, facts, reality.  Smart lady in the video:





This week’s sermon is Nina Teicholz, the author of “The Big Fat Surprise”.  The book was published in 2014.  In the book, she investigates the influence government and lobby groups have had in defining public information on diet and nutrition.
Joe and I will buy the book.
She is the Executive Director of The Nutrition Coalition.  Very interesting website – lots of paradigm shifting information.
This interview is with Michael Shermer from Skeptic magazine:



This week in Vernon started with rain.
The rain drove away the smoke from forest fires.
It also made the grass grow.
Always something taking away the orgasmic pleasure of a Summer Day.
It is now September.
Summer is waning.
Joe is taking anti-depressant drugs…..
So far, so good.


Joe (busy) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is a luxury –

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