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Joe’s Comment –  This week could have been one more fantastic Summer memory; a bright happy time.  Alas, the spectre of imperfect reality in the form of wildfire has intruded in the Okanagan Valley.  There are fires here, there, and everywhere.  Yes, it has been a hot, rain-less Summer to date.  Who cares if the fires are “natural” or man-made; it is immaterial.  What is important is the response.
Unfortunately, BC is a very large tract of land with a not so large population.
Materiel and a workforce large enough to manage all the fires is not available.
It seems the lessons I learned from the story of Bambi and Old Yeller are tough lessons.  Or the lessons I learned from The Pied Piper.  Everyone wants the best outcome.  No one wants to pay for it.
Fire is a sacred and useful but dangerous and treacherous power.
Leonard Cohen tells of the fiery end of Joan of Arc:

Meanwhile, The Culture© continues a self-destructive twisted path, pitting identity groups against one another, dividing men and women, shredding tradition, marginalizing freedom of speech, infringing on liberty and private property rights.
Who will get the blame for the fires?
I figure it will be another reason to “control the climate”.  That seems to be in vogue.  Those damn humans, so unaware, are destroying everything!
The obvious query is like an elephant in the room – how can you control the climate if you can’t even put out a fire?
Well, not all humans.  As Orwell’s Animal Farm pointed out, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
Who will pay the bill?
Why, the usual unfortunates – what is left of the middle class will cover the loss of fortune, and the poor will pay with their lives, with additional hardship, with the loss of hope and opportunity.
How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?
There’s the rub.
So it goes, and always has.
A week of breathing smoke and not seeing the sun is a terrible waste of Summer hours.
And the days grow shorter….



Tucker Carlson – RFK Jr. Interview
The information Robert Kennedy Jr. tells Tucker Carlson in this interview is astounding.
What is more astounding to Joe and me is how Mr. Kennedy can remain a Democrat.
He has been “red pilled” endlessly, yet he continues to proclaim himself a Democrat.  Apparently he hasn’t changed; the party has.
In the Captain Obvious department, it seems the Democrat Machine© / DNC is frightened shitless that Mr. Kennedy might become the candidate.  Or equally unthinkable, split the vote as an Independent.
We think they can’t buy him off / cheat him like they did Bernie Sanders.
We think they can’t convince him to back off, to sit down, shut up, and be a “team player”.
His uncle and his father also had radical ideas.
OK, some of Jr.’s ideas are beyond radical into the conspiracy / lunatic realm.
In Joe’s twisted mind, the REAL challenge for the Democrat Machine© is how to “disappear” him and make it look like he WASN’T disappeared.
The Left can complicate the most benign pablum-like situation until it is unbelievably and impossibly unpalatable.  Past impractical, beyond inconceivable, all the way to absurd, preposterous, useless.  Don’t forget worthless and a total waste of time and treasure.
In simpler terms, they are in a pickle.
In our kaleidoscopic view of American politics, we would resoundingly cheer RFK Jr. if he ran as an Independent.
Unfortunately, we believe that should he do so, there is a distinct chance he would be signing his own death warrant (better than 30% in our humble).
And so it goes.
Joe and I fantasize about a leader who combines all the good aspects and none of the negative traits needed to lead a virtuous and moral country.
What a fantasy!
Meanwhile, back in the current reality, a terrific piece of journalism by Mr. Tucker Carlson in this August 14th interview on the Twitter platform (should Ub2b disappear the video).
Note: This video is NOT from Tucker Carlson.  Someone reposted his Twitter presentation on Ub2b. But, by the time we viewed it 17 hours after it was posted, it had over 1.1 million views.  Joe and I don’t know Twitter, so can’t report numbers from that site.  Wethinks double digit millions…..
Mr. Tucker Carlson is a journalistic force to be reckoned with.  Fox News fades into the rear view mirror:

Agriculture and Land Management

Quick Dick McDick
Back to once a week?
QDMcD continues to inspire as Saskatchewan’s agrarian ambassador.
Joe and I are approaching 75 years of age.  When we were a child visiting Grandma Winniski’s farm back in the ’50s all this work was done by hand with a horse and stone boat.  Gotta love the amazing machinery – one man equals one hundred men.  That one man must have deep pockets or a good friend in banking.
As my friend George McF said many years ago, “if I win the lottery, I’m going farming ’til I’m broke!”  There’s no life like it…..:

Restorative Farming
This man, Jake Takiff, has employed a holistic approach to farming the high desert in Colorado.  His experiment is called “Cedar Springs Farm“.
What is he doing that is so innovative?
The answer begs a question.
Who or what “manages” the land and sea?
Before humans populated the land, it was managed by Nature™.  Wildlife and wild plants developed a balance, influenced by climate, that was seasonally adaptive.
Human activity interrupts the “natural” balance.
Although humans are part of Nature™, we are unpredictable stewards of the land.
Mr. Takiff has a template for land management that is adaptable to any environment, and is sustainable.  There are three components: water management, agro-forestry management, and livestock management.
In the following video Mr. Takiff demonstrates all three.  His “partners” are various animals, various plants, and his willingness to experiment.
He shares information with other restorative farmers, all of whom are small, independent, and family / community focused.
They provide excellent foodstuffs to their communities.
They are important participants in their local economies.
This is the antidote to “Mega farming” by huge companies that are global, not local.
Joe and I have posted information about sustainable land management in the past.  (Reference Sunday Rant – 1222 (Allan Savory – “Holistic Management and controlled grazing”))
We have a vested interest.
We are meat eaters.  Livestock properly managed are a force of Nature™ that can be utilized to restore or change fallow land.  And provide a source of the best form of human nutrition: a PHD (proper human diet per Dr. Ken Berry).
It is no lie that Joe and I would have followed this template as a young man.
We are not sure what Mr. Elon Musk plans to eat on Mars.
Joe and I are going to eat beef and pork here on Earth:


Natural Science

Dr. William Happer
Every once in a while it behooves Joe and I to remind ourselves how things really work.
In terms of the atmosphere, the “climate”, and that pesky CO2, there are certain individuals who are the go-to.
Dr. William Happer is one of those individuals.
The following video is still alive on Ub2b.  An amazing phenomenon in itself.
It is a presentation from September 2014 – almost 10 years ago.
Dr. Happer is 84 years of age.
He is a co-founder of the CO2 Coalition.
A leadership chart of the organization here.
Canadian Dr. Patrick Moore is on the Board of Directors.
Heroes all:



Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Dr. Peter McCullough has created a knowledge source for all things health.
The name of this source is called “Courageous Discourse“.
The ordeal of dealing with COVID misinformation distributed and enforced by the government and BigPharma has hardened Dr. McCullough.  From the get go he was front line, developing multi-drug therapies, testifying in state and federal hearings, promoting a scientific response.
In this video he talks to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny about vaccinations, vaccination schedules, and the propensity to increase the number and frequency of vaccines imposed on the population, especially children.
The video is not available on Ub2b or Rumble.  It can be watched here.
It is noteworthy that Dr. Tenpenny is a legacy pureblood.  That is, she has never been vaccinated.  Ever.  Her life’s work has been to address the root issues with illness from an holistic perspective, seeking cause of malady vs treating symptoms.  She brings a refreshing sanity to health care.
Her website is here.





One of the “Founding Fathers”, John Adams, second President of the United States, made one of the most profound statements Joe and I have ever contemplated.  It is nested in the continuum of ancestry and family and progress and hierarchy and civilization and humanity, replete with tradition and honor and sacrifice and duty –
This week, the Sunday Sermon is a demonstration of the veracity of John Adams’ vision.
The following video is an unbelievable work of art and play.
J. S. Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor, performed flawlessly on glass vessels filled with liquid of different volumes.  It is called a “glass harp“.
A form of art in existence in John Adams lifetime.  Indeed, Benjamin Franklin, another Founding Father, invented a version called the glass armonica.
This is, indeed, a “fine thing”:


This week, the weather in Vernon BC should have been a continuation of fabulous.  And fantastic.  And phenomenal.
Forest fires.
At West Kelowna.
At Fintry.
At Keremeos.
At Okanagan Center.
And threatening Winfield, Kelowna, Lakeview Heights, etc.
As a consequence, there was smoke all week long.
Toward the end of the week, the smoke was so bad the sun was obscured, vision was very limited, and the stench all pervading.
On Sunday, early in the morning, the furnace came on several times.
20 days into August…..
Here are a couple of pictures of the catastrophe a la 2023 –
Joe was unable to be still about this mess.
It is his belief that if Man (sorry ladies) doesn’t manage the land, old Mother Nature® will do it her way.
And me?
What do I think?
On the one hand we are going to control Earth’s climate by taxing people for the use of carbon compounds.  On the other hand, we can’t put out a fire.
This, children, is called a cognitive disconnect.
It is related to a rare disorder called critical thinking.
Joe and I moved to the Okanagan about 50 years ago +/-.
The population of the valley has more than tripled in that time.
Not saying more is bad.
Mostly saying managing the cities, regional districts, and vast forested thinly populated areas of the Okanagan (and the rest of BC) is more critical every year.
As the old adage goes, luck is the distillation of proper planning.
Or, the 7 P’s –
Easy to say.
Hard to do.


Joe (smoky) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez brings stability –

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