Sunday Rant – 3421


Joe’s Comment –  Tom Cheney is a cartoonist often featured in The New Yorker magazine.  These three appealed to me for their incipient faux pas implication.
Or “situational awareness” – take your choose.
How many times have I stuffed both feet in my mouth by misinterpreting the basic question implied by a situation I’m experiencing until it’s too late – I’ve spoken my lack of comprehension?
The real question is how many times today?
The list is long.  The gaffs are ridiculous.  The laughs colossal.  Mia culpa.
I don’t think I understand at all.
Not when I should in any case…..
Still, life goes on.


Fire in Our Neighborhood
This video is a follow-up to the original, produced by Simon Hergot, a resident of the area directly effected by wildfires.
The lack of help received by the locals will be a political football for years to come.  The criticism heaped on those folks who stayed to fight the fires and protect their own and neighbor’s property is shameful.
Joe and I believe that government is a pox.
There is no government.
There are only people.
Mr. Hergot has recorded the failure of a large organization (local, provincial, and federal government) to respond to local issues:

This is the first video released by Mr. Hergot:


Quick Dick McDick
We were quite sure that Quick Dick was not a Liberal supporter.
Hard to imagine, him being a Saskatchewan farmer.
In this short video, nothing but truth is presented.
QDMcD has come out politically with a pre-election plea:


Patrick Moore
Another interview we missed.
This is an interview with Jim Deeks of “Canada Files“.
Of great note to Joe and me was we learned that Dr. Moore has never been invited to speak to any Canadian parliamentary counsel or expert testimony forum.
This interviewer and the Canadian government are part of the infuriation we feel about Canada’s narcissism – it reminds us of Aarfy in Catch-22.
On first blush, Aarfy appears an innocuous bumbling “fair thee well” ex-frat boy social animal.  With his murder of the whore Michaela it is apparent Aarfy is a sadistic sociopath – one of the darkest characters in the book.
So it is the seemingly benign aspects of Canadian society are dark and dangerous.
As the saying goes, there are two sides to every story:


COVID Ad Nauseum

Dr. Janci Lindsay

Joe and I saw this statement and thought we’d do a quick bit of research on who this person might be, and if what she has stated is factual.
We conclude that as far as we can ascertain, it is fact.
More of her in this audio interview by Rose Unplugged:

Dr. Sam Bailey
Joe thinks New Zealand is a strange place inhabited by socialists.
Joe took one look at Dr. Bailey and fell in love.
He loves her lower lip intensely.
And her strange pronunciation.
Or is it a speech defect?
Joe still thinks New Zealand is a strange place inhabited by socialists, and an angel.
This video is about chicken pox.
Why include this video in the weekly COVID ranting?
Because, as the beautiful Dr. B. will explain, it is ascribed to be caused by a virus, yet the virus has not been found.
As Dr. B. points out as she smiles charmingly, how can you make a vaccine that contains chicken pox if you don’t have any chicken pox?
Joe and I like her down to earth explanations for mud peckers like us.  She is an honorary mud pecker in our pea brain:

Sanity 4 Sweden
Stefan discusses the absence of politicians in the discussion about side effects from the so-called COVID vaccine.  In his searching, Stefan believes he has found a Danish politician with balls.
Joe says we’re all interested in finding politicians who actually aren’t animals of social pressure but are intelligent people intent on doing what they were selected to do.
If they have the balls to do what needs doing, all the better:


Alex Jones
Our pal Alex says the Biden administration is poised to declare anti-vaxers as terrorists.
Mr. Jones is known for two things: 1. making outrageous statements so hyperbolic no one believes him and, 2. being right more often than not.
He has read government policy documents, that if adopted, will make this not-so-humble correspondent a terrorist!
Joe is getting very pissed off.
Me too.
All we ever wanted was to be left the fuck alone to pursue our interests without prejudice.  Apparently that is not good enough for some entities who seem to think they have the right and the onus to determine the outcome of other’s lives.
We’ve posted the link here:

For some reason unfathomable to us, it will not embed in WordPress the way we usually embed videos.  There it is.  A “glass ceiling” in our WordPress ability.
We can imagine the outcome we desire but can’t find the path to get there.
Check out the link.
Alex is very agitated.
As usual, he is more right than wrong.

Mathew Crawford (Rounding the Earth)
Mr. Crawford is a man with an immense ability to research and analyze data.
We learned of his website, Rounding the Earth, from Robert Barnes (a very accomplished constitutional lawyer).

Once again, no video embed that occurs automatically with Ub2b and other platforms.
Copy the address, paste it in the browser URL box, hit “Enter”, and there you go.
Seems primitive but still works.
For how long is unknown.



Joe’s Garage

Pakistani Roadside Mechanic
Joe and I watched this without prejudice.
We were envious of the climate, and the fact that the main man was fixing this truck roadside – in the dirt.
Then we became fascinated.
We learned some stuff about making do, about innovating, about Rube Goldberging.
Joe and I have had episodes similar, when breakdowns were accompanied by an empty wallet and no bank account.  Never with such a large machine.
Joe wonders what the man could do with a fully equipped shop?:

Flathead Ford
Joe and I have a weakness for “The People’s Engine”, the first mass produced V8 engine, affordable on a mud pecker’s salary.
This engine established a dynasty and became an icon.
Henry Ford developed it in secret – not even his family knew what he was doing.
This wasn’t the first “V” engine, but it was the first cast as a single block.
The video is a treat!:






Dr. Patrick Moore takes a different tact to get his message across.
Somehow Joe and I missed this presentation at Alberta’s “Freedom Talk” event in July of 2020.
We will continue to include everything we find of Dr. Moore.
Getting his message heard brings sanity and peace.
The man is practical, down-to-earth, and rational.  Everything our fearless leaders lack:



Rat poison!
Joe figures Summer is over.
We have had rain this week, several times.
Accompanied by gusty winds.
The high temperatures of June and July are gone.
August is almost gone, too.
Winter is nigh……
The mood is destroyed.
Even if the warm weather returns, the sour wildfire taste is still around.
The political winds are gearing up for another round of masks or else.
The whole fucking thing is getting very irritable.
Perhaps it is the metaphor for an event we dread.
Perhaps the good times are done, never to return –
Joe and I will miss those good times…..


Joe (pale skin) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is an all weather interceptor –

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