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Joe’s Comment – Bill Watterson’s Calvin is a treasure.  I’m sure his cartoons translate well into many languages.  Mr. Watterson captures the vagaries of human nature perfectly in Calvin and Hobbs’ dialogue.
We all have visions of grandeur.
I don’t know how many times I’ve been expounding my brilliance to a group only to notice they aren’t listening because they are staring at a booger hanging out my nose.
Kinda like this little gem –
A warm loving and responsible message.
Who doesn’t want the best possible outcome for our future adults?
Working together, in harmony, gets the job done!
However, if you are a gear-head like me, this graphic has a darker meaning.
You CANNOT turn these gears, for the “Teachers” gear and the “Parents” gear counter rotate.
I.e., the teacher gear is turning the student gear the opposite of the parent gear.
Get yer pencil out and sketch the direction of any gear and you will see what I mean.
The message I get from the poster is government run education is FUBAR; can’t work best, never worked best, and never will work best.
But Joe!
It’s a red, white, and blue poster!
How patriotic…..
From my “super genius” to all y’all super geniuses, do everyone a favor and keep a muzzle on yer Einstein until you check your work.


Sing, Sing, Sing was written by Louis Prima in 1935.
One of the best versions we’ve heard is Benny Goodman’s Orchestra featuring Gene Krupa on drums and Harry James on trumpet from the movie “Hollywood Hotel”, 1937:

Here’s Louis’ version, the “original” if you will.
It really defines “swing”:


The Trump administration does it again.
Israel and Sudan will sign a peace treaty, brokered by the United States, announced only a week after Israel and the UAE set the pace.
Joe and I won’t bother stating the obvious over and over and over – so here we go!
In our lifetime there has literally been no political leader at a national level who has ever come close to delivering promises the way DJ Trump has done.
To our friends who insist that President Trump is a liar, a racist, a _____________ (fill in the blank), remember the text of John 8:7 –
This is NOT to compare Mr. DJ Trump to Jesus (read John 8:7 again!).
There are NO perfect persons, certainly NO perfect politicians.
This IS to say a wise person should judge the man by his deeds.
After all, Joe and I don’t know anyone who knows Mr. Trump or has met Mr. Trump, but we do know the “seven cardinal vices“, and number four (envy) is a tough one for those who think emotionally.
Joe says lots of lefty/progressive/new liberal folks are myopic: can’t tell the difference between a mountain and a mole hill.  Saying you don’t look fat in that dress honey when it is obviously not true is a lie.  Saying some poor immigrant who made a little viewed YoubeTube video criticizing Muslims caused Benghazi is also a lie.  Doesn’t matter why you lie….. or does it?
Ask that poor bastard moldering in a jail cell for his opinion.
President Trump keeps keeping promises.
All you princesses refuse to kiss a toad.
Too bad for you.


Delusional Conservatism
Joe and I have appreciated the political views of Ms. Peggy Noonan in the past.
Since The Donald assumed the presidency, her true colors have emerged.
Never Yet Melted is a website we frequent.
In an oped titled “Peggy Noonan Is a Delusional Sellout“, author “JDZ” presents a solid case exposing Ms. Noonan as a “Never Trumper”.
And he does a professional job.
His summary, in two paragraphs, from the above link –
Donald Trump is not glib and smooth-talking. He cannot produce the same kind of ever-so-nice sounding gaseous rhetoric as Obama. He does not understand how he’s supposed to behave. He breaks all the rules and knocks over the tea set every time.
Why all this rankles, why this stings so sharply, lies precisely in the fact that the people’s elevation of Donald Trump constitutes a distinct rejection, an undeniable slap in the face to the entire America establishment elite. The people rejected the democrat elite’s left-wing insanity, and they also rejected the Republican elite for having failed for so long to defeat Leftism absolutely and decisively. And, there is an especially sharp, added level of pain for establishmentarians looking on: Trump is winning, Trump is faithfully, unprecedentedly fulfilling campaign promises. The horrible, uncouth and unworthy Trump shrugs off easily the worst the democrat opposition can do, and marches on, trampling taboos underfoot, from victory to victory.”
Joe says politics is a nasty business.
We like the accomplishments of the Trump administration.
We don’t know the man.
If we ever meet him, we’ll shake his hand and congratulate him for his hard work.
Lord knows he has earned accolades from more than the like of us mud peckers.
Our superiors abhor him.
Mud peckers like Joe and I?
We thank him sincerely.


The TRY Channel
Joe has a list of luscious ladies he admires.
As the Four Lads from Britain once crooned, something in the way….

There is a YoubeTube channel named The TRY Channel.
It is a group of Irish youngsters who “try” other culture’s iconic (and not so iconic) signature staples: food, booze, candy.
No “cultural appropriation” happening here.
Simply stated, some bright and vibrant young folks full of life and devilry having some fun with the cornucopia of the world’s ethnic bounty.
We have embedded their videos before, and undoubtedly will again.
Joe had to watch this one twice, because all these characters are highly charismatic and entertaining – for instance there’s Irish Jesus and MC (Mary-Claire) in this one.
Joe is smitten with Ciara O’Doherty.
Of the two iconic Irish women standards of beauty (gingers and brunettes), Ciara is of the latter class.
What a beauty!
And quite a drinker, too.  That’s her “legend” on the channel.
The TRY channel has plenty of silly, plenty of Irish humour, and many more interesting personalities.
Joe says even the gay guys are humorous and entertaining (on occasion):

For those who agree with Joe (re: Ciara), a compilation of Ciara and TRY:

Our understanding of Irish beauty.


MAGA 2020
Joe snickered watching this one:


COVID-19 Funnies
Always a delight to harvest humor from the Internet.  A couple of outstanding examples this week –


Joe’s Garage
Dr. Ken Berry lays out 10 known benefits of getting out in the sunlight every single frikkin’ day of your life.
That doesn’t mean you burn yourself to a crisp in the hot summer sun.
It DOES mean you gotta get sunlight on your skin to reap the benefits.
Dopamine, serotonin, depression, blood pressure, even your ultimate height (pregnant women need sunlight) are proven to be influenced by exposure to sunlight.
Dr. Berry references a study that concludes wearing sunglasses has an inverse relationship to melanin (note: we haven’t found such a study yet…..).
Joe and I worship the sun.
As Joe often says to those who prefer the cold, “you can’t grow a carrot in a snow bank!”.
Not that we would eat a carrot (two + years carnivore – no desire to change).
We love Dr. Berry and his lists:







This week, Lee Smith discusses current events and his new book “The Permanent Coup“, on American Thought Leaders, with Jan Jekielek of Epoch Times.
Sobering discussion.
Mr. Smith is particularly critical of the “MSM” (main stream media), who have transgressed, in his opinion, from left-leaning to dictatorial bull horn.
Furthermore, the damage done by both parties in weakening the American workforce, and the continued support for investment in foreign markets at the expense of American business is eroding American culture and strength.
Epoch Times continues to be a go-to source for Joe and me:



This week in Vernon BC was more excellent summer.
Although the mornings are a bit cool, high 80s and early 90s have been attained!
Joe and I are in our element.
The heat makes the joint aches and pains disappear.
Our attitude improves in the bright sunlight.
Joe has been suspecting we were born in the wrong country.
In March, of all months.
All is well in the Okanagan Valley.

Joe (no pain) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez was good this week –

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